ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0948397462 9780948397462 Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Allan Poe
0948259973 9780948259975 Baudelaire's Paris (Paperback) Charles Baudelaire
0948248971 9780948248979 Moby Dick (Classic Comics S) Herman Melville
0948248912 9780948248917 The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes Charles Hamilton
0948230401 9780948230400 Wild Duck and John Gabriel Borkman (Paperback) Henrik Ibsen
0948230274 9780948230271 When We Dead Awaken and Rosmersholm (Paperback) Henrik Ibsen
0948164018 9780948164019 "Four Complete Novels: ""Four Just Men""; ""Eve's Island""; ""Clue of the Twisted Candle""; ""Man Who Knew""" (Paperback) Edgar Wallace
0948149264 9780948149269 Edgar Allan Poe (Illustrated Poets) (Hardcover) Edgar Allan Poe
0948149221 9780948149221 Robert Frost (Illustrated Poets) Robert Frost
0948050098 9780948050091 Dream of fair to middling women Samuel Beckett
0948036664 9780948036668 Creating Value (Paperback) David Allen
0947898719 9780947898717 Bones: Being Further Adventures in Mr.Commissioner Sanders' Country Edgar Wallace
0947898476 9780947898472 Planetoid 127 (Greenhill science fiction & fantasy) (Hardcover) Edgar Wallace
0947852026 9780947852023 Release of the Spirit: The Breaking of the Outward Man (Paperback) Watchman Nee
0947837612 9780947837617 The Romantic Novels of Barbara Cartland Vol 4: Kiss the Moonlight Barbara Cartland
0947837582 9780947837587 Crowned with Love. The Romantic Novels of Barbara Cartland No 1 (Hardcover) Barbara Cartland
0947792805 9780947792800 Winning Colours: The Selected Racing Writings of Edgar Wallace Edgar Wallace
0946515654 9780946515653 The Resurrection Factor.... (Paperback) Josh McDowell
0946515514 9780946515516 Answers to Tough Questions: About the Christian Faith (Paperback) Josh McDowell
0946487790 9780946487790 On the Trail of Queen Victoria in the Highlands Ian Mitchell
0946189072 9780946189076 Brewsie and Willie (Paperback) Gertrude Stein
0946162662 9780946162666 Particles, Jottings, Sparks: The Collected Brief Poems (Paperback) Rabindranath Tagore
0945903820 9780945903826 The Legend of Discount Tire Co., Inc Jeffrey L. Rodengen;Richard F. Hubbard
0945733038 9780945733034 Swamp angels (Paperback) Robert Greene
0945732058 9780945732051 The Metamorphosis (Paperback) Franz Kafka
0945707398 9780945707394 Eisenhower Soldier and President Stephen E. Ambrose
0945359438 9780945359432 Handbook of mortgage lending (Mortgage Lending Handbook Series) Jess Lederman
0945353790 9780945353799 The Hunt for Red October (Unabridged): Complete and Unabridged Tom Clancy
0945353731 9780945353737 Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl (Audio Editions) Edition: Reprint (Audio) Anne Frank
0945353413 9780945353416 The Great Gatsby (Audiobook) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0945353391 9780945353393 Pension Grillparzer (Plants & Gardens) (Audio) John Irving
0945260245 9780945260240 Tales of Poe a Selection and Condensation (Best Loved Books for Young Readers) (Hardcover) Edgar Allan Poe
0945257341 9780945257349 Radioactive Heaven and Earth: The Health and Environmental Effects of Nuclear Weapons Testing In, On, and Above the Earth A Report of the Ippnw in Anthony Robbins
0944993931 9780944993934 The American West Dee Brown
0944993559 9780944993552 Henry Miller's People (Audio) Henry Miller
0944834094 9780944834091 The Root of Rejection, Joyce Meyer, Paperback, 1994 (Paperback) Joyce Meyer
0944834000 9780944834008 Tell Them I Love Them (Paperback) Joyce Meyer
0944803024 9780944803028 I Have a Song for You Vol. 1: About People and Nature Linda Howard,Janeen Brady
0944641210 9780944641217 The NFO Story (Hardcover) Leil Lowndes
0944435408 9780944435403 Great Forgers and Famous Fakes: The Manuscript Forgers of America and How They Duped the Experts (Hardcover) Charles Hamilton
0944031595 9780944031599 If You Want to Be Rich and Happy, Don't Go to School?: Ensuring Lifetime Security for Yourself and Your Children (Paperback) Robert T. Kiyosaki
0942637305 9780942637304 The Mystery Train Disappears (Hardcover) Kyotaro Nishimura
0942299655 9780942299656 The organism (Book) Oliver Sacks
0941831957 9780941831956 Hindsights : The Wisdom and Breakthroughs of Remarkable People Guy Kawasaki, Julie Livingston, Qiana Rickabaugh, Richard Nelson Bolles
0941711420 9780941711425 Scarpetta's winter table (Hardcover) Patricia Cornwell
0941599795 9780941599795 A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (Paperback) Mark Twain
0941599752 9780941599757 The Prince and the Pauper (Paperback) Mark Twain
0941599736 9780941599733 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Paperback) Mark Twain
0941599728 9780941599726 The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn (Paperback) Mark Twain
0941543374 9780941543378 Sunlight Here I Am: Interviews and Encounters, 1963-1993 (Paperback) Charles Bukowski
0941543269 9780941543262 Charles Bukowski: Laughing with the Gods (Paperback) Charles Bukowski
0941483533 9780941483537 Lifting belly (Hardcover) Gertrude Stein
0941483517 9780941483513 Lifting belly (Paperback) Gertrude Stein
0941214001 9780941214001 Saintspeak Orson S. Car
0940895374 9780940895379 Like a House on Fire: Renewal of the Arts in a Postmodern Culture (Paperback) Steve Scott
0940895226 9780940895225 The Responsibility of the Christian Musician (Paperback) Steve Scott
0940895110 9780940895119 The st Petersburg Fragments (Paperback) Steve Scott
0940889536 9780940889538 Goldfinger (Flagstick Books) Ian Fleming
0940687739 9780940687738 The Art of Meditation Daniel Goleman
0940687291 9780940687295 Selling You / Cassettes (Audio Renaissance T Apes) Napoleon Hill
0940687003 9780940687004 Think and Grow Rich (Audiobook) Napoleon Hill
0940666774 9780940666771 The Best of Dee Brown's West (Paperback) Dee Brown
0940646366 9780940646360 Torah from Our Sages: Pirke Avot (Paperback) Jacob Neusner
0940646277 9780940646278 Teacher's Guide for Mitzvah Jacob Neusner
0940646250 9780940646254 Mitzvah: Basic Jewish Ideas (Paperback) Jacob Neusner
0940646188 9780940646186 Our Sages, God, and Israel: An Anthology of the Talmud of the Land of Israel (Hardcover) Jacob Neusner
0940646072 9780940646070 Tzedakah: Can Jewish Philanthropy Buy Jewish Survival? (Paperback) Jacob Neusner
0940646056 9780940646056 Torah from Our Sages: Pirke Avot (Paperback) Jacob Neusner
0940646021 9780940646025 Tzedakah: Can Jewish Philanthropy Buy Jewish Survival? (Hardcover) Jacob Neusner
0940450828 9780940450820 Mark Twain: Historical Romances (The Prince and the Pauper, A Connecticut in King Arthur's Court, Joan of Arc) (Library of America) (Hardcover) Mark Twain
0940450798 9780940450790 Frederick Douglass: Autobiographies (Narrative of the Life, My Bondage and My Freedom, Life and Times) (Library of America) (Hardcover) Frederick Douglass
0940450755 9780940450752 [Works] (Hardcover) Richard Wright
0940450739 9780940450738 Mark Twain: Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches and Essays, 1891-1910 (Library of America), Vol. 2 (Hardcover) Mark Twain
0940450674 9780940450677 Richard Wright: Later Works (Black Boy, American Hunger, The Outsider) (Hardcover) Richard Wright
0940450666 9780940450660 Richard Wright: Early Works (Lawd Today!, Uncle Tom's Children, Native Son) (Hardcover) Richard Wright
0940450364 9780940450363 Mark Twain: Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches and Essays, 1852-1890 (Library of America), Vol. 1 (Hardcover) Mark Twain
0940450259 9780940450257 The Mark Twain: The Innocents Abroad, Roughing It (Library of America) (Hardcover) Mark Twain
0940450240 9780940450240 Pierre, Israel Potter, The Piazza Tales, The Confidence-Man, Uncollected Prose, Billy Budd (Library of America) (Hardcover) Herman Melville
0940450194 9780940450196 Edgar Allan Poe: Essays and Reviews (Library of America) (Hardcover) Edgar Allan Poe
0940450186 9780940450189 Edgar Allan Poe: Poetry and Tales (Library of America) (Hardcover) Edgar Allan Poe
0940450097 9780940450097 Redburn, White-Jacket, Moby-Dick (Library of America) (Hardcover) Herman Melville
0940450070 9780940450073 Mark Twain: Mississippi Writings (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Life on the Mississippi, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Pudd'nhead Wilson) (Library of America) (Hardcover) Mark Twain
0940450003 9780940450004 Typee, Omoo, Mardi (Library of America) (Hardcover) Herman Melville
0940352168 9780940352162 How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate John L. Bowman
0940352109 9780940352100 The Site Book Richard M. Fenker
0940322145 9780940322141 Peasants and Other Stories (New York Review of Books Classics Series) (Paperback) Anton Chekhov
0940242192 9780940242197 Night Roamers and Other Stories (Hardcover) Knut Hamsun
0940178494 9780940178496 Fire of Humiliation Alistair MacLean
094017832X 9780940178328 911 911 Alistair MacLean
0940178249 9780940178243 Mother Wore White, Mother Wore Black Alistair MacLean
0940160773 9780940160774 Second Wind (Hardcover) Nathaniel Philbrick
0939691027 9780939691029 Among the Blacks Ron Padgett
0939680181 9780939680184 Meditations With Dante Alighieri (Paperback) James Collins
0939643677 9780939643677 Big Two-Hearted River and Other Stories (Audio) Ernest Hemingway
0939495902 9780939495900 This Side of Paradise F. Scott Fitzgerald
0939495473 9780939495474 Selected Stories of Poe (Hardcover) Edgar Allan Poe
0939495201 9780939495207 Three Short Novels (Hardcover) Herman Melville
0939490005 9780939490004 The Seasons of Life E. James Rohn
0939370115 9780939370115 Composition of Outdoor Painting Edgar Payne
0939224429 9780939224425 John T. Reedīs How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value John T. Reed