ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
1854100653 9781854100658 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Illustrated Poets) (Hardcover) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1853994006 9781853994005 First Love (Russian Texts) (Paperback) Ivan Turgenev
1853993204 9781853993206 Month in the Country (Russian texts) (Paperback) Ivan Turgenev
1853993190 9781853993190 Fathers and Sons (Russian/Ruski) (Paperback) Ivan Turgenev
1853992518 9781853992513 First Love Ivan Turgenev
1853991864 9781853991868 Troades (Paperback) Euripides
1853990221 9781853990229 I Cannot Be Silent Writings on Politics, Art and Religion (Hardcover) Leo Tolstoy
1853899577 9781853899577 The Other Love (Paperback) Denise Robins
1853899569 9781853899560 Could I Forget (Paperback) Denise Robins
1853897698 9781853897696 The Changing Years (Paperback) Denise Robins
1853897671 9781853897672 Infatuation (Paperback) Denise Robins
1853897027 9781853897023 Dark, Secret Love (Paperback) Denise Robins
1853897019 9781853897016 Only My Dreams (Paperback) Denise Robins
1853895628 9781853895623 For the Sake of Love (Paperback) Denise Robins
1853820601 9781853820601 Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now (Paperback) Maya Angelou
1853819808 9781853819803 Gather Together in My Name Maya Angelou
1853817627 9781853817625 The Collected Poems of Maya Angelou (Hardcover) Maya Angelou
1853817503 9781853817502 Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now (Hardcover) Maya Angelou
1853816949 9781853816949 On the Pulse of Morning: Inscribed (Paperback) Maya Angelou
1853812129 9781853812125 I SHALL NOT BE MOVED (Paperback) Maya Angelou
185375885X 9781853758850 Edgar Allan Poe (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
1853757004 9781853757006 Edgar Allan Poe: The Best of His Macabre Tales Complete and Unabridged (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
1853753696 9781853753695 Cannibalism in the Cars (Hardcover) Mark Twain
1853670103 9781853670107 The Keepers of the King's Peace (Paperback) Edgar Wallace
1853407801 9781853407802 The Circle of Death Incident (Unexplained) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853407259 9781853407253 The Bombay Deaths Incident (Unexplained) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
185340716X 9781853407161 Nikki and the Drugs Queen Murder (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
185340697X 9781853406973 The Bermuda Triangle Incident (The unexplained) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
185340683X 9781853406836 Cassie and the Cornish Ghost (Second Sight) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853406651 9781853406652 The Mafia Incident (Unexplained) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853406635 9781853406638 The Inca Alien Incident (Unexplained) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853406473 9781853406478 Nazi Dagger Incident (Unexplained) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853406325 9781853406324 Cassie and the Devil's Charm (Second Sight) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853406112 9781853406119 Chinese Ghost Incident (Unexplained) (Hardcover) Terrance Dicks
1853406066 9781853406065 The Chinese Ghost Incident (Unexplained) Terrance Dicks
1853405981 9781853405983 The Pyramid Incident (Unexplained) Terrance Dicks
1853405795 9781853405792 Mars Project (Changing Universe) Terrance Dicks
1853405124 9781853405129 Changing Universe: No.2 (ChangingUniverse) (Hardcover) Terrance Dicks
1853405078 9781853405075 Eco Crash (Changing Universe II): Ecocrash No.2 (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853405035 9781853405037 The Easter Island Incident (Unexplained) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853404802 9781853404801 Harvey Goes to School (Harvey books) (Hardcover) Terrance Dicks
1853404748 9781853404740 The Transylvanian Incident (Unexplained) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853404624 9781853404627 Jonathan's Ghost Omnibus (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853404489 9781853404481 Harvey and the Swindlers (Harvey books) Terrance Dicks
1853404462 9781853404467 The Bermuda Triangle Incident (Unexplained) (Hardcover) Terrance Dicks
1853404292 9781853404290 The Borley Rectory Incident (Unexplained) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853403938 9781853403934 Harvey and the Beast of Bodmin (Harvey books) (Hardcover) Terrance Dicks
1853403865 9781853403866 A Right Royal History: A Thousand Years of Mixed-up Monarchs Terrance Dicks
1853403016 9781853403019 World War Two (Good, the Bad & the Ghastly) Terrance Dicks
1853402532 9781853402531 A Right Royal History: A Thousand Years of Mixed-up Monarchs (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853402486 9781853402487 A Right Royal History: A Thousand Years of Mixed-up Monarchs Terrance Dicks
1853402362 9781853402364 Max's Old-fashioned Christmas (Cat Called Max) (Hardcover) Terrance Dicks
1853402354 9781853402357 Uproar in the House: Seven Hundred Years of Scandal, Lies and Politics (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853401846 9781853401848 A Riot of Irish Writers: A Romp Through Irish Literature Terrance Dicks
1853401730 9781853401732 A Riot of Irish Writers: A Romp Through Irish Literature Terrance Dicks
1853401412 9781853401411 Europe United Terrance Dicks
1853401285 9781853401282 A Riot of Writers: Romp Through English Literature (Zzz) (Paperback) Terrance Dicks
1853400416 9781853400414 Sports Day (Hardcover) Terrance Dicks
1853400114 9781853400117 Jonathan's Ghost Terrance Dicks
185326895X 9781853268953 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare
1853268445 9781853268441 Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Wordsworth Hardback Library) Edgar Allan Poe
1853267902 9781853267901 Metamorphoses (Paperback) Ovid
185326749X 9781853267499 Billy Budd and Other Stories (Paperback) Herman Melville
1853267341 9781853267345 Best Ghost Stories Charles Dickens
1853266183 9781853266188 Selections from the Decameron (Paperback) Giovanni Boccaccio
1853265748 9781853265747 Moby Dick (Wordsworth American Classics) (Paperback) Herman Melville
1853265691 9781853265693 Life and Times of Frederick Douglass : His Early Life as a Slave, His Escape from Bondage, and His Complete History to the Present Time (Paperback) Frederick Douglass
1853264369 9781853264368 Poetical Works (Wordsworth Poetry Library) (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
1853264326 9781853264320 The Works of Edgar Allen Poe (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
1853264229 9781853264221 The Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1853264199 9781853264191 The Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson (Paperback) Emily Dickinson
1853264040 9781853264047 The Complete Poems of John Keats (Paperback) John Keats
1853262919 9781853262913 The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
1853262889 9781853262883 Anton Chekhov, Selected Stories (Paperback) Anton Chekhov
1853262862 9781853262869 Fathers and Sons (Paperback) Ivan Turgenev
185326279X 9781853262791 A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy Laurence Sterne
1853262714 9781853262715 Anna Karenina (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
1853262374 9781853262371 Middlemarch George Eliot
1853262307 9781853262302 Typee (Paperback) Herman Melville
1853262129 9781853262128 The Diamond As Big As the Ritz and Other Stories : Bernice Bobs Her Hair; the Ice Palace; May Day; the Bowl (Paperback) F. Scott Fitzgerald
1853262005 9781853262005 Crime and Punishment (Paperback) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
1853261955 9781853261954 Virgin and the Gypsy (Wordsworth Classics) (Paperback) D.H. Lawrence
1853261750 9781853261756 The Idiot (Paperback) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
1853260975 9781853260971 Tender Is the Night (Paperback) F. Scott Fitzgerald
1853260827 9781853260827 Bleak House Charles Dickens
1853260789 9781853260780 Madame Bovary (Paperback) Gustave Flaubert
1853260649 9781853260643 Shirley Charlotte Bronte
1853260622 9781853260629 War and Peace (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
185326041X 9781853260414 The Great Gatsby (Paperback) F. Scott Fitzgerald
1853260258 9781853260254 The Odyssey Homer
1853260215 9781853260216 Tom Jones (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1853260134 9781853260131 Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
1853260088 9781853260087 Moby-Dick (Paperback) Herman Melville
1853260010 9781853260018 Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte
1853140082 9781853140082 King David: Warlord of Israel Mark Healy
1853115401 9781853115400 One Equall Light (Hardcover) John Donne
1853040207 9781853040207 Mary Mouse on Holiday (Hardcover) Enid Blyton
1853040185 9781853040184 Mary Mouse and the Dolls' House (Book) Enid Blyton
1852910313 9781852910310 Year of Royal Days Barbara Cartland
1852900180 9781852900182 Oriental Tales (Hardcover) Marguerite Yourcenar