ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0140022643 9780140022643 Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters, Seymour an introduction (Paperback) J.D. Salinger
0140021930 9780140021936 Island Aldous Huxley
0140021787 9780140021783 The Stain on the Snow Georges Simenon
014002123X 9780140021233 Men at Arms (Paperback) Evelyn Waugh
0140021221 9780140021226 Unconditional Surrender Evelyn Waugh
0140021213 9780140021219 Officers and Gentlemen Evelyn Waugh
0140021205 9780140021202 Franny and Zooey (Paperback) J.D. Salinger
0140021175 9780140021172 The essential Hemingway Ernest Hemingway
0140020284 9780140020281 Maigret at the Crossroads (Paperback) Georges Simenon
0140020276 9780140020274 Maigret Meets a Milord (Paperback) Georges Simenon
0140020268 9780140020267 Maigret Stonewalled (Paperback) Georges Simenon
014002025X 9780140020250 Maigret and the Hundred Gibbets Georges Simenon
0140019820 9780140019827 The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber and Other Stories (Modern Classics) Ernest Hemingway
0140019294 9780140019292 To Kill a Mockingbird (Paperback) Harper Lee
014001893X 9780140018936 Helena Evelyn Waugh
0140018824 9780140018820 The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories (Modern Classics) Ernest Hemingway
0140018778 9780140018776 A Clergyman's Daughter (Paperback) George Orwell
0140018670 9780140018677 This Side of Paradise F. Scott Fitzgerald
0140018654 9780140018653 EXILE AND THE KINGDOM (Paperback) Albert Camus
014001862X 9780140018622 The Dangling Man (Paperback) Saul Bellow
0140018328 9780140018325 Kiss Kiss Roald Dahl
0140017941 9780140017946 The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold (Modern Classics) (Paperback) Evelyn Waugh
0140017828 9780140017823 The Member of the Wedding (Paperback) Carson McCullers
0140017623 9780140017625 The Fall (Penguin Modern Classics) Albert Camus
0140017321 9780140017328 Under the Volcano (Modern Classics) (Paperback) Malcolm Lowry
0140017003 9780140017007 The Road to Wigan Pier George Orwell
0140016996 9780140016994 Homage to Catalonia George Orwell
0140016988 9780140016987 Keep the Aspidistra Flying George Orwell
0140016910 9780140016918 Malone Dies (Modern Classics S) (Paperback) Samuel Beckett
0140015663 9780140015669 Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Paperback) Carson McCullers
0140014845 9780140014846 Lady Chatterley's lover (Hardcover) D.H. Lawrence
0140014721 9780140014723 The Plague (Modern Classics) Albert Camus
0140014705 9780140014709 The Longest Journey (Modern Classics) (Paperback) E.M. Forster
014001358X 9780140013580 MEMOIRS OF HADRIAN (Paperback) Marguerite Yourcenar
014001344X 9780140013443 WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD (MODERN CLASSICS) (Paperback) E.M. Forster
0140012486 9780140012484 The Catcher in the Rye (Modern Classics) J.D. Salinger
014001067X 9780140010671 Men Without Women Ernest Hemingway
0140010661 9780140010664 For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway
0140010653 9780140010657 To Have and Have Not (Modern Classics) Ernest Hemingway
0140010521 9780140010527 Brave New World (Paperbound) ALDOUS HUXLEY
0140010475 9780140010473 Point Counter Point (Paperback) ALDOUS HUXLEY
0140010319 9780140010312 Collected Short Stories (Penguin Modern Classics) E.M. Forster
0140009728 9780140009729 1984 Nineteen Eighty-four (Penguin Modern Classics) (Paperback) George Orwell
014000906X 9780140009064 Tender Is The Night F. Scott Fitzgerald
0140008381 9780140008388 Animal Farm (Modern Classics) George Orwell
0140008330 9780140008333 Grapes (Hardcover) John Steinbeck
014000825X 9780140008258 When the Going Was Good (Hardcover) Evelyn Waugh
0140008241 9780140008241 Work Suspended and Other Stories Evelyn Waugh
0140008233 9780140008234 The Loved One (Modern Classics) Evelyn Waugh
0140008225 9780140008227 A Handful of Dust Evelyn Waugh
0140008217 9780140008210 Brideshead Revisited: The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder (Applicable) Evelyn Waugh
0140007849 9780140007848 Colossus of Maroussi (Paperback) Henry Miller
0140004564 9780140004564 Burmese Days George Orwell
0140004556 9780140004557 Scoop: A Novel About Journalists (Modern Classics) Evelyn Waugh
0140004238 9780140004236 Put Out More Flags (Penguin Modern Classics) Evelyn Waugh
0140003118 9780140003116 Howards End (Modern Classics) (Paperback) E.M. Forster
0140002979 9780140002973 Down and Out in Paris and London (Modern Classics) George Orwell
0140001794 9780140001792 Black Mischief (Modern Classics) (Paperback) Evelyn Waugh
0140000755 9780140000757 Decline and Fall (Paperback) Evelyn Waugh
014000002X 9780140000023 FAREWELL TO ARMS (MODERN CLASSICS S) (Paperback) Ernest Hemingway
0139752854 9780139752858 Electronic Commerce Efraim Turban
0139460136 9780139460135 101 years on Wall street John Dennis Brown
0139250654 9780139250651 Tonio Kroger Thomas Mann
0139230793 9780139230790 Tom Jones Henry Fielding
0138552142 9780138552145 Dynamics of Structures: Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering Anil K. Chopra
0138018812 9780138018818 E-commerce Kenneth C. Laudon;Carol Guercio Traver
0137634838 9780137634835 Real Estate: Case Study Approach William J. Poorvu
0137559275 9780137559275 Construction Contracts Keith Collier
0137554060 9780137554065 Residential Mortgage Lending Marshall W. Dennis
0137524781 9780137524785 Ergonomics: How to Design for Ease and Efficiency K.H.E. Kroemer
0137396082 9780137396085 Making the grade: An interactive course in English for academic purposes (Applicable) David Wood
0137148011 9780137148011 Jeffrey Gitomerís Little Books (Box Set) Jeffrey Gitomer
0137141009 9780137141005 Up and Out of Poverty: The Social Marketing Solution Philip Kotler
0137127812 9780137127818 Top Jobs: How They Are Different and What You Need to Succeed (Hardcover) Kevin Kelly
0137060866 9780137060863 Marketing in the Public Sector Lee, Nancy R. , Kotler, Philip
0137054661 9780137054664 Leading at a Higher Level, Revised and Expanded Edition (Intro & Chapter 1): Is Your Organization High Performing? Ken Blanchard
0137039743 9780137039746 Lead with LUV: A Different Way to Create Real Success Kenneth H. Blanchard
013702018X 9780137020188 Trend Following: Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets Michael W. Covel
0137011717 9780137011711 Helping People Win at Work: A Business Philosophy Called "Don't Mark My Paper, Help Me Get an A" (Leading at a Higher Level Series) (Hardcover) Ken Blanchard
0137011709 9780137011704 Leading at a Higher Level: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations (Leading at a Higher Level Series) (Hardcover) Ken Blanchard
0136689892 9780136689898 Strategic Marketing for Educational Institutions Philip Kotler, Karen F. Fox
0136387500 9780136387503 Optoelectronic Semiconductor Devices (Paperback) David Wood
0136242308 9780136242307 The Red Pony-John Steinbeck. Novel Study Guide Contents: Author & HIstorical Background, Synposes, Literary Elements & Techniques, Chapter-by-chapter (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0136157394 9780136157397 Global Marketing Management Keegan, Warren J. , Alon, Ilan
0136139396 9780136139393 Visions for Change: Crime and Justice in the Twenty-First Century Roslyn Muraskin
0136129218 9780136129219 Management Accounting Charles T. Horngren
0136110584 9780136110583 Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers Michael S. Mamlouk;John P. Zaniewski
0136108083 9780136108085 Netochka Nezvanova, (Hardcover) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
0136102654 9780136102656 Introduction to Management Accounting: Ch's 1-17 (15th Edition) (MyAccountingLab Series) Charles T. Horngren, Gary L. Sun...
0136079415 9780136079415 Principles of Marketing Philip Kotler
0136072976 9780136072973 Accounting Charles T. Horngren, Suzanne Oli...
0136026605 9780136026600 A Framework for Marketing Management Philip Kotler
0136021131 9780136021131 Marketing: An Introduction Gary Armstrong
0136013309 9780136013303 Mastering Matlab (1st International Edition) Duane C. Hanselman, Bruce L. Littlefield
0136008062 9780136008064 Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering T. E. Graedel
0135307902 9780135307908 L'Etranger (The Stranger) (Paperback) Albert Camus
0135114284 9780135114285 Real Estate Law for Legal Professionals Steven A. Mccloskey
0135109450 9780135109458 Contract Law for Paralegals Reed, Kathleen Mercer/
0135060222 9780135060223 Ion Euripides