ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0439725267 9780439725262 Clifford the Small Red Puppy (Hardcover) Norman Bridwell
0439725259 9780439725255 Clifford's Puppy Days (Hardcover) Norman Bridwell
0439725240 9780439725248 Clifford el Perro Bombero (Hardcover) Norman Bridwell
0439725232 9780439725231 Clifford's Pals (Hardcover) Norman Bridwell
0439725224 9780439725224 Clifford's Family (Hardcover) Norman Bridwell
0439724082 9780439724081 Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift (Paperback) Max Lucado
0439724066 9780439724067 Vampire Breath (Goosebumps Series) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439724058 9780439724050 Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns (Goosebumps Presents Series #16) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
043972404X 9780439724043 Curse of Camp Cold Lake (Goosebumps Series #56) (Mass Market Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439724031 9780439724036 Beast from the East (Goosebumps Series #43) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439706408 9780439706407 Bone #1: Out from Boneville Jeff Smith
0439706394 9780439706391 Bone #2: The Great Cow Race Jeff Smith
0439706386 9780439706384 Bone #3: Eyes of the Storm Jeff Smith
0439706378 9780439706377 Bone #4: The Dragonslayer Jeff Smith
043970636X 9780439706360 Bone #5: Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border Jeff Smith
0439706351 9780439706353 Bone #6: Old Man's Cave Jeff Smith
0439706335 9780439706339 Bone 8: Treasure Hunters Jeff Smith
0439706327 9780439706322 Bone 9: Crown of Horns Jeff Smith
0439705908 9780439705905 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Paperback) J. K. Rowling
0439696569 9780439696562 Clifford Goes to Washington (Paperback) Norman Bridwell
0439693543 9780439693547 Why I'm Afraid of Bees (Goosebumps Series) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439693535 9780439693530 Girl Who Cried Monster (Goosebumps Series) (Mass Market Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439686520 9780439686525 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 24-Copy Mixed Pre-Pack J. K. Rowling
0439684005 9780439684002 the Magic School Bus Takes a Moonwalk (Magic School Bus Series) Joanna Cole
0439682584 9780439682589 Harry Potter Paperback Boxed Set (Other Format) J. K. Rowling
0439681243 9780439681247 The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars, Episode V) Ryder Windham
0439671140 9780439671149 Go Eat Worms! (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439671132 9780439671132 The Haunted Mask II (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439671116 9780439671118 A Night in Terror Tower (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439670551 9780439670555 El Abominable Hombre de las Nieves en Pasadena (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439670543 9780439670548 Sonríe y Muérete... Otra Vez! (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439670535 9780439670531 Los Monstruos Oviparos de Marte (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439670527 9780439670524 Como Matar a un Monstruo (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439670519 9780439670517 Como Consegui Mi Cabeza Humana Reducida (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439670500 9780439670500 Lo Encontramos Debajo del Fregadero! (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439669901 9780439669900 Be Careful What You Wish For... (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439669898 9780439669894 Night of the Living Dummy III (Goosebumps Series) (Mass Market Paperback) R. L. Stine
043966988X 9780439669887 Monster Blood II (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439669871 9780439669870 Headless Ghost (Goosebumps Series) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439662168 9780439662161 Bad Hare Day R. L. Stine
043966215X 9780439662154 Attack of the Mutant (Goosebumps Presents Series #12) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
043965548X 9780439655484 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Paperbound) J. K. Rowling
0439650879 9780439650878 Clifford's Happy New Year (Paperback) Norman Bridwell
0439644917 9780439644914 Clifford the Big Red Dog (Hardcover) Norman Bridwell
0439642868 9780439642866 Best of All (Paperback) Max Lucado
0439634733 9780439634731 Clifford Keeps Cool (Clifford (Hardcover) Norman Bridwell
0439634725 9780439634724 Clifford's Sports Day (Clifford: The Big Red Dog) (Hardcover) Norman Bridwell
0439632994 9780439632997 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Deluxe Sticker Book (Paperback) J. K. Rowling
0439632951 9780439632959 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Coloring Book (Paperback) J. K. Rowling
0439627966 9780439627962 The Red Bird (Paperback) Astrid Lindgren
0439626307 9780439626309 Sonrie Y Muerete! / Say Cheese And Die! (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439626293 9780439626293 Sangre de Monstruo (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439626285 9780439626286 ¡No Bajes al Sótano! (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439626277 9780439626279 Bienvenidos a La Casa De La Muerte / Welcome to Dead House (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439612551 9780439612555 Harry Potter (Set) J. K. Rowling
0439611172 9780439611176 The Road Dahl (With 75 Selections From The Best Loved Books) (Applicable) Roald Dahl
0439607019 9780439607018 Clifford: The Greatest Parade (Paperback) Norman Bridwell
0439598486 9780439598484 Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes (Paperback) Roald Dahl
0439584450 9780439584456 Clifford's Work Book (Clifford the Big Red Dog) (Paperback) Norman Bridwell
0439573750 9780439573757 Revenge of the lawn gnomes (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439573742 9780439573740 Night of the living dummy II (Hardcover) R. L. Stine
0439573653 9780439573658 You Can't Scare Me! (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439573610 9780439573610 Say Cheese And Die..Again! (Goosebumps Series) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
043956848X 9780439568487 The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568471 9780439568470 Welcome to Dead House (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439568463 9780439568463 Welcome to Camp Nightmare (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568455 9780439568456 Stay Out of the Basement (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568439 9780439568432 Scarecrow Walks at Midnight (Goosebumps Series) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568412 9780439568418 One Day at Horrorland (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568404 9780439568401 Night of the Living Dummy (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439568390 9780439568395 Monster Blood (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439568382 9780439568388 Let's Get Invisible! (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568374 9780439568371 It Came from Beneath the Sink (Goosebumps Series) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568366 9780439568364 How to Kill a Monster (Goosebumps Series) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568358 9780439568357 How I Got My Shrunken Head (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
043956834X 9780439568340 The Horror at Camp Jellyjam (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568331 9780439568333 The Haunted Mask (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439568323 9780439568326 The Ghost Next Door R. L. Stine
0439568315 9780439568319 Ghost Camp (Goosebumps Series) (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568307 9780439568302 Ghost Beach (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568293 9780439568296 Egg Monsters from Mars (Paperbound) R. L. Stine
0439568285 9780439568289 Deep Trouble (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568269 9780439568265 The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439568250 9780439568258 The barking ghost R. L. Stine
0439568242 9780439568241 The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439567629 9780439567626 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter #5) Deluxe Edition (Hardcover) J. K. Rowling
0439567610 9780439567619 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter #5) (Library Edition) (Library Binding) J. K. Rowling
0439566576 9780439566575 Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of the Whaleship Essex Adapted for Young People from In The Heart of the Sea Edition: Reprint (Paperback) Nathaniel Philbrick
0439562457 9780439562454 If Only I Had a Green Nose Max Lucado
0439561302 9780439561303 House of Horrors Boxed Set (Paperback) R. L. Stine
0439556988 9780439556989 Clifford's Bedtime (Board) Norman Bridwell
0439554934 9780439554930 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter #1) (Hardcover) J. K. Rowling
0439552028 9780439552028 More Clifford's Favorite Storybooks (Paperback) Norman Bridwell
0439551102 9780439551106 Clifford y los opuestos (Clifford's Opposites) (Board Book) Norman Bridwell
0439551099 9780439551090 Clifford y los sonidos de los animales (Clifford's Animal Sounds) (Board Book) Norman Bridwell
0439545684 9780439545686 Clifford y la hora de dormir (Clifford's Bedtime) (Board Book) Norman Bridwell
0439545676 9780439545679 Clifford y la hora del baño (Clifford's Bathtime) (Paperback) Norman Bridwell
043954565X 9780439545655 Clifford va a la escuela de perros (Clifford Goes to Dog School) (Paperback) Norman Bridwell
0439522048 9780439522045 Clifford At the Circus (Clifford the Big Red Dog) (Hardcover) Norman Bridwell
0439518350 9780439518352 Clifford's Animal Sounds (Clifford The Small Red Puppy) (Applicable) Norman Bridwell