ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
1149712996 9781149712993 The Hecuba of Euripides, Literally Tr. by R. Mongan (Paperback) Euripides
1149690577 9781149690574 Voices of the Night (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1149675314 9781149675311 Ammonizioni del Re Felice Di Spagna Al Suo Figliuolo (Paperback - Italian) Giovanni Boccaccio
1149659688 9781149659687 The Raven (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
1149657030 9781149657034 Euripidis Bacch, from the Text of Bothe, Carefully Revised (Paperback) Euripides
114957576X 9781149575765 Vang Line de Longfellow (Paperback - French) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1149513985 9781149513989 Polnoe Sobranie Sochineni Volume 02 (Paperback) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
1149386479 9781149386477 The Hanging of the Crane (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1149364718 9781149364710 Farbrekhen Un Shrof = Prestuplenie I Nakazanie Volume 01 (Paperback) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
1149361360 9781149361368 Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1149361352 9781149361351 Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1149361344 9781149361344 Evangeline (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1149361298 9781149361290 The Eve of St. Agnes (Paperback) John Keats
1149329688 9781149329689 Crescent Moon. (Paperback) Rabindranath Tagore
1149255803 9781149255803 Publii Ovidii Nasonis, Fastorum Lib. VI; Tristius, Lib. V; de Ponto, Lib IV. (Paperback) Ovid
1149233664 9781149233665 Excerpta Ex Scriptis Publii Ovidii Nasonis (Paperback) Ovid
1149220627 9781149220627 Selections from the Poems of Ovid, Chiefly the Metmorphoses (Paperback) Ovid
1149215542 9781149215548 P. Ovidi Nasonis Metamorphoseon Libri XV (Paperback) Ovid
1149202599 9781149202593 P. Ovidii Nasonis Opera Quae Supersunt, Volume 1 (Paperback) Ovid
1149189207 9781149189207 The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
114915666X 9781149156667 Ausgewhlte Tragdien Des Euripides... (Paperback) Euripides
1149152656 9781149152652 Crime and Punishment (Paperback) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
1149108517 9781149108512 Hippolytus and Iphigenia in Aulis: Two Tragedies (Paperback) Euripides
1149104430 9781149104439 Euripidis Alcestis (Paperback) Euripides
1149074752 9781149074756 The Prioress's Tale and Other Tales (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
1149051949 9781149051948 The United States' Almanac (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1149021357 9781149021354 Ausgewhlte Tragdien Des Euripides: Fr Den Schulgebrauch (Paperback) Euripides
1149011106 9781149011102 Glimpses of Bengal: Selected from the Letters of Sir Rabindranath Tagore, 1885 to 1895 (Paperback) Rabindranath Tagore
1149011084 9781149011089 The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Volume 2 (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
1149010924 9781149010921 The Works of Laurence Sterne ... (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
1149010576 9781149010570 Ausgewhlte Tragdien Des Euripides...: Bdch. Iphigenie Auf Tauris, Erklrt Von F.G. Schne Und H. Kchly. 4. Auflage Neue Bearb. Von E. Bruhn. 1894 (Paperback) Euripides
1149005246 9781149005248 Tom Jones Ou L'Enfant Trouv, Volume 3 (Paperback - French) Henry Fielding
1148981470 9781148981475 Chaucer's Prologue and Knightes Tale (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
1148958886 9781148958880 The Conquest of the Old Northwest and Its Settlement by Americans (Paperback) James Baldwin
1148951644 9781148951645 The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and His Friend Mr. Abraham Adams (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1148951466 9781148951461 The Works of Henry Fielding, Esq, Volume 6 (Paperback) Henry Fielding
114892776X 9781148927763 Euripidis Alcestis (Paperback) Euripides
1148903984 9781148903989 The Electra of Euripides (Paperback) Euripides
1148828753 9781148828756 The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1148815600 9781148815602 The Tale of the Man of Lawe (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
1148810528 9781148810522 The Works of Henry Fielding, Volume 8 (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1148808639 9781148808635 The Song of Hiawatha (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1148805990 9781148805993 P. Ovidii Nasonis Ex Ponto Libri Quattuor (Paperback) Ovid
1148803173 9781148803173 American Poetry, 1922 (Paperback) Robert Frost
114877050X 9781148770505 An Historical Relation of the Origin, Progress, and Final Dissolution of the Government of the Rohilla Afgans in the Northern Provinces of Hindostan (Paperback) Charles Hamilton
1148765328 9781148765327 I Canti Di Giacomo Leopardi (Paperback - Italian) Giacomo Leopardi
1148748091 9781148748092 P. Ovidius Naso Ex Recognitione Rudolphi Merkelii ... (Paperback) Ovid
1148741771 9781148741772 The Works of Henry Fielding, Volume 12 (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1148727884 9781148727882 The Works of Laurence Sterne ... (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
1148727574 9781148727578 Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends (Paperback) John Keats
1148720790 9781148720791 The Prologue to the Book of the Tales of Canterbury (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
1148714421 9781148714424 Ion. Rugby Ed., by A. Sidgwick (Paperback) Euripides
1148711872 9781148711874 Correspondance, Volume 3 (Paperback) Gustave Flaubert
1148710841 9781148710846 American & British Verse from the Yale Review (Paperback) Robert Frost
114870759X 9781148707594 Ovid: The Metamorphoses. Book I-IX (Paperback) Ovid
1148694315 9781148694313 Mark Twain's Letters (Paperback) Mark Twain
1148656022 9781148656021 The Works of Henry Fielding, Volume 2 (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1148650695 9781148650692 Poetical Works (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1148604782 9781148604787 The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
1148572384 9781148572383 The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1148547746 9781148547749 Les Essais de Montaigne (Paperback - French) Michel de Montaigne
1148540040 9781148540047 The Works of Laurence Sterne ... (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
1148515690 9781148515694 Fiorenza (German Edition) (Paperback) Thomas Mann
1148511024 9781148511023 The Poetical Works and Other Writings of John Keats: Now First Brought Together, Including Poems and Numerous Letters Not Before Published, Volume 3 (Paperback) John Keats
114846395X 9781148463957 The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling (Paperback) Henry Fielding
114845554X 9781148455549 The Complete Works of Henry Fielding, Esq (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1148453504 9781148453507 Impressions of Theophrastus Such (Paperback) George Eliot
1148436243 9781148436241 Sammlung (Paperback - German) Gustave Flaubert
114840533X 9781148405339 The Hippolytus of Euripides, with Critical and Explanatory Notes, and Literal Tr., by F.A.S. Freeland (Paperback) Euripides
1148395423 9781148395425 Robert Greene, M.A. (Paperback) Robert Greene
1148384898 9781148384894 P. Ovidii Nasonis Epistolarum Herodum Liber (Paperback) Ovid
1148331816 9781148331812 Euripidis Iphigenia in Aulide, Recens. J.A. Hartungus. Praemittuntur de Euripidi Fabularum Interpolatione Disputationes Duae (Paperback) Euripides
1148328262 9781148328263 P. Ovidii Nasonis Qvae Svpersvnt: Ad Optimorvm Librorvm Fidem Accvrate Edita ... (Paperback) Ovid
1148323724 9781148323725 Fasti (Paperback) Ovid
1148315845 9781148315843 The Hecuba. Rugby Ed., by a Sidgwick (Paperback) Euripides
1148302263 9781148302263 Griechische Tragoedien, Volume 3 (Paperback - German) Euripides
1148274448 9781148274447 Opera Omnia: Ex Editionibus Praestantissimis Fideliter Recusa; Latina Interpretatione, Scholiis Antiquis, Et Eruditorum Observation (Paperback) Euripides
1148272534 9781148272535 The Works of Henry Fielding (1903) (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1148210350 9781148210353 Iphigenia in Tauris (Paperback) Euripides
1148204547 9781148204543 The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, Volume 1 (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
1148195394 9781148195391 Les Uvres Galantes Et Amoureuses D'Ovide ... (Paperback) Ovid
1148192468 9781148192468 Ausgewhlte Tragdien Des Euripides... (Paperback) Euripides
1148189351 9781148189352 Ausgewahlte Tragodien Des Euripides... (Paperback - German) Euripides
1148181369 9781148181363 The American Claimant (Paperback) Mark Twain
1148178112 9781148178110 Euripides Ex Recensione Frederici A. Paley (Paperback) Euripides
1148169644 9781148169644 Resurrection (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
1148168060 9781148168067 The Sermons of Mr. Yorick, Volume 2 (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
1148138412 9781148138411 The Song of Hiawatha (Paperback) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1148134743 9781148134741 The Works of Laurence Sterne ... (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
114809119X 9781148091198 The Works of Laurence Sterne (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
1148072063 9781148072067 Euripidis Iphigenia in Aulide (Paperback) Euripides
1148071385 9781148071381 The Prince And The Pauper (Paperback) Mark Twain
1148063935 9781148063935 The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Volume 4 (Paperback) Geoffrey Chaucer
114805975X 9781148059754 The Historical Register (Paperback) Henry Fielding
1148055835 9781148055831 Saggi de' Novellieri Italiani D'Ogni Secolo (Paperback - Italian) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1148055711 9781148055718 The Works of Laurence Sterne ... (Paperback) Laurence Sterne
1148054936 9781148054933 The Medea of Euripides, with Brief Notes by F.A. Paley (Paperback) Euripides
1148050744 9781148050744 Sebastopol (Paperback) Leo Tolstoy
114803286X 9781148032863 The Works of Edgar Allan Poe (Paperback) Edgar Allan Poe
1148029494 9781148029498 Tristium Libri Quinque, Cum Argumentis & Notis Johannis Minellii Anglice Redditis. Quibus in Calce Adjicitur Versio Prosaica, Nempe Ipsaemet Ovidii Vo (Paperback) Ovid