ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0486268659 9780486268651 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
0486266893 9780486266893 Candide Voltaire
0486266885 9780486266886 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson
0486266850 9780486266855 The Raven and Other Favorite Poems (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
0486266826 9780486266824 The Cherry Orchard: A Comedy in Four Acts (Paperback) Anton Chekhov
0486264734 9780486264738 Bartleby; and, Benito Cereno (Paperback) Herman Melville
0486264696 9780486264691 Hedda Gabler (Paperback) Henrik Ibsen
0486264661 9780486264660 Selected Poems (Paperback) Emily Dickinson
0486264637 9780486264639 Five Great Short Stories (Paperback) Anton Chekhov
0486264122 9780486264127 Engineering in History Richard Kirby
0486261131 9780486261133 Following the Equator (Paperback) Mark Twain
0486256871 9780486256870 The Beginners Handbook of Woodcarving Charles Beiderman;William Johnston
0486251012 9780486251011 The Compleat Strategyst: Being a Primer on the Theory of Games of Strategy John D. Williams
0486248984 9780486248981 Castles Sidney Toy
0486247155 9780486247151 Picasso (Paperback) Gertrude Stein
0486246426 9780486246420 The Four Just Men Edgar Wallace
0486245934 9780486245935 Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth Mohandas Gandhi
0486243745 9780486243740 The Murder Book of J. G. Reeder Edgar Wallace
0486242137 9780486242132 Room and Furniture Layout Kit Muncie Hendler
0486229270 9780486229270 Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting John F. Carlson
0486228592 9780486228594 Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Hans Mersman, M. M. Bozman
0486227693 9780486227696 Beethoven's Letters Ludwig van Beethoven
0486226867 9780486226866 The Jumping Frog (Paperback) Mark Twain
0486225739 9780486225739 The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, Vol. 2 Leonardo da Vinci
0486225720 9780486225722 The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, Vol. 1 Leonardo da Vinci
0486224570 9780486224572 My Bondage and My Freedom (Paperback) Frederick Douglass
0486223205 9780486223209 Henry Hobson Richardson and His Works Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer
0486217701 9780486217703 Beethoven: Impressions by His Contemporaries Oscar G. Sonneck
0486217094 9780486217093 Basic Machines and how They Work United States. Bureau of Naval Personnel
0486212610 9780486212616 Beethoven: The Man and the Artist As Revealed in His Own Words Friedrich Kerst, Henry E. Krehbiel
0486202801 9780486202808 Aristotle A. E. Taylor
0486153533 9780486153537 Five Great Short Stories Anton Chekhov
0486144682 9780486144689 Selections from the Journals Euripides
0486144674 9780486144672 Literary Theory and Criticism Edgar Allan Poe
0486112152 9780486112152 A Boy's Will and North of Boston Robert Frost
0485610035 9780485610031 Franklin's Tale Geoffrey Chaucer
0473292858 9780473292850 Grand Prix: Formula One in the deadly years Richard Melville
0472065106 9780472065103 Galileo, Science and the Church Jerome J. Langford
0472060589 9780472060580 Sebastopol Leo Tolstoy
047206035X 9780472060351 Life of Charlemagne Einhard, Sidney Painter
0472060309 9780472060306 Devotions: Upon Emergent Occasions, Together with Death's Duel (Paperback) John Donne
0471943231 9780471943235 Frontier Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions (Paperback) Ian Fleming
0471891444 9780471891444 HBR Online Thesaurus (Hardcover) Harvard Business Review
0471870633 9780471870630 HBR/Online (Paperback) Harvard Business Review
0471793329 9780471793328 Elephant in the Room: Evangelicals, Libertarians, and the Battle to Control the Republican Party Ryan Sager
047178978X 9780471789789 Landlording on Auto-Pilot Mike Butler
0471784621 9780471784623 There's a Customer Born Every Minute: P.T. Barnum's Amazing 10 "Rings of Power" for Creating Fame, Fortune, and a Business Empire Today--Guaranteed (Hardcover) Jeffrey Gitomer
0471774340 9780471774341 Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor George H. Ross
0471771910 9780471771913 HedgeHogging Barton Biggs
0471771678 9780471771678 Leading organizations from the inside out (Paperback) Marshall Goldsmith
0471770892 9780471770893 Where Are the Customers Yachts Fred Schwed Jr.
0471768065 9780471768067 Getting Rich Your Own Way: Achieve All Your Financial Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible (Paperback) Brian Tracy
0471748986 9780471748984 Podcasting for Dummies Tee Morris, Evo Terra, Dawn Miceli, Drew Domkus
0471745995 9780471745990 SuperCash: The New Hedge Fund Capitalism (Hardcover) James Altucher
0471745871 9780471745877 Maverick Real Estate Financing: The Art of Raising Capital and Owning Properties Like Ross, Sanders, and Carey Steve Bergsman
0471744832 9780471744832 How to Sell at Margins Higher Than Your Competitors : Winning Every Sale at Full Price, Rate, or Fee Lawrence L. Steinmetz
0471743674 9780471743675 The Warren Buffett Way Robert G. Hagstrom
0471741205 9780471741206 Investing in Real Estate Andrew James McLean
0471736279 9780471736271 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit (Paperback) Deepak Chopra
0471735388 9780471735380 Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement (Paperback) Brian Tracy
0471730335 9780471730330 The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing (Hardcover) John C. Bogle
0471720836 9780471720836 iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business Young
0471720089 9780471720089 Trade Like Warren Buffett James Altucher
0471718521 9780471718529 Create Your Own Future : How to Master the 12 Critical Factors of Unlimited Success (Paperback) Brian Tracy
0471718378 9780471718376 Life After the 30-Second Spot Joseph Jaffe
047171836X 9780471718369 Investing in Real Estate with Lease Options and Subject-to Deals: Powerful Strategies for Getting More When You Sell, and Paying Less When You Buy Wendy Patton
0471711802 9780471711803 Real Estate Riches: How to Become Rich Using Your Banker's Money Dolf de Roos
0471705462 9780471705468 The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching: 50 Top Executive Coaches Reveal Their Secrets Howard Morgan
0471694827 9780471694823 40 Days to Success in Real Estate Investing Robert Shemin
0471692794 9780471692799 The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor's Kit: How to Make Money Buying Distressed Real Estate Before the Public Auction Thomas Lucier
047169276X 9780471692768 How to Make Money with Real Estate Options: Low-Cost, Low-Risk, High-Profit Strategies for Controlling Undervalued Property...Without the Burdens of Ownership! Thomas Lucier
0471689432 9780471689430 Getting Rich Your Own Way: Achieve All Your Financial Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible Brian Tracy
0471684058 9780471684053 The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings Steve Berges
0471677531 9780471677536 Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit (E-book, 2004) Deepak Chopra
0471668265 9780471668268 Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns Thomas N. Bulkowski
0471662623 9780471662624 The Patterson Principles of Selling (Hardcover) Jeffrey Gitomer
0471659509 9780471659501 Dollarization Discipline: How Smart Companies Create Customer Value... and Profit from It Jeffrey J. Fox
0471655848 9780471655848 Trade like Warren Buffett (Wiley Trading Series) (Hardcover) James Altucher
0471654639 9780471654636 Trade Like a Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies & Techniques to Winning Profits James Altucher
0471653438 9780471653431 How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings Eugene E. Vollucci
0471652644 9780471652649 Getting Rich Your Own Way: Achieve All Your Financial Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible (Hardcover) Brian Tracy
0471648485 9780471648482 Visualizing Project Management: Models and Frameworks for Mastering Complex Systems Kevin Forsberg;Hal Mooz;Howard Cotterman
0471647640 9780471647645 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit (Hardcover) Deepak Chopra
0471647144 9780471647140 Commercial Real Estate Investing Jack Cummings
0471647128 9780471647126 The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance for Investment Properties: How to Analyze Any Single-Family, Multifamily, or Commercial Property Steve Berges
0471646563 9780471646563 Attracting Investors: A Marketing Approach to Finding Funds for Your Business Hermawan Kartajaya
0471572365 9780471572367 Simplified Design for Building Fire Safety (Paperback) James Patterson
0471548251 9780471548256 Five Magic Paths to Making a Fortune in Real Estate James E. A. Lumley
0471548065 9780471548065 Edison A Biography Matthew Josephson
0471533807 9780471533801 Urban America: institutions and experience (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0471523704 9780471523703 Sample design in business research W. Edwards Deming
0471487325 9780471487326 Wrestling with Success: Developing a Championship Mentality (Hardcover) Jeffrey Gitomer
0471476110 9780471476115 Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause Nancy Lee
0471471402 9780471471400 Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential James Moore
0471469181 9780471469186 Creative Cash Flow Reporting and Analysis: Uncovering Sustainable Financial Performance Charles W. Mulford
0471469149 9780471469148 Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement Brian Tracy
0471467146 9780471467144 Manias, Panics, and Crashes Charles P. Kindleberger;Robert Aliber
0471463396 9780471463399 Value Investing Bruce C. N. Greenwald;Judd Kahn;Paul D. Sonkin;Michael van Biema
0471456292 9780471456292 The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, Revised Edition (Paperback) Jeffrey Gitomer
0471448583 9780471448587 Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life : How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement (Hardcover) Brian Tracy