List of 17 Landscape Art Books

List of 17 Landscape Art Books

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Title: Seeing Nature

The works in the collection span over four hundred years, chronicling key developments in painting and art history. This book uses the Allen Family Collection to explore the evolution of landscape painting through the ages.
Author(s): Brian J. Ferriso Kimberly Rorschach Dawson W. Carr Dawson William Carr Chiyo Ishikawa Mary Weaver Chapin Patricia A.. Junker Catharina Manchada Mary Ann Prior Sue Taylor
ISBN 13: 9780295995229
Pages: 168
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Title: Samuel Palmer

Beautifully illustrated with Palmer's visionary and enchanted landscapes, the book contains rich studies of his work, influences, and resources.
Author(s): William Vaughan
ISBN 13: 9780300209853
Pages: 412
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Title: Painters of Utah's Canyons and Deserts


Famous movie director John Ford once emphatically exclaimed, " . . .Monument Valleywasmy greatest star."But long before Ford lionized these great icons, paintings of the sweeping desert and colorful canyon country of Utah's plateau province had captured the popular imagination of American and European audiences.

contrasts between painters who called Utah home and those who explored and visited. Starting with the rich visual images of Native American petroglyphs, the book then looks at the lively anecdotes of the "artists as explorers," including John Wesley Powell's harrowing trip down the Colorado River, artist Solomon Nunes Carvalho's recovery from the brink of starvation, and artist Richard Kern's death at the hands of the Paiutes. ThomasMoran is prominent in this history with dramatic lithographs and his own exploration of the Zion region.

Love of the western landscape has to do with the capacity of the viewer to experience vast space. To appreciate the desert terrain, one has to be comfortable with an inscrutable universe. Whether existential or spiritual, these themes are evoked in the modern paintings of Maynard Dixon, Conrad Buff, Georgia O'Keeffe, andMax Ernst,who are amongmany visiting artists successfully challenged by this landscape.

Utah artist Alfred Lambourne was the first artist to paint in Zion, and Henry L. A. Culmer was the first to paint the natural bridges. Utah artists recorded the natural beauty of the parks in the 1920s and the stark influence of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Today's modern and traditional artists mix it up, employing classical methods and conventions, often with flagrant juxtapositions, to convey political, existential, or psychological themes. V. Douglas Snow, Gary E. Smith, and Ed Mell are among a growing group of nationally known artists whose work is inspired by the Utah Red Rock.

In all, this is an informative and visually stunning compilation of Art in Utah, detailing its profound influence on western and American culture.

Donna L. Poulton is an Associate Curator of Utah and Western Art at the University of Utah's Museum of Fine Arts. She studied at the Boston University extension in Germany and received her PhD from BrighamYoung University. She has juried and curated many exhibitions, including the Olympic Exhibition of Utah Art. Dr. Poulton has written articles on Utah and Western Art, is the co-author of Utah Art, Utah Artists, and has recently completed a manuscript on Reuben Kirkham, an early Utah pioneer artist. She has taught Utah art history at the University of Utah and has served on the boards of several arts organizations. Dr. Poulton has also filmed extensive interviews with numerous Utah artists, produced commercial videos on Utah art, and consulted with private art collectors and galleries.

Vern G. Swanson is a native of Central Point, Oregon. He graduated from Brigham Young University (BA), University of Utah (MA), and University of London (PhD) in art history. He started his career at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. (1969-70), taught art and art history at Auburn University as an Assistant Professor (1972-75), and was employed atWasatch Bronzeworks in Lehi (1975-78). Since 1980, Dr. Swanson has been the director of the Springville Museum of Art, has helped the museum's art collection of Utah and Russian art grow, and has contributed toward the construction of a new wing, dedicated in 2004.

Dr. Swanson has published fourteen art history books as sole or joint author. Five of these have been on Utah art, with several in collaborationwith Drs. Robert Olpin,WilliamSeifrit, and Donna Poulton. In 2006, he published a major tome Dynasty of the Holy Grail and in 2007, his third and largest book, Soviet Impressionist Painting. He is now researching for his next two books, "John Hafen: Faithful Artist" and"The Chiasmatic Atonement."

Author(s): Donna L. Poulton
ISBN 13: 9781423601845
Pages: 304
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Title: Capability Brown and Hampton Court

This is the publication of an album containing 100 watercolours/drawings of Capability Brown's designs for Hampton Court Palace gardens, hitherto unknown.
Author(s): Mikhail Dedinkin
ISBN 13: 9781906257224
Pages: ooks#volumes"
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Title: Frederic Church

The book traces Church's movement away from working in oil on canvas to shaping the physical landscape of Olana, his self-designed estate on the Hudson River, a move that allowed the artist to rethink scale and process while also engaging ...
Author(s): Jennifer Raab
ISBN 13: 9780300208375
Pages: 240
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Title: Country Landscapes in Watercolour

Approaching the subject of pastoral landscapes with his typical verve, beloved instructor Terry Harrison guides beginning watercolor artists through five country scenes in this step-by-step guide. From a country estate beyond an open gate to a small church nestled among a bluebell wood, each scene is carefully selected to give new artists confidence and offer intermediate artists a handful of satisfying challenges. All projects are accompanied by pull-out tracing paper that easily transfers each scene onto watercolor paper—artists need only a soft graphite pencil and a rubbing tool to achieve the transfer—eliminating the need for prerequisite drawing abilities. Additional scenes include a snowy winter pasture and a small footbridge crossing a ford among autumn leaves.

Author(s): Terry Harrison
ISBN 13: 9781844486434
Pages: 72
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Title: Lighthouses - Grayscale Photo Coloring Book for Adults

Author(s): Majestic Coloring
ISBN 13: 9781533131416
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Title: Water in Watercolour

Matching quality instruction with convenience, the Art Handbooks series presents the respected lessons by talented art professionals in a small and transportable format. These tutorials teach techniques for a wide spectrum of artistic endeavors, from pencil drawing to oil painting, through step-by-step instructions and ample imagery of what to expect from each stage and completed process. They also provide invaluable information about the materials as well as additional tips for becoming confident with each medium.


Joe Dowden shows how to capture water in all its moods, from quiet ponds and shallow puddles to babbling brooks and slow-moving rivers. Using over 80 step-by-step photographs and a plethora of inspiring paintings, he instructs on essential techniques, from laying an initial wash to adding the final details. Taking on a variety of water landscapes, such as deep water, lively water, and shallow water, the guide builds confidence in beginning artists and inspires advanced artists to improve their work. All watercolor landscape artists need to know how to paint water, and creating the effect of all kinds of water is possible with this guide and the simple techniques it teaches.

Author(s): Joe Francis Dowden
ISBN 13: 9781844488919
Pages: 48
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Title: Pastelist's Year: Painting the Four Seasons in Pastel

From an expert painter of pastels, here are hundreds of proven ways to capture the glory and color of the seasons. The palette and soft motifs of pastels are perfect for capturing the beauty of nature in every phase of the year. Now every artist can learn how to use them like the professionals.

In The Pastelist's Year: Painting the Four Seasons In Pastel, Master Pastelist Elizabeth Mowry demonstrates, step by step, how to paint pastels that distinctly capture the mood, color, and majesty of the four seasons. Whether you're a novice artist or seasoned professional, The Pastelist's Year has something to offer anyone who loves to create beautiful art.

Author(s): Elizabeth Mowry
ISBN 13: 9780823039357
Pages: 160
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Title: Thomas Kinkade Lightpost Living 2017 Wll

Author(s): books#volumes totalItems: 1 items: [ { kind: books#volume id: mU4DkAEACAAJ etag: dy0TC+qywmU selfLink: volumeInfo: { title: Thomas Kinkade Lightpost Living 2017 Wll
ISBN 13: 9781449476144
Pages: ooks#volumes"
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Title: The Big Book of the Hamptons

The Hamptons have long been a haven for the world’s elite. Its breathtaking vistas inspired Walt Whitman and Winslow Homer; its social forebears include Gerald and Sara Murphy entertaining Léger and Fitzgerald; Kurt Vonnegut, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol all found inspiration on America’s Riviera. Spectacular estates from the Gilded Age rival the sprawling mansions of the bold-faced names attracted to this beachfront strip on Long Island each summer. The Big Book of the Hamptons celebrates the mystique and romance of these iconic and extravagant neighborhoods, exploring the architecture and gardens of these secluded retreats, brought to life with amazing imagery in a deluxe volume.
Author(s): Michael Shnayerson
ISBN 13: 9781614282273
Pages: 300
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Title: Composition of Outdoor Painting

Author(s): Edgar Payne
ISBN 13: 9780939370115
Pages: 170
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Title: Painted Landscapes

Author(s): Monica, Lauren P.
ISBN 13: 9780764343582
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Title: Wolf Kahn

Author(s): Justin Spring
ISBN 13: 9780810963221
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Title: Painting Brilliant Skies & Water in Pastel: Secrets to Bringing Light and Life to Your Landscapes

From skies above to water below, discover the secrets to glorious landscapes!

No two elements of the landscape bring the artist greater inspiration--or greater challenge--than sky and water. Get them right and you have magic. Get them wrong and your whole painting is off. In this book, popular pastel artist and teacher Liz Haywood-Sullivan shares her secrets for getting them both right, every time. With her practiced and proven approach, you can experience the joy of painting glowing skies and sparkling water.

Inside you'll find:

  • 24 step-by-step demonstrations showing the creation of breathtaking skies and water in pastel.
  • Techniques for painting skies, including the various types of clouds and how light changes depending on the season and time of day.
  • How to depict water in all its forms, from calm, reflective ponds and meandering rivers to whitewater cascades and ocean waves.
  • A clear and simple approach to the puzzling concepts of aerial perspective and the nature of reflections.
  • A primer on materials to help novice artists and newcomers get started in pastel.
Beautifully illustrated with stunning landscapes, Painting Brilliant Skies and Water in Pastel is a must for artists who have not found the targeted help they seek in other landscape painting books. Use it to make the most of natures' inspiration and pour mood, movement, and poetry into your paintings.
Author(s): Liz Haywood-Sullivan
ISBN 13: 9781440322556
Pages: 128
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