ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
047018342X 9780470183427 The Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing Gary W. Eldred
0470182024 9780470182024 Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat Michael Masterson
0470181664 9780470181669 High Probability Trading Strategies Robert L. Miner
0470178469 9780470178461 Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operations Harry Cendrowski;James P. Martin;Louis W. Petro;Adam A. Wadecki
0470174919 9780470174913 Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies Peter Conti;Peter Harris
0470174668 9780470174661 Emerging Real Estate Markets David Lindahl
0470168730 9780470168738 Meggs History of Graphic Design Philip B. Meggs;Alston W. Purvis
0470158891 9780470158890 Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System Don R. Campbell
0470158018 9780470158012 The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan: Proven Investment Strategies to Kick Start and Build Your Portfolio Kinch, Peter , Campbell, Don R.
0470155272 9780470155271 The Canadian Landlord's Guide: Expert Advice to Become a Profitable Real Estate Investor Douglas Gray, Peter Mitham
0470149264 9780470149263 Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies Evo Terra
047013979X 9780470139790 Wealth Secrets of the Affluent Christopher R. Jarvis;David B. Mandell
0470138130 9780470138137 Common Sense on Mutual Funds (Hardcover) John C. Bogle
0470130652 9780470130650 Web Analytics: An Hour a Day Avinash Kaushik
0470122188 9780470122181 Foreclosure Investing For Dummies Ralph R. Roberts;Joseph Kraynak
0470122048 9780470122044 Incidents That Define Process Safety Center for Chemical Process Safety Staff
0470113456 9780470113455 The New Rules of Marketing and PR David Meerman Scott
0470108770 9780470108772 Matlab : An Introduction with Applications Amos Gilat
0470102101 9780470102107 The Little Book of Common Sense Investing: The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns (Hardcover) John C. Bogle
0470100281 9780470100288 The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy (Hardcover) Jon Gordon
0470100168 9780470100165 Trump University Wealth Building 101: Your First 90 Days on the Path to Prosperity Donald J. Trump
0470091398 9780470091395 Volatility and Correlation: The Perfect Hedger and the Fox Riccardo Rebonato
0470081201 9780470081204 Ruby On Rails For Dummies Burd
0470080140 9780470080146 Managing Investment Portfolios John L. Maginn CFA;Donald L. Tuttle CFA;Dennis W. McLeavey CFA;Jerald E. Pinto CFA
0470069171 9780470069172 Beginning Lua Programming Aaron Brown
0470055383 9780470055380 Industrial Design: Materials and Manufacturing Guide Jim Lesko
0470052201 9780470052204 Quantitative Investment Analysis Richard A. DeFusco CFA
0470047100 9780470047101 Trump 101 Donald J. Trump
0470046503 9780470046500 VBA For Dummies John Paul Mueller
0470042907 9780470042908 Modeling Structured Finance Cash Flows with Microsoft Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide Keith A. Allman
0470040971 9780470040973 Small Business Cash Flow O'Berry
0470026278 9780470026274 Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds Filippo Stefanini
047001895X 9780470018958 Symbian for Software Leaders: Principles of Successful Smartphone Development Projects (E-book) David Wood
0470016833 9780470016831 Symbian OS for Software Leaders (Hardcover) David Wood
0470015748 9780470015742 Women Who Sexually Abuse Children (Paperback) Hannah Ford
047001573X 9780470015735 Women Who Sexually Abuse Children (Hardcover) Hannah Ford
0465097413 9780465097418 One Nation Under God - How Corporate America Invented Christian America Kevin M. Kruse
0465097049 9780465097043 Journeys Beyond the Standard Model Pierre Ramond
0465096204 9780465096206 Its Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided with the New Politics of Extremism Thomas E. Mann;Norman J. Ornstein
0465067611 9780465067619 Queen Victoria:personal History Hibbert
0465067107 9780465067107 The Design of Everyday Things Donald A. Norman
0465065708 9780465065707 The Master Algorithm Pedro Domingos
0465064949 9780465064946 The Collapse Mary Sarotte
0465064825 9780465064823 The Longest Afternoon Brendan Simms
0465063802 9780465063802 James Madison Richard Brookhiser
0465062881 9780465062881 Endurance Alfred Lansing
0465060897 9780465060894 How to Listen to Jazz Ted Gioia
0465059996 9780465059997 Rise of the Robots Martin Ford
0465059899 9780465059898 Can Japan Compete? Michael Porter
0465050654 9780465050659 The Design of Everyday Things Donald A. Norman
0465049893 9780465049899 How Star Wars Conquered the Universe Chris Taylor
0465043577 9780465043576 Misbehavior of Markets Benoit B. Mandelbrot;Richard L. Hudson
0465041221 9780465041220 Made in Texas: George W. Bush and the Southern Takeover of American Politics Michael Lind
0465031269 9780465031269 Why Is Sex Fun?: The Evolution of Human Sexuality (Paperback) Jared Diamond
0465027466 9780465027460 Fab : The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop--from Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication Neil Gershenfeld
0465027245 9780465027248 George III: A Personal History Christopher Hibbert
0465026567 9780465026562 Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid Douglas R. Hofstadter
0465024319 9780465024315 To Make Men Free - A History of the Republican Party Heather Cox Richardson
0465024092 9780465024094 The Cluetrain Manifesto Rick Levine;Christopher Locke;Doc Searls;David Weinberger
0465019641 9780465019649 The Enchantments of Judaism: Rites of Transformation from Birth Through Death (Hardcover) Jacob Neusner
0465017347 9780465017348 Letters to a Young Conservative (Paperback) Dinesh D'Souza
0465017339 9780465017331 Letters to a young conservative (Hardcover) Dinesh D'Souza
0465016154 9780465016150 The Mystery of Capital Hernando de Soto
0465015778 9780465015771 The Death and Birth of Judaism : The Impact of Christianity, Secularism and the Holocaust on Jewish Faith (Hardcover) Jacob Neusner
0465014089 9780465014088 On Becoming a Leader Warren Bennis
0465013074 9780465013074 Why Is Sex Fun?: The Evolution Of Human Sexuality Jared Diamond
0465009387 9780465009381 Rock, Paper, Scissors: Game Theory in Everyday Life Len Fisher
046500895X 9780465008957 Caesar Christian Meier
0465004822 9780465004829 Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte Robert Asprey
0465003036 9780465003037 George Washington on Leadership Richard Brookhiser
0460882201 9780460882200 Three tales of love and chivalry (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
0460879448 9780460879446 Percy Bysshe Shelley, Vol. 44 (Paperback) Percy Bysshe Shelley
0460879081 9780460879088 England, My England & Other Stories (Everyman short story collection) D.H. Lawrence
0460878840 9780460878845 The Rich Boy and Other Stories (Everyman Short Story Collection) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0460878700 9780460878708 The Three Tales about Marriage (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
0460878638 9780460878630 Fathers and Children (Paperback) Ivan Turgenev
0460878085 9780460878081 John Keats (Paperback) John Keats
0460877917 9780460877916 Fitzgerald: Tender is the Night (Everyman Library) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0460877631 9780460877633 Tristram Shandy (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
0460874535 9780460874533 Lawrence : Sons And Lovers (Everyman) (Hardcover) D.H. Lawrence
0460873423 9780460873420 Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
0460873237 9780460873239 Lawrence : Rainbow (Everyman) (Paperback) D.H. Lawrence
0460873229 9780460873222 Lawrence : Women In Love (Everyman) (Hardcover) D.H. Lawrence
0460872710 9780460872713 Tender is the Night (Everyman) (Paperback) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0460872702 9780460872706 Fitzgerald : Great Gatsby (Everyman) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0460872680 9780460872683 The Song of Hiawatha (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
0460871293 9780460871297 Lawrence : Selected Poems (Everyman's library) (Paperback) D.H. Lawrence
0460871277 9780460871273 Lawrence : Short Stories (Everyman's library) D.H. Lawrence
0460870408 9780460870405 Tales of mystery and imagination (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
0460870270 9780460870276 The Canterbury Tales (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
0460119923 9780460119924 Troilus & Criseyde (Everyman's University Paperbacks) (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
0460114948 9780460114943 Dolls House (Everyman's Classics) (Paperback) Henrik Ibsen
0460114670 9780460114677 Joseph Andrews (Everyman's University Library) Henry Fielding
0460113364 9780460113366 Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Everyman's Classics) Edgar Allan Poe
0460113070 9780460113076 The Canterbury Tales (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
0460109928 9780460109925 Troilus and Criseyde (Hardcover) Geoffrey Chaucer
0460108522 9780460108522 Amelia Henry Fielding
046010845X 9780460108454 Decameron Giovanni Boccaccio
0460103075 9780460103077 The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer
0460041533 9780460041539 Typee [Folio Society] Herman Melville