ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0060830719 9780060830717 Great Short Works of Leo Tolstoy (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
0060830565 9780060830564 Black boy (Paperback) Richard Wright
0060830557 9780060830557 Native Son (Paperback) Richard Wright
0060830484 9780060830489 Point Counter Point Aldous Huxley
0060830468 9780060830465 After Many a Summer Dies the Swan (Paperback) Aldous Huxley
0060829958 9780060829957 A Death in Belmont (Compact Disc) Sebastian Junger
0060828110 9780060828110 The Zahir (Compact Disc) Paulo Coelho
0060826487 9780060826482 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia Series #2) (Compact Disc) C. S. Lewis
0060825782 9780060825782 C. S. Lewis: The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, The Problem of Pain, Mere Christianity (Compact Disc) C. S. Lewis
0060825596 9780060825591 Motor Mouth (Alex Barnaby Series #2) (Compact Disc) Janet Evanovich
0060825588 9780060825584 Motor Mouth (Alex Barnaby Series #2) (Compact Disc) Janet Evanovich
006082557X 9780060825577 Motor Mouth (Alex Barnaby Series, No. 2) Janet Evanovich
0060825456 9780060825454 Coraline: Graphic Novel (Paperback) Neil Gaiman
0060825448 9780060825447 Coraline (Graphic Novel) (Library Binding) Neil Gaiman
006082543X 9780060825430 Coraline (Graphic Novel) (Hardcover) Neil Gaiman
0060825219 9780060825218 The Zahir (Hardcover) Paulo Coelho
0060825200 9780060825201 God's Ambassador: A Celebration of His Life and Ministry (Hardcover) Billy Graham
0060824581 9780060824587 The Great Gatsby (MP3 Book) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0060824514 9780060824518 The Cider House Rules (MP3 Book) John Irving
006082428X 9780060824280 Little Bitty Lies (MP3 Book) Mary Kay Andrews
0060824263 9780060824266 Hissy Fit (MP3 Book) Mary Kay Andrews
0060823844 9780060823849 Anansi Boys (Audio Compact Disc - Unabridged) Neil Gaiman
0060821094 9780060821098 MirrorMask (Hardcover) Neil Gaiman
0060820985 9780060820985 The Shop on Blossom Street (Blossom Street Series #1) (Compact Disc) Debbie Macomber
0060820977 9780060820978 Changing Habits (Compact Disc) Debbie Macomber
0060820527 9780060820527 Reinventing Leadership: Strategies to Empower the Organization Warren G. Bennis
006082042X 9780060820428 The Chronicles of Narnia C. S. Lewis
0060819227 9780060819224 Collected Letters of C. S. Lewis, Volume 3: Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy, 1950-1963 (Hardcover) C. S. Lewis
006081909X 9780060819095 Girl Trouble: The True Saga of Superstar Gloria Trevi and the Secret Teenage Sex Cult That Stunned the World (Paperback) Christopher McDougall
0060818212 9780060818210 The Shop on Blossom Street (Blossom Street Series #1) (MP3 Book) Debbie Macomber
0060818190 9780060818197 Changing Habits (MP3 Book) Debbie Macomber
0060817992 9780060817992 By a Spider's Thread (Tess Monaghan Series #8) (MP3 Book) Laura Lippman
0060817895 9780060817893 Just as I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham (MP3 Book) Billy Graham
006081537X 9780060815370 Bark M for Murder J. A. Jance
0060815310 9780060815318 Thud!: A Novel of Discworld Terry Pratchett
0060815191 9780060815196 Montana (Hardcover) Debbie Macomber
0060815035 9780060815035 Beauty's Punishment (Sleeping Beauty Series #2) (MP3 Book) Anne Rice
0060814896 9780060814892 The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty Series #1) (MP3 Book) Anne Rice
0060814756 9780060814755 Are You Afraid of the Dark? (MP3 Book) Sidney Sheldon
0060814314 9780060814311 South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss (MP3 Book) Arthur Agatston
0060813814 9780060813819 Beauty's Release (Sleeping Beauty Series #3) (MP3 Book) Anne Rice
006081358X 9780060813581 Breakfast of Champions (MP3 Book) Kurt Vonnegut
0060812508 9780060812508 Black boy (American hunger) (Paperback) Richard Wright
0060812494 9780060812492 Native Son (Paperback) Richard Wright
0060812486 9780060812485 The outsider (Paperback) Richard Wright
0060809884 9780060809881 Uncle Tom's children (Paperback) Richard Wright
0060809876 9780060809874 Black Boy (Paperback) Richard Wright
006080985X 9780060809850 Island (Paperback) Aldous Huxley
0060809841 9780060809843 Brave new world revisited (Paperback) Aldous Huxley
0060809833 9780060809836 Brave New World (Paperback) Aldous Huxley
0060809760 9780060809768 The Outsider (Paperback) Richard Wright
0060808950 9780060808952 The Blind Spot John Creasey
0060808926 9780060808921 The Case Against Paul Raeburn/ John Creasey
0060808918 9780060808914 The Figure in the Dusk/ (Paperback) John Creasey
006080890X 9780060808907 Death of a Postman/an Inspector West Mystery John Creasey
0060808896 9780060808891 The Creepers/an Inspector West Mystery John Creasey
006080887X 9780060808877 The Beauty Queen Killer John Creasey
0060808861 9780060808860 Give a Man a Gun John Creasey
0060808853 9780060808853 The Gelignite Gang an Inspector West Mystery John Creasey
0060808691 9780060808693 The Long Dream (Paperback) Richard Wright
0060804661 9780060804664 BRAVE NEW WORLD (Paperback) ALDOUS HUXLEY
0060804645 9780060804640 American hunger (Paperback) Richard Wright
0060803363 9780060803360 Crome Yellow (Paperback) Aldous Huxley
0060802197 9780060802196 Heaven and Hell. Aldous Huxley
0060801719 9780060801717 Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell (Paperback) Aldous Huxley
0060801328 9780060801328 Andrew Jackson Robert V. Remini
0060799781 9780060799786 James and the Giant Peach (MP3 Book) Roald Dahl
0060799757 9780060799755 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (MP3 Book) Roald Dahl
0060799528 9780060799526 The Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection (MP3 Book) Edgar Allan Poe
0060799439 9780060799434 Cs Lewis Box Use 0060653027 (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
0060799307 9780060799304 Tolkien 2006 Calendar (Calendar) J. R. R. Tolkien
0060799250 9780060799250 Witness Amber Frey
0060799161 9780060799168 Slaughterhouse-Five: Or, the Children's Crusade, A Duty-Dance with Death (MP3 Book) Kurt Vonnegut
0060799129 9780060799120 Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager: Increasing Effectiveness Through Situational Self Leadership (Hardcover) Ken Blanchard
0060798882 9780060798888 War and Peace (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
0060798874 9780060798871 War and Peace: Original Version (Hardcover) Leo Tolstoy
0060797533 9780060797539 Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero Jeff Pearlman
0060797452 9780060797454 State of Fear (Compact Disc) Michael Crichton
0060797428 9780060797423 Winning Intl The Ultimate Business How-to Book (Paperback, 2005) Jack Welch
006079707X 9780060797072 Becoming Charlemagne: Europe, Baghdad, and the Empires of A. D. 800 Jeff Sypeck
0060794410 9780060794415 Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don't (Compact Disc) Jim Collins
006079383X 9780060793838 Intelligent Investor The Classic Text On Value Investing (Compact Disc) Benjamin Graham
0060793376 9780060793371 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia Series #5) (Compact Disc) C. S. Lewis
0060793368 9780060793364 The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia Series #6) (Compact Disc) C. S. Lewis
006079335X 9780060793357 Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia Series #4) (Compact Disc) C. S. Lewis
0060793341 9780060793340 The Magician's Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia Series #1) (Compact Disc) C. S. Lewis
0060793333 9780060793333 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia Series #2) (Compact Disc) C. S. Lewis
0060793325 9780060793326 The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia Series #7) (Compact Disc) C. S. Lewis
0060793309 9780060793302 The Horse and His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia Series #3) (Compact Disc) C. S. Lewis
0060793260 9780060793265 Chronicles of Narnia, The: Unabridged (Audiobook) C. S. Lewis
0060792833 9780060792831 Honored Enemy (Legends of the Riftwar Series #1) Raymond E. Feist
0060792175 9780060792176 Everything Is Illuminated tie-in Jonathan Safran Foer
0060791292 9780060791292 Love Overboard (Audio) Janet Evanovich
0060791217 9780060791216 Patricia Cornwell Audio Treasury: All That Remains and Cruel and Unusual (Compact Disc) Patricia Cornwell
0060791063 9780060791063 The Run (Will Lee Series #5) (Compact Disc) Stuart Woods
0060789565 9780060789565 Dubliners (Compact Disc) James Joyce
0060788348 9780060788346 Battle of the Dum-Diddys (Rotten School Series #12) (Library Binding) R. L. Stine
006078833X 9780060788339 Battle of the Dum-Diddys (Rotten School Series #12) (Hardcover) R. L. Stine
0060788313 9780060788315 Punk'd and Skunked (Rotten School Series #11) (Library Binding) R. L. Stine
0060788305 9780060788308 Punk'd and Skunked (Rotten School Series #11) (Hardcover) R. L. Stine