ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0393314413 9780393314410 Honey for the Bears (Paperback) Anthony Burgess
0393312836 9780393312836 Clockwork Orange (Paperback) Anthony Burgess
0393311503 9780393311501 Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist Adrian Desmond
0393311333 9780393311334 Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams (Paperback) Joseph J. Ellis
0393310817 9780393310818 The Video Renter's Bible : What to Rent Tonight (Paperback) Seth Godin
0393310728 9780393310726 How to Lie with Statistics Darrell Huff
0393310698 9780393310696 The Autobiography of Charles Darwin 1809-1882: With Original Omissions Restored Charles Darwin
0393310353 9780393310351 Thinking Strategically: The Competitive Edge in Business, Politics and Everyday Life Avinash K. Dixit
039330986X 9780393309867 Pacific Rift: Adventures in the Fault Zone between the U.S. and Japan (Paperback) Michael Lewis
0393309436 9780393309430 The Long Day Wanes: A Malayan Trilogy (Paperback) Anthony Burgess
0393308693 9780393308693 Stalin in Power : The Revolution from above, 1928-1941 Robert C. Tucker
0393303004 9780393303001 The Forged Coupon (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
0393302350 9780393302356 Queen Victoria's Little Wars Byron Farwell
039330048X 9780393300482 Alexander Hamilton: A Biography Forrest McDonald
0393292576 9780393292572 This Blessed Earth Ted Genoways
0393254593 9780393254594 The Undoing Project: A Friendship that Changed Our Minds Michael Lewis
0393254291 9780393254297 Machine, Platform, Crowd Andrew McAfee Erik Brynjolfsson
0393249131 9780393249132 Platform Revolution Sangeet Paul Choudary Geoffrey G. Parker Marshall Van Alstyne
039324721X 9780393247213 The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and Its Aftermath Ben S. Bernanke
0393246418 9780393246414 Economics Rules Dani Rodrik
0393246183 9780393246186 Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? Frans De Waal
0393240827 9780393240825 Orfeo: A Novel Richard Powers
0393239616 9780393239614 Paper: Paging Through History Mark Kurlansky
0393239357 9780393239355 The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies Erik Brynjolfsson;Andrew McAfee
0393124444 9780393124446 Games of Strategy Avinash K. Dixit
0393104516 9780393104516 Next: The Future Just Happened Michael Lewis
0393099687 9780393099683 The Confidence Man (Paperback) Herman Melville
0393097307 9780393097306 Eisenhower and Berlin, 1945: The Decision to Halt at the Elbe (Paperback) Stephen E. Ambrose
039309670X 9780393096705 Moby-Dick (Paperback) Herman Melville
0393096157 9780393096156 Augustus, Der Dichter [and] Ein Mensch Mit Namen Ziegler (Paperback) Hermann Hesse
0393096084 9780393096088 Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert
0393092925 9780393092929 Crime and Punishment (Paperback) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
0393092364 9780393092363 The Lenin Anthology Robert C. Tucker
0393091325 9780393091328 The Decameron (Norton Critical Edition) (Paperback) Giovanni Boccaccio
0393090027 9780393090024 Anton Chekhov's Short Stories (Paperback) Anton Chekhov
0393089991 9780393089998 ll The Wild That Remains: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, and the American West David Gessner
0393088588 9780393088588 Indonesia, Etc. Elizabeth Pisani
039308602X 9780393086027 The Eve of Saint Venus (Hardcover) Anthony Burgess
0393084442 9780393084443 Enderby (Hardcover) Anthony Burgess
0393081818 9780393081817 Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393081575 9780393081572 Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal (Hardcover) Mary Roach
0393081087 9780393081084 The Food Lab J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
0393080943 9780393080940 Misbehaving Richard H. Thaler
0393080889 9780393080889 Wanting Seed Anthony Burgess
0393079619 9780393079616 The Decision Book Krogerus, Mikael/ TschSppeler,
0393079023 9780393079029 Michael Lewis
0393078191 9780393078190 Michael Lewis
0393072231 9780393072235 The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393071235 9780393071238 Robert Frost: Speaking on Campus: Excerpts from His Talks, 1949-1962 (Hardcover) Robert Frost
0393069303 9780393069303 The Decameron (Hardcover) Giovanni Boccaccio
0393069214 9780393069211 Mary Roach
039306901X 9780393069013 Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393068471 9780393068474 Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void (Hardcover) Mary Roach
0393067084 9780393067088 The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Hardcover) Susan Wise Bauer
039306560X 9780393065602 Something for the Pain Paul Austin
0393065146 9780393065145 Panic: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393064646 9780393064643 Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex (Hardcover) Mary Roach
0393061310 9780393061314 Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, New Edition (Hardcover) Jared Diamond
039306123X 9780393061239 The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393060918 9780393060911 Coach: Lessons on the Game of Life (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393060799 9780393060799 A Royal Passion: The Turbulent Marriage of King Charles I of England and Henrietta Maria of France Katie Whitaker
0393060411 9780393060416 The 9/11 Commission Report National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States
0393060055 9780393060058 Family Life: A Novel Akhil Sharma
0393059804 9780393059809 A Death in Belmont (Hardcover) Sebastian Junger
0393059766 9780393059762 The History of the Renaissance World: From the Rediscovery of Aristotle to the Conquest of Constantinople (Hardcover) Susan Wise Bauer
0393059758 9780393059755 The History of the Medieval World: From the Conversion of Constantine to the First Crusade (Hardcover) Susan Wise Bauer
039305974X 9780393059748 The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome (Hardcover) Susan Wise Bauer
0393059626 9780393059625 Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife (Hardcover) Mary Roach
0393058107 9780393058109 Metamorphoses: A New Translation by Charles Martin (Hardcover) Ovid
0393057658 9780393057652 Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393051242 9780393051247 Globalization and Its Discontents Joseph E Stiglitz
0393050947 9780393050943 Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had (Hardcover) Susan Wise Bauer
0393050939 9780393050936 Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers (Hardcover) Mary Roach
0393050327 9780393050325 The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea (Hardcover) Sebastian Junger
0393050297 9780393050295 The Stranger Beside Me (Hardcover) Ann Rule
039304999X 9780393049992 Selected Poems and Prose of Paul Celan (Hardcover) Paul Celan
0393048136 9780393048131 The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393045307 9780393045307 Limericks : Too Gross/or Two Dozen Dirty Dozen Stanzas Isaac Asimov
0393043452 9780393043457 The Confidence-Man:His Masquerade: An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Sources, Reviews, Criticism [and] an Annotated Bibliography (Hardcover) Herman Melville
0393041417 9780393041415 The Novel Now; a Guide to Contemporary Fiction Anthony Burgess
039304016X 9780393040166 The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea (Hardcover) Sebastian Junger
0393034798 9780393034790 Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams (Hardcover) Joseph J. Ellis
0393032035 9780393032031 Blue Water, Green Skipper (Hardcover) Stuart Woods
0393031055 9780393031058 Pacific rift (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393030377 9780393030372 The Money Culture (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393027503 9780393027501 Liar's Poker: Rising through the Wreckage on Wall Street (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0393024393 9780393024395 A Clockwork Orange (Hardcover) Anthony Burgess
0393022722 9780393022728 Deep Lie (Hardcover) Stuart Woods
0393020398 9780393020397 Annotated Huckleberry Finn (Hardcover) Mark Twain
0393020371 9780393020373 Next: The Future Just Happened (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
039301651X 9780393016512 Run Before the Wind (Hardcover) Stuart Woods
0393016412 9780393016413 Possession: A Novel (Hardcover) Ann Rule
0393014614 9780393014617 Chiefs (Will Lee Series #1) (Hardcover) Stuart Woods
0393013995 9780393013993 The Stranger Beside Me (Hardcover) Ann Rule
0393012530 9780393012538 After the Revolution: Profiles of Early American Culture (Book) Joseph J. Ellis
0393012409 9780393012408 A Romantic's Guide to the Country Inns of Britain and Ireland (Hardcover) Stuart Woods
0393010465 9780393010466 Fire (Hardcover) Sebastian Junger
0393009645 9780393009644 Napoleon symphony (Paperback) Anthony Burgess
0393009599 9780393009590 The Doctor Is Sick (Paperback) Anthony Burgess
039300905X 9780393009057 Honey for the Bears (Paperback) Anthony Burgess