ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0137011717 9780137011711 Helping People Win at Work: A Business Philosophy Called "Don't Mark My Paper, Help Me Get an A" (Leading at a Higher Level Series) (Hardcover) Ken Blanchard
0137011709 9780137011704 Leading at a Higher Level: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations (Leading at a Higher Level Series) (Hardcover) Ken Blanchard
0136689892 9780136689898 Strategic Marketing for Educational Institutions Philip Kotler, Karen F. Fox
0136387500 9780136387503 Optoelectronic Semiconductor Devices (Paperback) David Wood
0136242308 9780136242307 The Red Pony-John Steinbeck. Novel Study Guide Contents: Author & HIstorical Background, Synposes, Literary Elements & Techniques, Chapter-by-chapter (Paperback) John Steinbeck
0136157394 9780136157397 Global Marketing Management Keegan, Warren J. , Alon, Ilan
0136139396 9780136139393 Visions for Change: Crime and Justice in the Twenty-First Century Roslyn Muraskin
0136129218 9780136129219 Management Accounting Charles T. Horngren
0136110584 9780136110583 Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers Michael S. Mamlouk;John P. Zaniewski
0136108083 9780136108085 Netochka Nezvanova, (Hardcover) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
0136102654 9780136102656 Introduction to Management Accounting: Ch's 1-17 (15th Edition) (MyAccountingLab Series) Charles T. Horngren, Gary L. Sun...
0136079415 9780136079415 Principles of Marketing Philip Kotler
0136072976 9780136072973 Accounting Charles T. Horngren, Suzanne Oli...
0136026605 9780136026600 A Framework for Marketing Management Philip Kotler
0136021131 9780136021131 Marketing: An Introduction Gary Armstrong
0136013309 9780136013303 Mastering Matlab (1st International Edition) Duane C. Hanselman, Bruce L. Littlefield
0136008062 9780136008064 Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering T. E. Graedel
0135307902 9780135307908 L'Etranger (The Stranger) (Paperback) Albert Camus
0135114284 9780135114285 Real Estate Law for Legal Professionals Steven A. Mccloskey
0135109450 9780135109458 Contract Law for Paralegals Reed, Kathleen Mercer/
0135060222 9780135060223 Ion Euripides
0135045592 9780135045596 Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism Philip Kotler
0134817893 9780134817897 Introduction To Industrial And Systems Engineering Wayne C. Turner
0134769120 9780134769127 Intimate Connections (Hardcover) David D. Burns
0134634985 9780134634982 Incest Survival (Hardcover) Melody Beattie
0134448235 9780134448237 C++ How to Program (10th Edition) Paul Deitel;Harvey Deitel
0134398017 9780134398013 Swift Programming Matthew Mathias John Gallagher
0134390733 9780134390734 iOS Programming - The Big Nerd Ranch Guide 5th Edition Big Nerd Ranch Guides Christian Keur, Aaron Hillegass
0134383583 9780134383583 Discovering Modern C++ Peter Gottschling
0134374940 9780134374949 Night (Hardcover) Elie Wiesel
0134177304 9780134177304 Core Java Volume I--Fundamentals Cay S. Horstmann Gary Cornell
0134141040 9780134141046 Essential C# 6.0 Mark Michaelis Eric Lippert
0134129946 9780134129945 Global Marketing Warren J. Keegan Mark C. Green
0134032837 9780134032832 Motors for Makers Matthew Scarpino
0133965260 9780133965261 IOS 8 for Programmers Paul J. Deitel Harvey M. Deitel Abbey Deitel
0133942848 9780133942842 Structural Analysis R. C. Hibbeler
0133856461 9780133856460 Marketing Management Philip Kotler Kevin Lane Keller
0133815269 9780133815269 Beyond Entrepreneurship: Turning Your Business into an Enduring Great Company (Paperback) James Collins
0133807800 9780133807806 Java How to Program (Early Objects) Paul Deitel Harvey Deitel
0133769399 9780133769395 Starting Out with C++ from Control Structures to Objects (8th Edition) Tony Gaddis
0133766268 9780133766264 Java Walter Savitch
0133761312 9780133761313 Introduction to Java Programming Y. Daniel Liang
0133760812 9780133760811 Perl by Example Ellie Quigley
0133593118 9780133593112 Private Equity Accounting, Investor Reporting, and Beyond Mariya Stefanova
0133545008 9780133545005 Global Marketing Warren J. Keegan Mark C. Green
0133485978 9780133485974 MATLAB for Engineers Holly Moore
0133428702 9780133428704 Cost Accounting Charles T. Horngren Srikant M. Datar Madhav T. Rajan Madhav V. Rajan
0133428370 9780133428377 Managerial Accounting Karen Wilken Braun Wendy M. Tietz Walter T. Harrison Linda Smith Bamber Charles T. Horngren
0133427536 9780133427530 Financial Accounting Walter T. Harrison Charles T. Horngren C. William Thomas
0133406954 9780133406955 Visual Basic 2012 How to Program Deitel, Paul/ Deitel,
0133362361 9780133362367 Real Estate Law Fundamentals Hughes, Alice Hart/
013334617X 9780133346176 Building Better Business Teams: Proven Strategies that Get the Best from Your People (Collection) Ken Blanchard
0133316203 9780133316209 From Testament to Torah: An Introduction to Judaism in Its Formative Age (Paperback) Jacob Neusner
0133314472 9780133314472 From Politics to Piety: The Emergence of Pharisaic Judaism Jacob Neusner
0133314391 9780133314397 From Politics to Piety: The Emergence of Pharisaic Judaism Jacob Neusner
0133128083 9780133128086 Starting Out With Visual Basic 2012 Gaddis, Tony/ Irvine,
0133090396 9780133090390 FranklinCovey Style Guide: For Business and Technical Communication (Paperback) Stephen R. Covey
0133084043 9780133084047 Principles of Marketing Philip Kotler
0133058786 9780133058789 Introduction to Management Accounting Charles T. Horngren
0132993341 9780132993340 Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets John C. Hull
0132929082 9780132929080 Web Design with Muse (code name) from Adobe Brian Wood
0132911272 9780132911276 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics Russell C. Hibbeler
0132858037 9780132858038 Dynamics of Structures Anil K. Chopra
0132784025 9780132784023 Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, 6/e Kotler
0132719150 9780132719155 Global Marketing Warren J. Keegan
0132696886 9780132696883 The Essential Ken Blanchard Collection Ken Blanchard
0132695243 9780132695244 Trend Commandments: Trading for Out-Sized Returns Michael Covel
0132575655 9780132575652 Java How To Program (late objects) (10th Edition) Paul Deitel;Harvey Deitel
013257053X 9780132570534 Structural Analysis Russell C. Hibbeler
0132551799 9780132551793 Social Media Marketing Tuten, Tracy L./
0132434539 9780132434539 Creating and Growing Real Estate Wealth: The 4 Stages to a Lifetime of Success William J. Poorvu
0132390027 9780132390026 Principles of Marketing Philip Kotler
0132364689 9780132364683 Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Books Collector Edition (Hardcover) Jeffrey Gitomer
0132362740 9780132362740 Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching: 32.5 Strategies to Ring Your Own (Cash) Register in Business and Personal Success (Hardcover) Jeffrey Gitomer
0132350882 9780132350884 Clean Code Robert C. Martin
0132347725 9780132347723 Leading at a Higher Level : Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations (Hardcover) Ken Blanchard
0132319616 9780132319614 Little Blue Book of Business Success (Hardcover, 2007) Jeffrey Gitomer
0132249952 9780132249959 Accounting Chapters 1-13 Walter T. Harrison
0132181126 9780132181129 Jeffrey Gitomer Collection (Hardcover) Jeffrey Gitomer
0132176521 9780132176521 Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design James K. Wight
0132167123 9780132167123 Principles of Marketing - 14th Edition Kotler, Philip , Armstrong, Gary
0132160897 9780132160896 OpenGL SuperBible: Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference Richard Wright
0132109174 9780132109178 Cost Accounting - 14th Edition Horngren, Charles T. , Datar, Srikant M. , Rajan, Madhav
0132102927 9780132102926 Marketing Management - 14th Edition Kotler, Philip , Keller, Kevin
0131991108 9780131991101 An Engineers Guide to MATLAB Edward B. Magrab
0131986473 9780131986473 Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude: How to Find, Build and Keep a Yes! Attitude for a Lifetime of Success (Hardcover) Jeffrey Gitomer
0131929593 9780131929593 Ten Plays Euripides
0131872443 9780131872448 MATLAB for Engineers Holly Moore
0131837362 9780131837362 Introduction to Human Factors Engineering John Lee
0131823795 9780131823792 Your Eyes: An Owner's Guide (Paperback) James Collins
0131776436 9780131776432 Civil Engineering Materials Shan Somayaji
0131774298 9780131774292 Expert C Programming Peter van der Linden
0131735365 9780131735361 Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Red Book of Sales Answers (Hardcover) Jeffrey Gitomer
0131592483 9780131592483 Introduction to Agricultural Economics C. Parr Rosson
0131576070 9780131576070 Little Green Book of Getting Your Way: How to Speak, Write, Present, Persuade, Influence, and Sell Your Point of View to Others (Hardcover) Jeffrey Gitomer
0131499459 9780131499454 Financial Accounting Walter T. Harrison
0131496018 9780131496019 Student's Solution Manual Srikant M. Datar,Ratna Sarkar
0131479725 9780131479722 Introduction to financial accounting Charles T. Horngren,Gary L. Sundem,John A. Elliott,Donna Philbrick
0131470256 9780131470255 The Leader Within: Learning Enough About Yourself to Lead Others Drea Zigarmi
0131457578 9780131457577 Marketing management Philip Kotler,Kevin Lane Keller