People of the Ark (The Ark Chronicles) (Volume 1)

An epic unmatched through the ages… An Almighty power unleashed in a lust-drenched world with a terrible and unyielding hammer. With astounding narrative power—bestselling author, Vaughn Heppner—sweeps the reader into the whirlpool of pageantry, passion, splendor, chaos and earth-shattering upheaval that was the world before the Flood. Here is the story of Methuselah, the wealthy patriarch of a rebellious clan, and Noah, a farmer driven mad with a vision of catastrophic disaster. So begins a towering saga of great events and mortal frailties. It is peopled with a vast, and vivid cast of unforgettable men and women—queens and soldiers, temptresses and wives, carpenters and orphans—combined in a richly embroidered human tapestry to bring a remarkable era to bold and breathtaking life.

Author(s): Vaughn Heppner  

ISBN 10: 1496113934
ISBN 13: 9781496113931
Pages: 296
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