Noteworhty Oil Painting and Art Landscape Books

Noteworhty Oil Painting and Art Landscape Books

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Title: Art of Acadia

The Mount Desert Island and Acadia region of Maine has been the subject of artists for hundreds of years and many of America’s most celebrated painters have been inspired here. From Thomas Cole to Richard Estes, painters have captured the exquisite beauty of the island on canvas. Their work has drawn visitors year after year and helped inspire the preservation of its extraordinary natural beauty through the creation of Acadia National Park. This view of the region through the works of talented artists grants a new perspective to our collective appreciation of this unique convergence of land and sea.
Author(s): David Little;Carl Little
ISBN 13: 9781608934744
Pages: 280
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Title: The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting

Offers a guide to landscape painting, discussing the elements and principles of composition, brush techniques, drawing concepts, color palettes, and stages of the painting process.
Author(s): Suzanne Brooker
ISBN 13: 9780804137553
Pages: 208
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Title: Turner

This book opens up Turner's paintings for the eye, demonstrating that he was not simply illustrating nature, but that his pictures speak directly to the eye as nature does itself-through a world of light and colour.
Author(s): Michael Bockemhl
ISBN 13: 9783836504546
Pages: 96
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Title: Drawing and Painting Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes

Artists interested in graphic novels and comic book illustration will find all the guidance and inspiration they need to draw and paint landscapes that evoke myths and legends, lost empires, futuristic planets, dramatic dreamscapes, underwater worlds, and subterranean cities. Easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step illustrations demonstrate techniques for rendering a wide range of fantasy features, whether working in ink, watercolor, or computer pixels. Details covered in this heavily illustrated volume include -- choice of materials, with advice on getting the most from software programs . . . basics of perspective, architectural geometry, color, mood, and seasonal variations . . . landscape features, including skies, clouds, mountains, caves, deserts, snow, and water reflections . . . imagined landscapes from ancient cultures, future worlds, alien planets, undersea worlds, and surreal dreamscapes . . . cityscapes, from medieval towns to the metropolis of the future . . . famous fantasy worlds, from Atlantis to Middle Earth. This good-looking and instructive volume features a gallery of fantasy and science fiction images among its more than 200 color illustrations.
Author(s): Martin McKenna
ISBN 13: 9780764132605
Pages: 128
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Title: Painting the Landscape in Pastel

Known for his use of luminous color, Albert Handell, whose lush landscapes light up these pages, provides lucid instructions to help first-time pastelists achieve impressive results as soon as they begin working with the medium.

After reviewing pastel supplies, the author discusses landscape composition and how to establish large shapes first, abstract certain areas, develop a focal point, work from dark to light, and capture the illusion of reality through color. Stepped demonstrations isolate specific landscape aspects, showing how the pastelist depicts skies, trees, buildings, water, rocks, woods, snow, and light.

Author(s): Anita Louise West
ISBN 13: 9780823039128
Pages: 128
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Title: Digital Landscape Photography: In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams and the Masters

The second edition of this bestselling book will show you what can be learned from the working processes of these masters, and how their lessons on light, composition, and mood can be applied today.
Author(s): Michael Frye
ISBN 13: 9781138859807
Pages: 176
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Title: Thomas Kinkade Painter Light 2017 Day Cl

Author(s): books#volumes totalItems: 1 items: [ { kind: books#volume id: CGC3jwEACAAJ etag: /2u9Jd6dFNg selfLink: volumeInfo: { title: Thomas Kinkade Painter Light 2017 Day Cl
ISBN 13: 9781449476236
Pages: ooks#volumes"
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Title: New England Scenery - Grayscale Photo Coloring for Adults

Author(s): Majestic Coloring
ISBN 13: 9781533370921
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Title: See America - A Celebration of Our National Parks & Treasured Sites

Author(s): Creative Action Network, National Parks Conservation Association
ISBN 13: 9781452148984
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Title: Maine Sublime

Author(s): Wilmerding, John/ Katz,
ISBN 13: 9780801451034
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Title: Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice

Because nature is so expansive and complex, so varied in its range of light, landscape painters often have to look further and more deeply to find form and structure, value patterns, and an organized arrangement of shapes. In Landscape Painting, Mitchell Albala shares his concepts and practices for translating nature's grandeur, complexity, and color dynamics into convincing representations of space and light.  Concise, practical, and inspirational, Landscape Painting focuses on the greatest challenges for the landscape artist, such as: •  Simplification and Massing: Learn to reduce nature's complexity by looking beneath the surface of a subject to discover the form's basic masses and shapes.•  Color and Light: Explore color theory as it specifically applies to the landscape, and learn the various strategies painters use to capture the illusion of natural light.•  Selection and Composition: Learn to select wisely from nature's vast panorama. Albala shows you the essential cues to look for and how to find the most promising subject from a world of possibilities. The lessons in Landscape Painting—based on observation rather than imitation and applicable to both plein air and studio practice—are accompanied by painting examples, demonstrations, photographs, and diagrams. Illustrations draw from the work of more than 40 contemporary artists and such masters of landscape painting as John Constable, Sanford Gifford, and Claude Monet.  Based on Albala's 25 years of experience and the proven methods taught at his successful plein air workshops, this in-depth guide to all aspects of landscape painting is a must-have for anyone getting started in the genre, as well as more experienced practitioners who want to hone their skills or learn new perspectives.

Author(s): Mitchell Albala
ISBN 13: 9780823032204
Pages: 192
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Title: Painting Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes

A full-color guide teachers budding artists how to paint beautiful scenes with 12 step-by-step demonstrations from a master artist.
Author(s): Joyce Hicks
ISBN 13: 9781440329579
Pages: 127
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Title: Obata's Yosemite Woodblock Print [With Envelopes]

Author(s): Chiura Obata
ISBN 13: 9781930238169
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Title: The Book of Legendary Lands

Author(s): Umberto Eco
ISBN 13: 9780847841219
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