ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0140266518 9780140266511 Neverwhere (Paperback) Neil Gaiman
0140265651 9780140265651 Nightmares in the Sky Stephen King
0140264736 9780140264739 The Diary of a Young Girl (Paperback) Anne Frank
014026468X 9780140264685 Financial Peace Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Family's Financial Health (Paperback) Dave Ramsey
0140260811 9780140260816 Tom Jones: History of Tom Jones (BBC) Henry Fielding
0140258612 9780140258615 Coffey on the Mile (Green Mile) (Paperback) Stephen King
0140258604 9780140258608 Night Journey (Green Mile) Stephen King
0140258590 9780140258592 Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix: Pt. 4 (Green Mile) Stephen King
0140258582 9780140258585 Coffey's Hands (Green Mile) (Paperback) Stephen King
0140258574 9780140258578 Mouse on the Mile (Green Mile) (Paperback) Stephen King
0140258566 9780140258561 Two Dead Girls (Green Mile) Stephen King
0140257241 9780140257243 The First Man Albert Camus
0140256083 9780140256086 Three to Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum 03) Janet Evanovich
0140255834 9780140255836 Romancero gitano (Gypsy Ballads) (Paperback) Federico Garcia Lorca
0140255818 9780140255812 El llano en llamas (The Burning Plain) Spanish-language Edition Juan Rulfo
0140255559 9780140255553 Two for the dough (Paperback) Janet Evanovich
0140253033 9780140253030 The Actual Saul Bellow
0140252924 9780140252927 One for the Money (Stephanie Plum 01) (Paperback) Janet Evanovich
0140247769 9780140247763 Vcl: on the Road Jack Kerouac
0140247750 9780140247756 The Grapes of Wrath: Text and Criticism (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140246843 9780140246841 Death and the Maiden Ariel Dorfman
014024669X 9780140246698 Of Love and Other Demons (Paperback) Gabriel Garcia Marquez
0140246312 9780140246315 Of Love and Other Demons (Del Amor Y Otros Demonios) Gabriel Garcia Marquez
0140244824 9780140244823 Songs in Ordinary Time Mary McGarry Morris
0140240845 9780140240849 The House of Rothschild: Money's Prophets, 1798-1848 Niall Ferguson
0140239677 9780140239676 The Sun King Nancy Mitford
0140238301 9780140238303 Teach Your Child How to Think Edward de Bono
0140237534 9780140237535 For Esmé - with Love and Squalor: And Other Stories (Hardcover) J.D. Salinger
0140236392 9780140236392 Vanity of Duluoz: An Adventurous Education, 1935-46 (Paperback) Jack Kerouac
0140234446 9780140234442 Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters, 1940-1956 (Paperback) Jack Kerouac
0140233652 9780140233650 It All Adds Up: From a Dim Past to the Uncertain Future (Paperback) Saul Bellow
0140233032 9780140233032 Naked Consumer: How Our Private Lives Become Public Commodities (Paperback) Erik Larson
0140232605 9780140232608 The Pearl John Steinbeck
0140231757 9780140231755 Leonardo: The Artist and the Man Serge Bramly
0140231064 9780140231069 Doce Cuentos Peregrinos (International Writers) Gabriel Garcia Marquez
0140230963 9780140230963 Strange Pilgrims: Twelve Stories (Penguin International Writers) (Hardcover) Gabriel Garcia Marquez
0140230602 9780140230604 The Night Manager John le Carre
0140228268 9780140228267 Rise to globalism (Paperback) Stephen E. Ambrose
0140226222 9780140226225 Rise to globalism (Paperback) Stephen E. Ambrose
014021920X 9780140219203 Written for Children (Pelican) (Paperback) John Townsend
0140218920 9780140218923 Awakenings (Hardcover) Oliver Sacks
0140212477 9780140212471 Rise to globalism (Paperback) Stephen E. Ambrose
0140195505 9780140195507 The healing power of mind Daniel Goleman
0140195491 9780140195491 Golf in the Kingdom Michael Murphy
0140189815 9780140189810 Flappers & Philosophers (Paperback) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0140189769 9780140189766 This Side of Paradise (Paperback) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0140189459 9780140189452 Mosby's Memoirs and Other Stories (Paperback) Saul Bellow
0140189440 9780140189445 Humboldt's Gift (Paperback) Saul Bellow
0140189432 9780140189438 Herzog (Paperback) Saul Bellow
0140189424 9780140189421 Henderson the Rain King (Paperback) Saul Bellow
0140189416 9780140189414 The Adventures of Augie March (Paperback) Saul Bellow
0140189386 9780140189384 The Victim (Paperback) Saul Bellow
0140189289 9780140189285 Confusions of Young Torless Robert Musil
0140189203 9780140189209 Selected Poems (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Paperback) Paul Celan
0140189130 9780140189131 The Dean's December (Paperback) Saul Bellow
0140188827 9780140188820 A Clockwork Orange (Paperback) Anthony Burgess
0140188592 9780140188592 Gravity's Rainbow (Paperback) Thomas Pynchon
0140188584 9780140188585 Tender is the Night (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0140188541 9780140188547 Selected Short Stories (Paperback) Rabindranath Tagore
014018841X 9780140188417 Waugh in Abyssinia (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Paperback) Evelyn Waugh
0140188401 9780140188400 Ninety-Two Days: A Journey in Guiana And Brazil: A Journey in Guiana and Brazil, 1932 (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Hardcover) Evelyn Waugh
0140188371 9780140188370 Labels: A Mediterranean Journal (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) Evelyn Waugh
0140188126 9780140188127 The Plumed Serpent (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Paperback) D.H. Lawrence
0140187995 9780140187991 Just Above My Head (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) James Baldwin
0140187987 9780140187984 Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) James Baldwin
0140187979 9780140187977 If Beale Street Could Talk (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
0140187537 9780140187533 The Winter of Our Discontent (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187529 9780140187526 The Wayward Bus (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187510 9780140187519 To a God Unknown (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187502 9780140187502 Sweet Thursday John Steinbeck
0140187499 9780140187496 The Short Reign of Pippin IV: A Fabrication (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187480 9780140187489 The Pastures of Heaven (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187472 9780140187472 Once There Was a War (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187464 9780140187465 The Moon Is Down (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187456 9780140187458 The Long Valley (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187448 9780140187441 The Log from the Sea of Cortez (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187421 9780140187427 Burning Bright : A Play in Story Form (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187413 9780140187410 Travels with Charley: In Search of America (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187405 9780140187403 Tortilla Flat (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187391 9780140187397 The Red Pony (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187383 9780140187380 The Pearl (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187375 9780140187373 Cannery Row (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140187235 9780140187236 Grapes of Wrath (Penguin twentieth-century classics) John Steinbeck
0140187227 9780140187229 East of Eden (Penguin Classics) John Steinbeck
0140187146 9780140187144 Collected Essays Journals Volume Uk (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (v. 4) George Orwell
0140187111 9780140187113 Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters: An Age Like This, 1920-40 v. 1 (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Paperback) George Orwell
0140186484 9780140186482 Twenty love poems and a song of despair (Paperback) Pablo Neruda
0140186476 9780140186475 Dubliners (Paperback) James Joyce
0140186425 9780140186420 Of Mice and Men (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140186395 9780140186390 East of Eden (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0140186182 9780140186185 Selected Poems (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) Pablo Neruda
0140184783 9780140184785 The Transformation (Metamorphosis) and Other Stories: Works Published during Kafka's Lifetime (Paperback) Franz Kafka
0140184678 9780140184679 Poet in New York (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Hardcover) Federico Garcia Lorca
0140184503 9780140184501 Go Tell it on the Mountain (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Hardcover) James Baldwin
0140184481 9780140184488 The Amen Corner (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
0140184473 9780140184471 Nobody Knows My Name: More Notes Of A Native Son (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
0140184252 9780140184259 Selected Short Stories (Book) Rabindranath Tagore
0140184112 9780140184112 Another Country (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) (Paperback) James Baldwin
0140184066 9780140184068 SELECTED POEMS (TWENTIETH CENTURY CLASSICS) (Paperback) Robert Frost
0140183094 9780140183092 A Little Learning: The First Volume of an Autobiography (Twentieth Century Classics) (Paperback) Evelyn Waugh