ISBN_10 ISBN_13 book_title author
0915270013 9780915270019 Gliding into the Everglades, and Other Essays Henry Miller
0915232790 9780915232796 Emily Dickinson's Poems (Series 1, 2, and 3) Emily Dickinson
0915232537 9780915232536 Works of Laurence Sterne: a public domain edition Laurence Sterne
0915214008 9780915214006 Poems Written before Jumping Out of an 8 Story Window (Book) Charles Bukowski
0915134950 9780915134953 Isaac Newton: Inventor, Scientist, and Teacher John Hudson Tiner
0915134268 9780915134267 Christopher Columbus: Adventurer of Faith and Courage Bennie Rhodes
0915132966 9780915132966 Gandhi the Man: The Story of His Transformation Eknath Easwaran
0914896083 9780914896081 Why Do Men Stupefy Themselves: And Other Writings (Hardcover) Leo Tolstoy
0914742930 9780914742937 Winter Garden (Paperback) Pablo Neruda
0914742779 9780914742777 Still Another Day (Paperback) Pablo Neruda
0914546414 9780914546412 American Spa (Paperback) Dee Brown
0914481274 9780914481270 Okhota Za"Krasnym Oktiabrem" Tom Clancy
0914374079 9780914374077 Three essays on universal law: The laws of Karma, will, and love (Paperback, 1975) Michael A. Singer
0914374036 9780914374039 The Search for Truth (Book) Michael A. Singer
0914343637 9780914343639 Beauty of Seattle Ann Rule
091396607X 9780913966075 Adam Smith: The Man and His Works E. G. West
0913729493 9780913729496 You Might As Well Live: The Life and Times of Dorothy Parker (Paperback) John Keats
0913720291 9780913720295 A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy Laurence Sterne
0913720283 9780913720288 A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy Laurence Sterne
0913720259 9780913720257 Joseph Andrews Henry Fielding
0913668583 9780913668580 The three boxes of life Richard N. Bolles
0913369985 9780913369982 Melville: Six Short Novels Herman Melville
0913367842 9780913367841 The Billy Graham Christian worker's handbook (Applicable) Billy Graham
0913367567 9780913367568 With Christ in the School of Prayer (Paperback) Andrew Murray
0913367559 9780913367551 No Wonder They Call Him the Savior (Paperback) Max Lucado
0913367478 9780913367476 Unto the Hills Edition: Reprint (Paperback) Billy Graham
0913367451 9780913367452 Day By Day Billy Graham
0913367346 9780913367346 Just like Jesus Edition: reprint (Paperback) Max Lucado
0913367125 9780913367124 In the Eye of the Storm (Paperback) Max Lucado
0913367052 9780913367056 Se Acercan a Galope (Paperback) Billy Graham
0913367044 9780913367049 The Case for Christ (Paperback) Lee Strobel
0912986395 9780912986395 The Creature from Jekyll Island G. Edward Griffin
0912912065 9780912912066 Rapid Interpretation of EKGs Dale Dubin
0912824212 9780912824215 Six Poets (Hardcover) Charles Bukowski
0912824050 9780912824055 Six poets (Book) Charles Bukowski
0912518022 9780912518022 A Bukowski Sampler Charles Bukowski
0912516976 9780912516974 Old Angel Midnight (Hardcover) Jack Kerouac
0912516313 9780912516318 Heaven and Other Poems (Hardcover) Jack Kerouac
0912516224 9780912516226 Good Blonde and Others (Hardcover) Jack Kerouac
0912516046 9780912516042 Trip Trap (Paperback) Jack Kerouac
0912422343 9780912422343 Conversational Word of God: A Commentary on the Doctrine of st Ignatius of Loyola Concerning Spiritual Conversation With Four Jesuit Texts (Paperback) Tom Clancy
0912422335 9780912422336 Conversational Word of God: A Commentary on the Doctrine of st Ignatius of Loyola Concerning Spiritual Conversation With Four Early Jesuit Texts (Hardcover) Tom Clancy
0912358033 9780912358031 Sadhana: The Realisation of Life (Book) Rabindranath Tagore
0912277262 9780912277264 Mike Hammer the Comic Strip (Paperback) Mickey Spillane
0912277114 9780912277110 Mike Hammer the Comic Strip (Paperback) Mickey Spillane
0912264802 9780912264806 Zen and the Art of Writing and The Joy of Writing: Two Essays Ray Bradbury
0912264748 9780912264745 Reflections on The Maurizius Case: A Humble Appraisal of a Great Book (Hardcover) Henry Miller
091226473X 9780912264738 Reflections on The Maurizius Case: A Humble Appraisal of a Great Book (Hardcover) Henry Miller
0912264721 9780912264721 The waters reglitterized: The subject of water color in some of its more liquid phases Henry Miller
0912264713 9780912264714 The Waters Reglitterized (Paperback) Henry Miller
0912264594 9780912264592 First impressions of Greece (Hardcover) Henry Miller
0912264586 9780912264585 First Impressions of Greece (Hardcover) Henry Miller
0912264381 9780912264387 Reflections on the Death of Mishima (Book) Henry Miller
0912190043 9780912190044 The Price of Women (Leaf) David Allen
091213867X 9780912138671 Leaders and Personalities of the Third Reich: Their Biographies, Portraits and Autographs (Hardcover) Charles Hamilton
0912138661 9780912138664 Leaders & Personalities of the 3rd Reich:Their Biographies, Portraits, and Autographs: Their Biographies, Portraits, and Autographs (Hardcover) Charles Hamilton
0912138432 9780912138435 Special Forces of the United States Army 1952-82 (Hardcover) Ian Sutherland
0912138270 9780912138275 Leaders and Personalities of the Third Reich: Their Biographies, Portraits and Autographs (Hardcover) Charles Hamilton
0912106646 9780912106649 Aglow With the Spirit (Paperback) Robert Frost
0912081120 9780912081120 The Heritage of Blacks in North Carolina (Hardcover) Alex Haley
0912078448 9780912078441 Time to greez! (Book) Maya Angelou
0911860541 9780911860542 Savage Holiday (Hardcover) Richard Wright
0911379002 9780911379006 Quality Productivity and Competitive Position W. Edwards Deming, W.E. Deming
0911156739 9780911156737 Book of Friends Henry Miller
091097232X 9780910972321 The Great Gatsby (Book) F. Scott Fitzgerald
091097229X 9780910972291 F. Scott Fitzgerald's Ledger: A Facsimile (Hardcover) F. Scott Fitzgerald
0910697000 9780910697002 Going modern Charles Bukowski
0910672830 9780910672832 Letters from a Walking Tour (Hardcover) John Keats
0910489122 9780910489126 Stephen King's Skeleton Crew (Hardcover) Stephen King
0910278717 9780910278713 The Avenger Edgar Wallace
0910220328 9780910220323 Square Root of Wonderful Carson McCullers
0910061157 9780910061155 Inframundo: El Mexico De Juan Rulfo (Paperback) Juan Rulfo
0910019436 9780910019439 Real Estate Money Machine: An Investment Guide for the Nineties Wade B. Cook
0908346077 9780908346073 Charles V Katherine Brice
0908224214 9780908224210 Can Theology Be Done in Sydney: A Symposium Andrew Murray
0908224206 9780908224203 The new catechism (Book) Andrew Murray
0907657001 9780907657002 How to Write Best-selling Fiction Dean Koontz
0907610870 9780907610878 James Bond The Living Daylights Ian Fleming
0907516815 9780907516811 The Gingerbread Man David Wood
0907486754 9780907486756 Alistair MacLean Omnibus: Where Eagles Dare, and, Ice Station Zebra Alistair MacLean
0907486746 9780907486749 Dr No: From Russia, With Love (Hardcover) Ian Fleming
090748669X 9780907486695 Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Hardcover) Edgar Allan Poe
0907486673 9780907486671 Illustrated Poetry (Hardcover) John Keats
0906717485 9780906717486 A teachers' grammar (Paperback) Michael Lewis
090671740X 9780906717400 The English Verb (Paperback) Michael Lewis
0906717345 9780906717349 Projects (Paperback) Michael Lewis
0906717272 9780906717271 Out and About (Paperback) Michael Lewis
0906399955 9780906399958 Ivanov (Paperback) Anton Chekhov
0906399823 9780906399828 See-Saw Tree (Hardcover) David Wood
0906399785 9780906399781 The Old Man of Lochnagar David Wood
0906399440 9780906399446 The Selfish Shellfish (Plays for Young People) (Paperback) David Wood
0906330386 9780906330388 Approved Unto God (Paperback) Oswald Chambers
0906097509 9780906097502 It's legal (Paperback) John Irving
0905712730 9780905712734 Selected Works (Paperback) Stephen King
0905712706 9780905712703 John Steinbeck (Hardcover) John Steinbeck
0905712676 9780905712673 Selected Works Catherine Cookson
0905712609 9780905712604 The Shining, Salem's Lot and Carrie (Hardcover) Stephen King
0905712536 9780905712536 From Russia With Love / Casino Royale / Live And Let Die / Diamonds Are Forever / Dr. No / Goldfinger (Hardcover) Ian Fleming
0905712498 9780905712499 Where Eagles Dare H.M.S. Ulysses Ice Station Zebra When Eight BElls Toll The Guns of Navarone Edition: reprint (Hardcover) Alistair MacLean
0905712439 9780905712437 Selected Works: v. 2: The Mallen Streak, the Girl, the Gambling Man, the Cinder Path, and, The Invisible Cord Catherine Cookson