The world‭'‬s end...a new beginning. In the dawn age,‭ ‬a man of blazing zeal stands against a lust-drenched civilization filled with intrigue,‭ ‬betrayal,‭ ‬love and war.‭ ‬Noah builds the ship of destiny,‭ ‬naming it the‭ ‬Ark. Nephilim fill the‭ ‬Earth,‭ ‬giant warriors of violence.‭ ‬Women of seductive beauty tempt‭ ‬Noah‭'‬s sons,‭ ‬and kings plot his death.‭ ‬His vision threatens everyone.‭ ‬He is a muscular farmer with an iron will and delusions of a coming apocalypse. The sprawling saga begins in the primeval times of plenty,‭ ‬rich in the knowledge of Adam,‭ ‬Methuselah and the champions known as the‭ ‬sons of the gods.‭ ‬With great wealth comes great debauchery,‭ ‬while sorcerers‭ ‬seek to commune with the fallen angels. After the Flood‭ ‬devastates‭ ‬the Earth,‭ ‬Noah vows to build a new world dedicated to purity.‭ ‬Yet not even the Flood can drown the seeds of lust,‭ ‬pride,‭ ‬greed and jealously planted in the Ark among his sons and their wives.‭ ‬The old evils return,‭ ‬threatening ruin and misery,‭ ‬as the family begins the long climb‭ ‬to a new civilization in a barren world. NOAH‭--‬a strong man with a‭ ‬hardwood staff,‭ ‬his drunkenness will curse his sons. NAAMAH‭--‬the greatest beauty,‭ ‬she breaks everyone‭'‬s heart,‭ ‬ensuring that nothing can save her own. RAHAB‭--‬sweet woman-child of the Antediluvian world,‭ ‬her passion will capture a warrior‭'‬s heart and save another from a traitor‭'‬s wrath. NIMROD‭--‬mighty hero of bloody war,‭ ‬relentless in his vengeance,‭ ‬unyielding in his love. DEBORAH‭--‬beautiful but cunning,‭ ‬she can‭'‬t decide which of Noah‭'‬s grandsons should taste her embrace. HAM‭--‬his strength makes him a legend,‭ ‬but his blindness makes him vulnerable to a woman‭'‬s betrayal and an enemy‭'‬s treachery. A rich and absorbing‭ ‬family saga,‭ ‬NOAH is a keen tale of struggle and adventure,‭ ‬a profound human drama,‭ ‬and a masterful work of sheer storytelling.

Author(s): Vaughn Heppner  

ISBN 10: 1496078462
ISBN 13: 9781496078469
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