ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0899664482 9780899664484 Steppenwolf (Binding) Hermann Hesse
0899664474 9780899664477 Siddhartha (Hardcover) Hermann Hesse
0899664423 9780899664422 Collected Poems of Robert Frost (Hardcover) Robert Frost
0899664342 9780899664347 Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Binding) Edgar Allan Poe
0899664237 9780899664231 Brave New World (Hardcover) Aldous Huxley
0899663982 9780899663982 Tom Jones Henry Fielding
0899663818 9780899663814 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court (Binding) Mark Twain
0899663699 9780899663692 Animal Farm (Binding) George Orwell
0899663680 9780899663685 1984 (Hardcover) George Orwell
0899663397 9780899663395 Pippi Goes on Board Astrid Lindgren
0899663249 9780899663241 Madame Bovary (Hardcover) Gustave Flaubert
0899663044 9780899663043 Tobacco Road (Hardcover) Erskine Caldwell
0899661351 9780899661353 The Dharma Bums (Hardcover) Jack Kerouac
0899661343 9780899661346 On the Road (Hardcover) Jack Kerouac
0899661335 9780899661339 Doctor Sax (Binding) Jack Kerouac
0899509185 9780899509181 Science Fiction Filmmaking in the 1980s: Interviews with Actors, Directors, Producers and Writers (Hardcover) Lee Goldberg
0899507727 9780899507729 Television Series Revivals: Sequels or Remakes of Cancelled Shows (Hardcover) Lee Goldberg
0899507239 9780899507231 The Saint (Hardcover) Burl Barer
089950373X 9780899503738 Unsold Television Pilots, 1955-1989 (Binding) Lee Goldberg
0899261981 9780899261980 (Audio Cassette) Ken Follett
0899261167 9780899261164 Tales of Horror and Suspense Edgar Allan Poe
0899240917 9780899240916 On the tropic of time (Paperback) Anthony Robbins
0899226574 9780899226576 Biblioteca Electronica Caribe Edicion de Inspiracion (Paperback) Max Lucado
0899226221 9780899226224 Enfrente a sus gigantes: The God Who Made a Miracle Out of David Stands Ready to Make One Out of You (Compact Disc) Max Lucado
0899226000 9780899226002 El Regalo Para Todo el Mundo = The Gift for All People (Paperback) Max Lucado
0899221106 9780899221106 Nacer a Una Nueva Vida/How to Be Born Again (Paperback) Billy Graham
0899220819 9780899220819 El Leon LA Bruja Y El Grardarropa (Paperback) C. S. Lewis
089922069X 9780899220697 Los angeles: Agentes secretos de Dios (Paperback) Billy Graham
0899201148 9780899201146 Basic Philosophy of Aldous Huxley Aldous Huxley
0899092144 9780899092140 Midsummer Passion and Other Tales of Maine Cussedness (Paperback) Erskine Caldwell
0898961300 9780898961300 Angelwhisp (Book) Anne Rice
0898799279 9780898799279 Characters and Viewpoint Orson Scott Card
0898759161 9780898759167 Outre-Mer: A Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
0898759153 9780898759150 A Desperate Character and Other Stories (Paperback) Ivan Turgenev
0898759102 9780898759105 Kéramos and Other Poems (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
0898754410 9780898754414 The Law of Love and the Law of Violence (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
0898753031 9780898753035 The Long Exile And Other Stories (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
0898752515 9780898752519 Three Years (Paperback) Anton Chekhov
0898752361 9780898752366 Lev Tolstoi: Short Stories (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
0898751047 9780898751048 The Insulted and Humiliated (Paperback) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
0898750334 9780898750331 Dream Tales and Prose Poems (Paperback) Ivan Turgenev
089875030X 9780898750300 The Jew, and Other Stories: Novels of Ivan Turgenev (Paperback) Ivan Turgenev
0898750296 9780898750294 Rudin (Paperback) Ivan Turgenev
0898702682 9780898702682 Joan of Arc: Personal Recollections (Paperback) Mark Twain
0898628946 9780898628944 Lying and Deception in Everyday Life (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
0898628563 9780898628562 Altering fate (Hardcover) Michael Lewis
089862293X 9780898622935 Freud : From Youthful Dream to Mid-Life Crisis Peter M. Newton
0898598435 9780898598438 Acquisition of Japanese (Hardcover) Tom Clancy
0898459583 9780898459586 "Ernest Hemingway Reads ""Harry's Bar in Venice"" and Other Stories" (Audiobook) Ernest Hemingway
0898459559 9780898459555 Snows of Kilimanjaro (Audio) Ernest Hemingway
0898459524 9780898459524 The Old Man and the Sea (Annual Review of the Institute for Information Studies) Ernest Hemingway
089845915X 9780898459159 The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
0898458838 9780898458831 James and the Giant Peach Audio Roald Dahl
0898458773 9780898458770 The Magician's Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia Series #1) (Audio) C. S. Lewis
0898458765 9780898458763 The Horse and His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia) C. S. Lewis
0898458757 9780898458756 The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia) C. S. Lewis
0898458749 9780898458749 "Voyage of the ""Dawn Treader"" (Chronicles of Narnia)" C. S. Lewis
0898458234 9780898458237 Enormous Crocodile (Cass) Dahl, Roald (Audio) Roald Dahl
0898456584 9780898456585 Edgar Allan Poe Stories Edgar Allan Poe
0898455952 9780898455953 Poems & Letters of Emily Dickinson (Audiobook) Emily Dickinson
0898455936 9780898455939 Robert Frost in Recital (Audio) Robert Frost
089845509X 9780898455090 A Gathering of Great Poetry for Children Kindergarten and Up (Audio) Robert Frost
0898454026 9780898454024 A Doll's House Henrik Ibsen
0898452244 9780898452242 J.R.R. Tolkien of the Darkening of Valinor and of the Flight of the Noldor from the Silmarillion Read by Christopher Tolkien (Audio) J. R. R. Tolkien
0898452007 9780898452006 Happy Days (Audio) Samuel Beckett
0898451590 9780898451597 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia Series #2) (Audio) C. S. Lewis
0898451302 9780898451306 The Enormous Crocodile and the Magic Finger/Audio Cassette Roald Dahl
0898451299 9780898451290 What Do People Do All Day (Audio) Richard Scarry
0898451256 9780898451252 Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (Audio) Edgar Allan Poe
089845123X 9780898451238 Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (Audio) Edgar Allan Poe
0898451191 9780898451191 Emily Dickinson: A Self Portrait (Audio) Emily Dickinson
089845073X 9780898450736 James and the Giant Peach Roald Dahl
0898450454 9780898450453 Brideshead Revisited/Cassettes Evelyn Waugh
089845042X 9780898450422 J. R. R. Tolkien (Audiobook) J. R. R. Tolkien
0898450268 9780898450262 The Roald Dahl Soundbook (Audio) Roald Dahl
0898406730 9780898406733 Evidence That Demands a Verdict Josh McDowell
0898406463 9780898406467 Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Building a Stronger Marriage by (Paperback) Josh McDowell
0898403510 9780898403510 What Your Kids Are Telling Me Now Josh McDowell
0898402816 9780898402810 The Best of Josh McDowell: A Ready Defense (Paperback) Josh McDowell
0898402344 9780898402346 Evidence (Hardcover) Josh McDowell
0898401682 9780898401684 What I Wish My Parents Knew About My Sexuality (Paperback) Josh McDowell
0898401585 9780898401585 The Secret of Loving (Paperback) Josh McDowell
0898400996 9780898400991 The Secret of Loving: How a Lasting Intimate Relationship Can Be Yours (Hardcover) Josh McDowell
0898400872 9780898400878 Now That You Are Single Again Gary Chapman
0898153808 9780898153804 The Parliament of Fowls (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
0898110025 9780898110029 Think and Grow Rich/Cassette/09559 Napoleon Hill
0898071429 9780898071429 Visitor Complains of My Disenfranchise Charles Bukowski
0898020719 9780898020717 Beautiful Seattle (Hardcover) Ann Rule
0898020700 9780898020700 Beautiful Seattle (Paperback) Ann Rule
0897830032 9780897830034 Cup of Gold (Hardcover) John Steinbeck
0897333624 9780897333627 Queen Elizabeth I J. E. Neale
0897230329 9780897230322 The Great Gatsby a Facsimile of the Manuscript F. Scott Fitzgerald
0897230264 9780897230261 Poems 1911-1940 F. Scott Fitzgerald
0897230086 9780897230087 Cruise of the Rolling Junk (Hardcover) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0897230051 9780897230056 Three Stories & Ten Poems Ernest Hemingway
089708022X 9780897080224 Reckless Homicide? Ford's Pinto Trial: Ford's Pinto Trial (Paperback) Lee Strobel
0896961745 9780896961746 Riding to the Moon (Hardcover) Barbara Cartland
0896961664 9780896961661 A King in Love (Hardcover) Barbara Cartland
0896961389 9780896961388 Pure and Untouched (Hardcover) Barbara Cartland
0896961230 9780896961234 Auction Madness: An Uncensored Look behind the Velvet Drapes of the Great Auction Houses (Hardcover) Charles Hamilton