ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0676973310 9780676973310 Merrick (Hardcover) Anne Rice
0676973213 9780676973211 My Movie Business (Paperback, 2000) John Irving
0676972667 9780676972665 My Movie Business: A Memoir - John Irving - Hardcover (Hardcover) John Irving
0676972616 9780676972610 Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood Oliver Sacks
0676971946 9780676971941 A Widow For One Year (Paperback) John Irving
0676971865 9780676971866 The Vampire Vittorio (Hardcover) Anne Rice
0676971490 9780676971491 The Vampire Armand Anne Rice
0676971148 9780676971149 Pandora - New Tales Of The Vampires (Hardcover) Anne Rice
0676970885 9780676970883 The Island Of The Colorblind (Paperback) Oliver Sacks
0676970745 9780676970746 Violin (Hardcover) Anne Rice
0676970648 9780676970647 Shame (Paperback) Salman Rushdie
0676970621 9780676970623 The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Hardcover) Salman Rushdie
0676970354 9780676970357 The island of the colorblind and Cycad Island (Hardcover) Oliver Sacks
0676970052 9780676970050 First Man Albert Camus
0676970036 9780676970036 Servant Of The Bones (Hardcover) Anne Rice
0676903363 9780676903362 Living to Tell the Tale 12-copy floor display Gabriel Garcia Marquez
0676903339 9780676903331 Blood Canticle 12-copy floor display Anne Rice
0676902987 9780676902983 Blackwood Farm 12 copy floor display, HC only Anne Rice
0676795633 9780676795639 MICHAEL CRICHTON 28CP AUDIO MIXED G Michael Crichton
0676736335 9780676736335 I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Maya Angelou
0676586686 9780676586688 Vittorio, the Vampire-Canadian ANNE RICE
0676584020 9780676584028 Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster Jon Krakauer
0676583628 9780676583625 The Proust 6-Pack Marcel Proust
0676579523 9780676579529 Iceland: Land of the Sagas (Paperback) Jon Krakauer
0676579116 9780676579116 The World According to Garp (Hardcover) John Irving
0676578225 9780676578225 The World According to Garp John Irving
0676578217 9780676578218 Widow for One Year John Irving
067654567X 9780676545678 Swann's Way Marcel Proust
0676543146 9780676543148 Into Thin Air : A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster (Hardcover) Jon Krakauer
0676540910 9780676540918 AND THE SEA IS NEVER (SIGNED) Elie Wiesel
0676534058 9780676534054 The Heart of a Woman, on the Pulse (Hardcover) Maya Angelou
0676533817 9780676533811 The Heart of a Woman Maya Angelou
0676532934 9780676532937 Violin (Leaf) Anne Rice
0676527531 9780676527537 The Lost World Michael Crichton
0676527523 9780676527520 The Lost World Michael Crichton
0676522025 9780676522020 Sole Survivor (Hardcover) Dean Koontz
0676513875 9780676513875 INTENSITY SIGNED EDITION Dean Koontz
0676510655 9780676510652 All Rivers Run to Sea-Canadian ELIE WIESEL
0676314597 9780676314595 Hiawatha's Childhood Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
0675095301 9780675095303 Tales and the Raven and Other Poems (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
0674996011 9780674996014 Volume VI, Bacchae. Iphigenia at Aulis. Rhesus (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 6 (Hardcover) Euripides
0674996003 9780674996007 Volume V, Helen. Phoenician Women. Orestes (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 5 (Hardcover) Euripides
0674995740 9780674995741 Volume IV, Trojan Women. Iphigenia among the Taurians. Ion (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 4 (Hardcover) Euripides
067499566X 9780674995666 Volume III, Suppliant Women. Electra. Heracles (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 3 (Hardcover) Euripides
0674995600 9780674995604 Volume I, Cyclops. Alcestis. Medea (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 1 (Hardcover) Euripides
0674995333 9780674995338 Volume II, Children of Heracles. Hippolytus. Andromache. Hecuba (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 2 (Hardcover) Euripides
0674992792 9780674992795 Volume V, Fasti (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 5 (Hardcover) Ovid
0674992555 9780674992559 Volume II, Art of Love. Cosmetics. Remedies for Love. Ibis. Walnut-tree. Sea Fishing. Consolation. (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 2 (Hardcover) Ovid
0674991672 9780674991675 Volume VI, Tristia. Ex Ponto (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 6 (Hardcover) Ovid
0674990471 9780674990470 Volume IV: Metamorphoses, Volume II, Books 9-15 (Loeb Classical Library) (Hardcover) Ovid
0674990463 9780674990463 Volume III: Metamorphoses, Volume I, Books 1-8 (Loeb Classical Library) (Hardcover) Ovid
0674990455 9780674990456 Volume I, Heroides. Amores (Loeb Classical Library), Vol. 1 (Hardcover) Ovid
0674990137 9780674990135 Euripides: Ion-Hippolytus-Medea-Alcestis: Loeb Classical #012 (Hardcover) Euripides
0674990102 9780674990104 Works (Hardcover) Euripides
0674789954 9780674789951 Scale and Scope: The Dynamics of Industrial Capitalism Alfred D. Chandler Jr.
0674729013 9780674729018 Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning Peter C. Brown;Henry L. Roediger;Mark A. McDaniel
0674725441 9780674725447 The Fissured Workplace David Weil
0674676246 9780674676244 The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Reading Edition (Hardcover) Emily Dickinson
067467622X 9780674676220 The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Variorum Edition (Hardcover) Emily Dickinson
0674676017 9780674676015 The Poems of Emily Dickinson: 3 Volumes in 1 (Hardcover) Emily Dickinson
0674673778 9780674673779 Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination (Hardcover) Toni Morrison
0674601009 9780674601000 Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave: Written by Himself Frederick Douglass
0674526279 9780674526273 The Letters of Emily Dickinson (Hardcover) Emily Dickinson
067443000X 9780674430006 Capital in the Twenty-First Century Thomas Piketty
0674341163 9780674341166 Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict Roger B. Myerson
0674250702 9780674250703 Emily Dickinson: Selected Letters (Paperback) Emily Dickinson
0674154312 9780674154315 John Keats: Complete Poems (Paperback) John Keats
0674154258 9780674154254 Competition in an Open Economy: A Model Applied to Canada Richard E. Caves, Michael E. Porter, A. Michael Spence, John T. Scott
0674139364 9780674139367 Collected Works: Tales and Sketches v. 2 & 3 (Hardcover) Edgar Allan Poe
0674097459 9780674097452 Linnaeus: Nature and Nation Lisbet Koerner
0674090012 9780674090019 Caesar: Politician and Statesman Matthias Gelzer
0674076729 9780674076723 Natural Experiments of History Jared Diamond
0674058097 9780674058095 Heart of Europe: A History of the Holy Roman Empire Peter H. Wilson
0674057902 9780674057906 The Essential Tagore (Hardcover) Rabindranath Tagore
0674057600 9780674057609 The Letters of Robert Frost, Volume 1 (Hardcover) Robert Frost
0674052188 9780674052185 Americas Pastor Grant Wacker
0674047761 9780674047761 The Habsburg Empire Pieter M. Judson
0674034678 9780674034679 The Collected Prose of Robert Frost (Paperback) Robert Frost
067403466X 9780674034662 The Notebooks of Robert Frost (Paperback) Robert Frost
0674034015 9780674034013 Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave, Written by Himself (Paperback) Frederick Douglass
0674032470 9780674032477 Songs and Sonets of John Donne (Paperback) John Donne
0674032217 9780674032217 Shaping the Industrial Century: The Remarkable Story of the Evolution of the Modern Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries Alfred D. Chandler Jr.
0674031962 9780674031968 Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947 Christopher Clark
067402463X 9780674024632 The Collected Prose of Robert Frost (Hardcover) Robert Frost
0674023110 9780674023116 The Notebooks of Robert Frost (Hardcover) Robert Frost
0674023021 9780674023024 Emily Dickinson's Herbarium: A Facsimile Edition (Hardcover) Emily Dickinson
0674022580 9780674022584 Stalin: A Biography Robert Service
0674018249 9780674018242 The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Reading Edition (Paperback) Emily Dickinson
0674018052 9780674018051 Inventing the Electronic Century: The Epic Story of the Consumer Electronics and Computer Industries, with a New Preface Alfred D. Chandler Jr.
0674012488 9780674012486 The Rise of Southern Republicans Earl Black
0674011309 9780674011304 Famous Women (I Tatti Renaissance Library) (Paperback) Giovanni Boccaccio
0674008286 9780674008281 Lenin: A Biography Robert Service
0674003470 9780674003477 Famous Women (I Tatti Renaissance Library) (Hardcover) Giovanni Boccaccio
0674002423 9780674002425 Becoming Apart: National Power and Local Politics in Toyama, 1868-1945 (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0673757188 9780673757180 The Cat Came Back (Hardcover) John Sandford
0673583503 9780673583505 To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee
0673467511 9780673467515 Influence (Hardcover) Robert B. Cialdini
0673461750 9780673461759 The Macintosh Way Guy Kawasaki, Jean-Louis Gassee
0672631571 9780672631573 John Keats Complete Poems and Selected Letters (Hardcover) John Keats
067261040X 9780672610400 Billy Budd (Paperback) Herman Melville