Popular and Popular Art Landscape Books

Popular and Popular Art Landscape Books

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Title: The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson

Author(s): David P. Silcox
ISBN 13: 9781554071548
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Title: Painting Water in Watercolour

Renowned watercolor artist, Terry Harrison, shares his expert advice and no-nonsense tips and techniques for producing effective, lively studies of water in this book for beginner artists that allocates just 30 minutes to a painting. The guide presents quick exercises for painting water in all its moods and variations, including ripples, reflections, puddles, streams, breaking waves, choppy water, surf, riverbeds, and much more. There are then 10 step-by-step demonstrations that can be produced in half an hour: a misty lake, a track with puddles, a ford, a waterfall, a lazy river, a stormy sea, cliffs, fishing from a boat, a sunset estuary, and a fishing boat. Encouraging spontaneity and liveliness, this brisk approach demystifies the painting process and quickly builds skills and confidence in amateur artists.

Author(s): Terry Harrison
ISBN 13: 9781844489572
Pages: 96
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Title: Thomas Kinkade Painter Light Script 2017

Author(s): books#volumes totalItems: 1 items: [ { kind: books#volume id: p7TADAEACAAJ etag: i20LQUvbXXU selfLink: https://www.googleapis.com/books/v1/volumes/p7TADAEACAAJ volumeInfo: { title: Thomas Kinkade Painter Light Script 2017
ISBN 13: 9781449476250
Pages: ooks#volumes"
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Title: Art Journey America Landscapes

Author(s): Kipp, Kathryn (EDT)
ISBN 13: 9781440315244
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Title: Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting

The whys and hows of the various aspects of landscape painting: angles and consequent values, aerial and linear perspective, painting of trees, emotional properties of line and mass in composition, light, unity of tone, plus information on canvas, palette, brushes, more. 34 black-and-white reproductions of paintings by Carlson. 58 explanatory diagrams.
Author(s): John F. Carlson
ISBN 13: 9780486229270
Pages: 144
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Title: Draw It

With a multitude of examples and helpful insights for both the professional and beginner, this book will help you take the world around you and Draw It.
Author(s): Lynn Craig
ISBN 13: 9781941806760
Pages: 208
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Title: Painting Little Landscapes - Small-scale Watercolors of the Great Outdoors

Author(s): Zoltan Szabo
ISBN 13: 9781626549173
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Title: Drawing Nature for the Absolute Beginner: A Clear and Easy Guide to Drawing Landscapes and Nature

Have you ever experienced the peace of walking through the woods or the excitement of a storm gathering on a beach? Artwork provides the ability for us to capture those moments and share them with others.

Drawing Nature for the Absolute Beginner offers a great beginner's course on drawing nature. In their fun and friendly teaching style, Mark and Mary Willenbrink show you how to realistically capture the world around you.

All you need to get started are some simple supplies, basic techniques, and inspiration. From field to forest, beach or mountain, begin with a structural sketch, apply values and textures, and, before you know it, you'll be drawing everything you see. You'll even learn how to render favorite wildlife such as chipmunks, deer and eagles!

  • Follow along with easy step-by-step demonstrations to draw rocks, seashells, butterflies and even more developed nature scenes.
  • Gain a working understanding of key concepts such as perspective, value and composition.
  • Discover simple tools and tips you can use right away to improve your art.
Your artistic journey can be as pleasant as your final destination with drawing instruction meant for everyone.
Author(s): Mark Willenbrink
ISBN 13: 9781440323355
Pages: 128
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Title: Creating Textured Landscapes with Pen, Ink and Watercolor

Texture makes the difference between run-of-the-mill landscapes, and paintings that spring to life. In Creating Textured Landscapes with Pen, Ink and Watercolor, pen and ink is used to add depth, impact and textural contrast—the key to realism in landscape painting. With the help of reference photos and field sketches, the author shows how to create realistic and colorful paintings of landscapes ranging from expansive mountain vistas to more intimate vignettes. Various components of landscape paintings are simplified for the reader and brought together throughout each chapter into full-page finished landscapes, giving readers a goal to work towards. The tools demonstrated are simple and fun to use plus pen and ink is used to enhance the more highly textured areas of the paintings.
Author(s): Claudia Nice
ISBN 13: 9781440318566
Pages: 144
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Title: Thomas Kinkade Special Collector's Edition with Scripture 2017 Deluxe Wall Calen

Author(s): Poster Revolution
ISBN 13: 9781449476182
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Title: Nautical Scenes to Paint or Color

Author(s): Dot Barlowe
ISBN 13: 9780486456935
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Title: Charles Fritz: 100 Paintings Illustrating the Journals of Lewis and Clark

Charles Fritz: 100 Paintings Illustrating the Journals of Lewis and Clark unites exquisite Western art with one of our nation's greatest epics.

The result of a decade of comprehensive research and on-location painting, this expanded collection of 100 paintings depicts the triumphs and travails of the Corps of Discovery's two-and-a-half-year trek through unknown territory to the Pacific Ocean and back between 1804 and 1806.

Although several members of the Corps of Discovery kept journals, an artist did not accompany the expedition. Unlike almost every expedition since, there had been no one to visually document the unique people, landscapes, animals, and plants never before seen by Americans living in the East.

With artistry and a passion for historical accuracy, Charles Fritz, one of the nation's most respected Western artists, brings the Journals of Lewis and Clark to life, telling this remarkable American story visually-and for the first time allowing us to experience what the Corps saw on their historic journey.

Signed and numbered limited editions are available from the publisher.

AWARDS: Silver medal, 2010 Benjamin Franklin Awards

Author(s): Fritz, Charles , Peterson, Timothy
ISBN 13: 9781560374466
Pages: 136
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Title: On the Water - Grayscale Photo Coloring for Adults

Author(s): Majestic Coloring
ISBN 13: 9781534958333
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