ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
159986987X 9781599869872 Think and Grow Rich [Collectors Edition Cloth Hardcover] (Hardcover) Napoleon Hill
1599869772 9781599869773 The Art of War Sun Tzu;Sun Zi;Lionel Giles
1599869535 9781599869537 The Grand Inquisitor (Paperback) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
1599869519 9781599869513 Oedipus the King ( Oedipus Rex ) (Paperback) Sophocles
1599869497 9781599869490 A Doll's House (Paperback) Henrik Ibsen
159986911X 9781599869117 Medea (Paperback) Euripides
1599869039 9781599869032 Gitanjali (Paperback) Rabindranath Tagore
1599869012 9781599869018 An Enemy of the People (Paperback) Henrik Ibsen
1599868865 9781599868868 Fifty Famous Stories Retold (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599868717 9781599868714 Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass (Paperback) Frederick Douglass
1599868156 9781599868158 The Good Soldier: A Tale of Passion (Paperback) Ford Madox Ford
1599867087 9781599867083 Fifty Famous Stories Retold (Hardcover) James Baldwin
1599867036 9781599867038 Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass (Hardcover) Frederick Douglass
1599866854 9781599866857 Think And Grow Rich (Hardcover) Napoleon Hill
1599866560 9781599866567 Absolute Surrender (Paperback) Andrew Murray
1599866277 9781599866277 The Confidence-Man (Paperback) Herman Melville
1599866250 9781599866253 Hadji Murad (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
159986617X 9781599866178 Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life (Paperback) Herman Melville
1599866145 9781599866147 The Metamorphosis (Paperback) Franz Kafka
1599795515 9781599795515 Loco amor (Paperback) Francis Chan
1599794381 9781599794389 Entretejidas (Knit Together) (Paperback) Debbie Macomber
1599794330 9781599794334 De mujer a mujer/ From Woman to Woman: Conversaciones Francas Entre Usted Y Yo (Paperback) Joyce Meyer
1599794047 9781599794044 Cara A Cara Con Dios = Face to Face with God Johnson, Bill
1599793296 9781599793290 Conflict Free Living Joyce Meyer
159979134X 9781599791340 Tienes Que Atreverte/ You Have to Dare Yourself (Paperback) Joyce Meyer
1599791196 9781599791197 La Biblia de la Vida Diaria/ The Everyday Life Bible: Nueva Version Interncional, Burgundy (Hardcover) Joyce Meyer
159979070X 9781599790701 Face to Face with God Bill Johnson
1599790629 9781599790626 Conflict Free Living: How to Build Healthy Relationships for Life (Other Format) Joyce Meyer
1599790432 9781599790435 Mujer segura de si misma (The Confident Woman) (Paperback) Joyce Meyer
1599790343 9781599790343 Como oir a Dios manual de estudio: Aprende a conocer su voz y tomar las decisiones correctas (How to Hear from God: Learn to Know His Voice and Make the Right Decisions) (Other Format) Joyce Meyer
1599790300 9781599790305 El Campo de Batalla de la Mente para Jovenes (Other Format) Joyce Meyer
1599639262 9781599639260 Social Media for Writers Tee Morris Pip Ballantine
1599632128 9781599632124 Characters & Viewpoint Orson Scott Card
1599613344 9781599613345 A Song for Aunt Polly (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Series #1) (Hardcover) Mark Twain
1599613115 9781599613116 Puss in Boots (Hardcover) Eric Metaxas
1599559196 9781599559193 Papa Panov's Special Christmas (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
1599555220 9781599555225 Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer among the Indians (Paperback) Mark Twain
159950622X 9781599506227 Warbreaker (Compact Disc) Brandon Sanderson
1599506041 9781599506043 Warbreaker (Compact Disc) Brandon Sanderson
1599505622 9781599505626 (Audio Compact Disc) Brandon Sanderson
1599474999 9781599474991 Bearing False Witness Rodney Stark
159947428X 9781599474281 Templeton Plan Templeton, John, Sir/
1599471361 9781599471365 Religious Tolerance in World Religions (Paperback) Jacob Neusner
1599324385 9781599324388 Hyper Sales Growth: Street-Proven Systems & Processes. How to Grow Quickly & Profitably Jack Daly
1599216108 9781599216102 Eiger Dreams: Ventures among Men and Mountains (Paperback) Jon Krakauer
1599211084 9781599211084 Hemingway on Fishing (Hardcover) Ernest Hemingway
1599203677 9781599203676 Unsolved Crimes (Hardcover) John Townsend
1599203332 9781599203331 Robberies and Heists (Solve It With Science) (Library Binding) John Townsend
1599185776 9781599185774 No B.s. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Dan S. Kennedy Kim Walsh-Phillips
1599185741 9781599185743 Think Big, Act Bigger Jeffrey W. Hayzlett
1599185563 9781599185569 Start Your Own Business, Sixth Edition: The Only Startup Book You'll Ever Need The Staff of Entrepreneur Media
1599185466 9781599185460 Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising Perry Marshall Keith Krance Thomas Meloche
1599185229 9781599185224 Obsessed (Paperback) Grant Cardone
1599184419 9781599184418 Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes Perry Marshall
1599183838 9781599183831 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: 100+ Weapons to Grow Your Online Influence, Attract Customers, and Drive Profits Jay Conrad Levinson
1599181908 9781599181905 The Plan-as-You-Go Business Plan Tim Berry
1599181835 9781599181837 Design and Launch an ECommerce Business in a Week Jason Rich
1599181525 9781599181523 The Way to Wealth: Blueprints for Success (Other Format) Brian Tracy
1599181320 9781599181325 The Way to Wealth Pt. II : The Journey Continues - Success Strategies of Wealthy Entrepreneurs (Hardcover) Brian Tracy
1599180502 9781599180502 The Way to Wealth (Hardcover) Brian Tracy
1599180294 9781599180298 Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income (Paperback) Brian Tracy
1599153149 9781599153148 In My Youth (Yesterday's Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599152967 9781599152967 Old Greek Stories (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599151804 9781599151809 Robinson Crusoe Written Anew for Children (Yesterday's Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599150417 9781599150413 The Story of Siegfried (Yesterday's Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599150409 9781599150406 The Story of Roland (Yesterday's Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599150395 9781599150390 The Sampo (Yesterday's Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599150263 9781599150260 A Story of the Golden Age of Greece (Yesterday's Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599150085 9781599150086 Thirty More Famous Stories Retold (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599150077 9781599150079 Fifty Famous People (Yesterday's Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599150069 9781599150062 Fifty Famous Stories Retold (Paperback) James Baldwin
1599129833 9781599129839 The Great Gatsby (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) F. Scott Fitzgerald
1599128365 9781599128368 Madame Bovary (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Gustave Flaubert
1599128284 9781599128283 The 7 Habits / 8th Habit Combo (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Stephen R. Covey
1599128268 9781599128269 The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Stephen R. Covey
159912825X 9781599128252 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Stephen R. Covey
1599126842 9781599126845 The Longest Journey (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) E.M. Forster
1599126494 9781599126494 The Dharma Bums (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Jack Kerouac
1599126273 9781599126272 The Canterbury Tales (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Geoffrey Chaucer
1599125463 9781599125466 Mere Christianity (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) C. S. Lewis
1599124327 9781599124322 Big Sur (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Jack Kerouac
1599123789 9781599123783 Typee (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Herman Melville
1599121506 9781599121505 Master Strategies for Higher Achievement (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Brian Tracy
1599121050 9781599121055 Poe: Collected Stories and Poems (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Edgar Allan Poe
1599120488 9781599120485 The Canterbury Tales (Audiofy Digital Audiobook Chips) Geoffrey Chaucer
1599102668 9781599102665 On Famous Women (Paperback - Revised Ed.) Giovanni Boccaccio
159910265X 9781599102658 On Famous Women (Hardcover - Revised Ed.) Giovanni Boccaccio
159905910X 9781599059105 Moby Dick (Saddleback's Illustrated Classics Series) (Hardcover) Herman Melville
1599058901 9781599058900 The Best of Poe (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
1599052873 9781599052878 The Best of Poe (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
1598959794 9781598959796 Adios A Las Armas / Farwell to Arms: Library Edition (Other Format) Ernest Hemingway
1598959557 9781598959550 The 48 Laws of Power Robert Greene
1598959549 9781598959543 The 33 Strategies of War Robert Greene
1598959255 9781598959253 Focus: Achieving Your Highest Priorities, Library Edition (Audio) Stephen R. Covey
1598958909 9781598958904 Focus: Achieving Your Highest Priorities Stephen R. Covey
1598956302 9781598956306 Moby Dick [With Headphones] (Audio - Unabridged) Herman Melville
1598954873 9781598954876 Mayflower Nathaniel Philbrick
1598954865 9781598954869 Beach Road James Patterson
1598954857 9781598954852 The 5th Horseman (Women's Murder Club Series #5) (Audio) James Patterson
1598954849 9781598954845 Cell (Audio) Stephen King