Behemoth (Lost Civilizations) (Volume 5)

Desiring an invincible beast for his host, Gog sends his offspring Dagon to the Sea of Nur. Dagon has one goal: tame the fabled Behemoth and return it to Shamgar. But the mightiest beast of all lives in the shadow of a lost celestial power and in the primitive lands of the Rovian. The journey will surely tax even those of the blood. Seeking their defeat is Lod, a white-bearded swordsman with burning blue eyes, his frame a twisted mass of muscle from twenty long years as an oar-slave. Lod is driven by his visions, and this is to be the battle of his life. BEHEMOTH is a tale of man versus monster and iron versus sorcery. It occurs in the days before the oceans overran the Pre-Cataclysmic World. BEHEMOTH is a fantasy novel by bestselling author Vaughn Heppner.

Author(s): Vaughn Heppner  

ISBN 10: 1497497566
ISBN 13: 9781497497566
Pages: 248
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