ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0192821091 9780192821096 The Riverside Chaucer, 3rd Ed. (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
0192818929 9780192818928 Selected Letters 1880-1903 (Paperback) Marcel Proust
0192815229 9780192815224 Selected tales (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
0192812203 9780192812209 The allegory of love (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0192811630 9780192811639 Uncle Vanya (Oxford Paperbacks) (Paperback) Anton Chekhov
0192811339 9780192811332 Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy (Oxford Paperbacks) Laurence Sterne
0192811134 9780192811134 Donne Poetical Works (Paperback) John Donne
0192810812 9780192810816 Letters of John Keats: A Selection (Paperback) John Keats
0192810030 9780192810038 "A Preface to ""Paradise Lost"" (Oxford Paperbacks)" (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0192807285 9780192807281 Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization Bryan Ward-Perkins
0192806726 9780192806727 Subtle Is The Lord Abraham Pais
0192805487 9780192805485 Koran M. A. Abdel Haleem;Muhammad Abdel Haleem
0192803913 9780192803917 Roman Empire: A Very Short Introduction Christopher Kelly
019280216X 9780192802163 Plato: A Very Short Introduction Julia Annas
0192801996 9780192801999 Kant Roger Scruton
0192771086 9780192771087 Pippi in the South Seas (New Oxford Library) Astrid Lindgren
0192754130 9780192754134 Pippi Longstocking 50th Anniversary edition (Paperback) Astrid Lindgren
0192753371 9780192753373 The Best of Pippi Longstocking: Three Books in One Astrid Lindgren
0192752634 9780192752635 Pippi in the South Seas (Paperback) Astrid Lindgren
0192752626 9780192752628 Pippi Goes Aboard (Paperback) Astrid Lindgren
0192752049 9780192752048 Pippi Longstocking (Paperback) Astrid Lindgren
0192741810 9780192741813 The Canterbury tales Geoffrey Chaucer
0192719998 9780192719997 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Hardcover) Mark Twain
0192718452 9780192718457 Pippi Goes Aboard (Oxford Children's Modern Classics) (Paperback) Astrid Lindgren
0192718444 9780192718440 Pippi in the South Seas (Oxford Children's Modern Classics) (Paperback) Astrid Lindgren
0192718436 9780192718433 Pippi Longstocking (Oxford Children's Modern Classics) (Paperback) Astrid Lindgren
0192710974 9780192710970 Pippi Longstocking Astrid Lindgren
0192553232 9780192553232 The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of His Friend Mr. Abraham Adams; and, an Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews (Hardcover) Henry Fielding
0192541331 9780192541338 Poetical Works (Hardcover) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
0192541323 9780192541321 The Poetical Works (Oxford Standard Authors) (Hardcover) John Keats
0192503340 9780192503343 Joseph Andrews (Hardcover) Henry Fielding
0192503332 9780192503336 Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy (World's Classics) (Hardcover) Laurence Sterne
0192502662 9780192502667 Kreutzer Sonata, the Devil, and Other Tales (Hardcover) Leo Tolstoy
0192500767 9780192500762 Canterbury Tales (World's Classics) (Hardcover) Geoffrey Chaucer
019250021X 9780192500212 Tales of Mystery and Imagination (World's Classics Series) Edgar Allan Poe
0192121618 9780192121615 The Works (Hardcover) Geoffrey Chaucer
0192113879 9780192113870 The Oxford Ibsen Vol. VIII: Little Eyolf; John Gabriel Borkman; When We Dead Awaken (Hardcover) Henrik Ibsen
0192113577 9780192113573 Oxford Ibsen: Early Plays v. 1 (Hardcover) Henrik Ibsen
0192113380 9780192113382 Ibsen: The League of Youth (Hardcover) Henrik Ibsen
0192113348 9780192113344 Ibsen: Vikings at Helgeland (Hardcover) Henrik Ibsen
0192113267 9780192113269 Oxford Ibsen: Pillars of Society, a Doll's House Ghosts (Hardcover) Henrik Ibsen
0191605212 9780191605215 Selected Tales: Edgar Allan Poe (Oxford World's Classics Series) (Hardcover) Edgar Allan Poe
0190633662 9780190633660 The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism Theda Skocpol;Vanessa Williamson
019061272X 9780190612726 The Black Prince of Florence: The Spectacular Life and Treacherous World of Alessandro de' Medici Catherine Fletcher
0190463902 9780190463908 Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving Arnaud Chevallier
0190263318 9780190263317 Marriage Markets June Carbone;Robina Chair of Law Science and Technology June Carbone;Harold H Greene Professor Naomi Cahn
0190254882 9780190254889 Of the People James Oakes Michael McGerr Jan Ellen Lewis Jeanne Boydston Nick Cullather Mark Summers Camilla Townsend Karen Dunak
0190254874 9780190254872 Of the People James Oakes Jeanne Boydston Nick Cullather Jan Ellen Lewis Michael McGerr Karen Dunak Mark Summers Camilla Townsend
0190250003 9780190250003 Queen Victoria Susan Kingsley Kent
0190231629 9780190231620 Constantine the Emperor David Potter
0190229233 9780190229238 Strategy Lawrence Freedman
017602087X 9780176020873 One John A. Too Many (Nelson Novels Ser.) (Paperback) Richard Wright
0175570493 9780175570492 Where Eagles Dare (Nelson Graded Readers) (Paperback) Alistair MacLean
0175566089 9780175566082 The Guns of Navarone (Nelson Graded Readers) (Paperback) Alistair MacLean
0175565511 9780175565511 A Room with a View: Level 3 - Lower-Intermediate (Nelson Readers) E.M. Forster
0174320116 9780174320111 Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Streamline Books) (Hardcover) Edgar Allan Poe
0170075974 9780170075978 Conflict in Indo China Ian Sutherland
0159007763 9780159007761 Gilbert Law Summaries Contracts Melvin A. Eisenberg
0156983605 9780156983600 The World's Last Night, and Other Essays C. S. Lewis
0156935236 9780156935234 The Venice Train (Paperback) Georges Simenon
0156926202 9780156926201 Uncommon Friends; Life with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Alexis Carrel and Charles Lindbergh James Newton
0156907909 9780156907903 The Town and the City (Paperback) Jack Kerouac
0156907399 9780156907392 To the Lighthouse Virginia Woolf
0156904365 9780156904360 Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0156870118 9780156870115 Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0156863014 9780156863018 Sunday (Hardcover) Georges Simenon
0156767503 9780156767507 The Road to Wigan Pier (Paperback) George Orwell
015676248X 9780156762489 Reflections on the Psalms (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0156722488 9780156722483 Poems (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0156704501 9780156704502 Orwell Reader George Orwell
0156701766 9780156701761 The Orwell Reader: Fiction, Essays, and Reportage (Paperback) George Orwell
015670160X 9780156701600 Orlando Virginia Woolf
0156678977 9780156678971 Of Other Worlds: Essays and Stories (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0156674017 9780156674010 Notebooks, 1942-1951 Albert Camus
0156674009 9780156674003 Notebooks, 1935-1942 (Paperback) Albert Camus
0156628708 9780156628709 Mrs. Dalloway Virginia Woolf
015661930X 9780156619301 Money Mischief Milton Friedman
0156551764 9780156551762 Maigret at the Gai-Moulin Georges Simenon
0156551756 9780156551755 Maigret and the Saturday Caller Georges Simenon
0156551675 9780156551670 Maigret and the Burglar's Wife Georges Simenon
0156551632 9780156551632 Maigret and the Fortuneteller Georges Simenon
0156551586 9780156551588 Maigret on the Riviera (Hardcover) Georges Simenon
0156551578 9780156551571 Maigret and the Yellow Dog (Paperback) Georges Simenon
015655139X 9780156551397 Maigret and the Loner (Paperback) Georges Simenon
0156551276 9780156551274 Maigret and the Apparition Georges Simenon
0156551063 9780156551069 Madame Maigret's Own Case Georges Simenon
015650880X 9780156508803 Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0156468999 9780156468992 Keep the Aspidistra Flying (Paperback) George Orwell
0156465612 9780156465618 Joysprick: An Introduction to the Language of James Joyce (Paperback) Anthony Burgess
015645484X 9780156454841 The Iron Staircase (Paperback) Georges Simenon
0156445530 9780156445535 In Search of Shakespeare (Paperback) Charles Hamilton
0156421178 9780156421171 Homage to Catalonia (Paperback) George Orwell
0156364654 9780156364652 A Good Man is Hard to Find Flannery OConnor
0156334607 9780156334600 Free to Choose Milton Friedman;Rose D. Friedman
0156329301 9780156329309 The Four Loves (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
015626224X 9780156262248 Down and out in Paris and London (Paperback) George Orwell
0156260530 9780156260534 Dickens, Dali & Others (Paperback) George Orwell
0156260255 9780156260251 Diary of Anais Nin, 1931-1934, Vol. 1 Anais Nin
0156239302 9780156239301 Dark Tower and Other Stories (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0156196255 9780156196253 Coming Up for Air (Paperback) George Orwell