ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
1439527660 9781439527665 Black-eyed Susan Jennifer Armstrong
1439527652 9781439527658 The Dream Keeper and Other Poems (Binding) Langston Hughes
1439527539 9781439527535 Bad Dreams (Fear Street) (Library Binding, 2008) R. L. Stine
1439527415 9781439527412 The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings) (Binding) J. R. R. Tolkien
1439527318 9781439527313 The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings) (Binding) J. R. R. Tolkien
1439527261 9781439527269 The Hobbit (Binding) J. R. R. Tolkien
143952632X 9781439526323 The Tell-tale Heart and Other Writings (Binding) Edgar Allan Poe
1439521425 9781439521427 18 Best Stories by Edgar Allan Poe (Binding) Edgar Allan Poe
1439520755 9781439520758 Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince (Binding) J. K. Rowling
1439520615 9781439520611 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. K. Rowling
1439520038 9781439520031 Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone J. K. Rowling
143952002X 9781439520024 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Binding) J. K. Rowling
1439519773 9781439519776 The Raven and Other Poems (Scholastic Classics) Edgar Allan Poe
143951951X 9781439519516 Hidden Agendas (Tom Clancy's Net Force) Tom Clancy
143951836X 9781439518366 The Fellowship of the Ring J. R. R. Tolkien
1439515581 9781439515587 Boy: Tales of Childhood Roald Dahl
1439514321 9781439514320 The Heart of a Woman Maya Angelou
1439513686 9781439513682 The Mummy or Ramses the Damned (Binding) Anne Rice
1439513511 9781439513514 On the Road (Binding) Jack Kerouac
1439513139 9781439513132 The Plague (Vintage International) (Binding) Albert Camus
143951299X 9781439512999 Sphere Michael Crichton
1439512752 9781439512753 Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 18701914 (Binding) David McCullough
1439510113 9781439510117 The Collected Poems Sylvia Plath
1439509964 9781439509968 Pablo Neruda: Selected Poems/Bilingual Edition Pablo Neruda
1439509166 9781439509166 I Wonder As I Wander: An Autobiographical Journey (American Century) Langston Hughes
1439509077 9781439509074 The Red Pony John Steinbeck
1439508836 9781439508831 Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream Doris Kearns Goodwin
1439508658 9781439508657 Autobiographies: Narrative of the Life My Bondage and My Freedom Life and Times (Library of America College Editions) Frederick Douglass
1439508569 9781439508565 Eisenhower (Binding) Stephen E. Ambrose
143950850X 9781439508503 Truman (Binding) David McCullough
1439508364 9781439508367 Four Great Plays Henrik Ibsen
1439508151 9781439508152 Interview With the Vampire (Binding) Anne Rice
1439507988 9781439507988 The Fountainhead (Binding) Ayn Rand
143950797X 9781439507971 A Moveable Feast (Binding) Ernest Hemingway
1439507589 9781439507582 The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Binding) Mitch Albom
1439507562 9781439507568 Zorba the Greek (Binding) Nikos Kazantzakis
1439507511 9781439507513 In Our Time Ernest Hemingway
143950749X 9781439507490 Closing Time (Binding) Joseph Heller
1439507481 9781439507483 The Short Stories/The First Forty-nine Stories With a Brief Preface by the Author (Binding) Ernest Hemingway
1439507473 9781439507476 Tender Is the Night (Binding) F. Scott Fitzgerald
1439507465 9781439507469 A Clockwork Orange (Binding) Anthony Burgess
1439507368 9781439507360 The Fall (Vintage International) Albert Camus
1439507147 9781439507148 Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand
1439507112 9781439507117 The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald (Binding) F. Scott Fitzgerald
1439507066 9781439507063 Bleachers (Binding) John Grisham
1439505853 9781439505854 The Mother Tongue: English & How It Got That Way (Binding) Bill Bryson
1439505799 9781439505793 Edgar Allan Poe (Binding) Edgar Allan Poe
143950556X 9781439505564 The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays (Vintage International) (Binding) Albert Camus
1439505071 9781439505076 The Big Sea: An Autobiography (American Century) Langston Hughes
1439505012 9781439505014 Lethal Passage: The Story of a Gun Erik Larson
1439501912 9781439501917 You Belong to Me Mary Higgins Clark
1439501637 9781439501634 Slaughterhouse-five or the Children's Crusade: A Duty Dance With Death (Binding) Kurt Vonnegut
1439501378 9781439501375 Cat's Cradle (Binding) Kurt Vonnegut
1439501009 9781439501009 The Loved One: An Anglo-american Tragedy Evelyn Waugh
1439500975 9781439500972 The Grapes of Wrath (Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century) John Steinbeck
1439500657 9781439500651 Welcome to the Monkey House (Binding) Kurt Vonnegut
1439500630 9781439500637 Timequake Kurt Vonnegut
143950038X 9781439500385 Waiting for Godot: Tragicomedy in 2 Acts (Binding) Samuel Beckett
1439241619 9781439241615 Property Management Accounting: A Survival Guide for Non-Accountants Marc Levetin, Michael Monteiro
1439199876 9781439199879 Mary Higgins Clark
1439198993 9781439198995 Beautiful and Damned (Mass Market Paperback) F. Scott Fitzgerald
1439198985 9781439198988 This Side of Paradise (Mass Market Paperback) F. Scott Fitzgerald
1439197784 9781439197783 Foreign Influence: A Thriller (Paperback) Brad Thor
1439197210 9781439197219 Tough Customer: A Novel (Hardcover) Sandra Brown
1439197032 9781439197035 Transfer of Power (Mitch Rapp Series #1) Vince Flynn
1439195293 9781439195291 One Perfect Word (Paperback) Debbie Macomber
1439195269 9781439195260 Lonesome Dove Larry McMurtry
1439195137 9781439195130 The Lions of Lucerne (Mass Market Paperback) Brad Thor
1439195129 9781439195123 The Third Option (Mitch Rapp Series #2) Vince Flynn
1439195110 9781439195116 The Devilís Teardrop Jeffery Deaver
1439194769 9781439194768 While My Pretty One Sleeps (Mass Market Paperback) Mary Higgins Clark
1439193886 9781439193884 JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters James W. Douglass
1439193630 9781439193631 On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (Hardcover) Stephen King
1439193053 9781439193051 Brad Thor
1439193029 9781439193020 Black List (Scot Harvath Series #11) (Paperback) Brad Thor
1439192979 9781439192979 The Athena Project (Mass Market Paperback) Brad Thor
1439192952 9781439192955 The Athena Project: A Thriller (Hardcover) Brad Thor
1439192928 9781439192924 Rainwater (Mass Market Paperback) Sandra Brown
1439192561 9781439192566 Full Dark, No Stars (Hardcover) Stephen King
1439192375 9781439192375 Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein - Colossal Mistakes by Great Scientists That Changed Our Understanding of Life and the Universe Reprint Edition Mario Livio
1439191107 9781439191101 Last Words George Carlin
1439190682 9781439190685 Who Is Jesus? Darrell L. Bock
1439190054 9781439190050 The Shell Collector: Stories (Paperback) Anthony Doerr
1439190011 9781439190012 The Course of Human Events David McCullough
143918982X 9781439189825 It Seemed Important at the Time: A Romance Memoir (Paperback) Gloria Vanderbilt
1439189730 9781439189733 Cruel and Unusual (Paperback) Patricia Cornwell
1439189196 9781439189191 Calder Born, Calder Bred (Paperback) Janet Dailey
143918917X 9781439189177 Lancaster Men (Paperback) Janet Dailey
1439189161 9781439189160 The Rogue (Paperback) Janet Dailey
1439189153 9781439189153 The Hostage Bride (Paperback) Janet Dailey
1439189145 9781439189146 Nightway (Paperback) Janet Dailey
1439189137 9781439189139 The Burning Wire Jeffery Deaver
1439189102 9781439189108 This Calder Range (Paperback) Janet Dailey
1439188610 9781439188613 Blue Gold: A Kurt Austin Adventure (NUMA Files Series) (Mass Market Paperback) Clive Cussler
1439187541 9781439187548 Patricia Cornwell
1439187533 9781439187531 Patricia Cornwell
1439187517 9781439187517 Patricia Cornwell
143918738X 9781439187388 The Burning Wire: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel Jeffery Deaver
1439187193 9781439187197 Broke Glenn Beck;Kevin Balfe
1439184496 9781439184493 I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling with Villains (Real and Imagined) (Hardcover) Chuck Klosterman