List of Books on Life of Inventor Thomas Edison

List of Books on Life of Inventor Thomas Edison

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Title: Edison

Thomas Edisonís inventions shape every day of a modern man or womanís life. If today youíve listened to recorded music, watched a television show or movie, plugged something into an electric socket, had an X-ray, turned on your car, spoke on the telephone, or flicked on an electric light, you have Edison to thank for his pioneering work in these fields, and many more. Yet Edison is all too often remembered in popular culture only as villain for his feuds with other inventors, most notably the mad genius Nikola Tesla. In this thrilling, compact biography, Alexander Kennedy sorts fact from fiction in the life of the most prolific inventor in human history. We follow Edison, the ultimate self-made man, from his origins as a Michigan telegraph boy to the pinnacle of success as an industrial titan. Along the way, Kennedy carefully explains each of Edisonís key breakthroughs as well as the blots on his record, such as his anti-Semitism and his unhappy family life. The portrait that emerges is a man who is neither hero nor villain, sometimes a saint and sometimes a sinneróbut always a genius... "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." - Thomas Edison Buy Now to Discover: Explanations of Edisonís most important breakthroughs, written in accessible laymanís language. The founding of Menlo Park, one of the worldís greatest laboratories. The true story of Edisonís rivalry with Tesla. Edisonís pioneering role in discovering the health effects of tobacco. The surprising history of the electric chair and the electrocution of Topsy the elephant. Edisonís friendship with Henry Fordóand the trouble it led him into. Edisonís role in World War I. Buy Now and Read the True Story of Thomas Edison Thank you in advance for buying our book. We know you'll love it!
Author(s): Alexander Kennedy
ISBN 13: 9781535252799
Pages: 180
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Title: Edison, His Life and Inventions

The book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge.
Subjects: Inventors; Biography
Author(s): Frank Lewis Dyer
ISBN 13: 9781406827026
Pages: 508
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Title: Uncommon Friends; Life with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Alexis Carrel and Charles Lindbergh

Newton engagingly recalls a lifetime of friendship with five giants of the twentieth century. Foreword by Anne Morrow Lindbergh; Index; photographs.

Warm, human, insightful portraits of 20th century heroes and heroines whose personal sides few people have known.

Author(s): James Newton
ISBN 13: 9780156926201
Pages: 384
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Title: The Wizard of Menlo Park: How Thomas Alva Edison Invented the Modern World

Starting with the first public demonstrations of the phonograph in 1878 and extending through the development of incandescent light and the first motion-picture cameras, Thomas Edisonís name became emblematic of all the wonder and promise of the emerging age of technological marvels. But this critical biography of the man who is arguably the most famous of all Americans provides a fuller view of Edisonís life and timesĖrevealing not only how he worked, but how he managed his own fame, becoming the first great celebrity of the modern age. An in-depth portrait of America's greatest inventor journeys inside the life and Menlo Park, New Jersey, laboratory of Thomas Edison, documenting not only his revolutionary technological innovations, but also his remarkable ability to ...
Author(s): Randall E. Stross
ISBN 13: 9781400047635
Pages: 376
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Title: Edison: Inventing the Century

"The genius of America's most prolific inventor, Thomas Edison, is widely acknowledged, and Edison himself has become an almost mythic figure. But how much do we really know about the man who considered deriving rubber from a goldenrod plant as opposed to the mastermind who gave us electric light? In this fascinating biography, Neil Baldwin gives us a complex portrait of the inventor himself - both myth and man - and a multifaceted account of the intellectual climate of the country he worked in and irrevocably changed."--BOOK JACKET.

In a work filled with admiration as well as revelation, critically acclaimed biographer Neil Baldwin presents the first biography of American icon Thomas Edison ever to penetrate beneath the mythic personification of genius to explore the man himself. 50 photos.

Author(s): Neil Baldwin
ISBN 13: 9780226035710
Pages: 542
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Title: Wizard of Menlo Park - Thomas Edison: A Quick-Read Biography about the Life and Times of an Inventor with Far-reaching Influence! (Quick-Read Biography Series) (Volume 6)

A Short, Yet Interesting, Biography! Learn More About This Visionary Inventor, Industrialist, and Businessman! Ever wanted to learn more about Thomas Edison, but never felt you had the time to read a comprehensive work? Here author Cynthia A. Parker removes that pain by offering an opportunity to Get-to-Know the Wizard of Menlo Park to learn of his youth and upbringing, his early career, and of course his pivotal role as in inventor, industrialist, and businessman! Turn these pages and enjoy the opportunity to learn history, but better yet to come to know Edison better through Parkerís amazing ability to describe his life, his eccentricities and above all, his accomplishments; making this an enjoyable and interesting Quick-Read Biography.
Author(s): Cynthia A. Parker
ISBN 13: 9781511692588
Pages: 74
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Title: Thomas Edison: American Inventor

Everyone knows that Thomas Edison is Americaís most famous inventor. But what exactly drove him to invent? Have you ever heard of the phonograph, or the kinetoscope? And what made his incandescent light bulb so special anyway? In this book, you will learn about Edisonís busy childhood as a young inventor and entrepreneur conducting chemical experiments aboard a moving train car, his nomadic youth as a wandering telegraph operator, and about the five miraculous years of invention that produced the phonograph and the incandescent light bulb, inventions that made Edison the most famous American in history before he was thirty five years old. Through the inclusion of primary documents, including letters written by Edison himself, his diary entries, and newspaper articles from the 19th century and after, this book will help you see through the eyes of an ordinary American glimpsing electric light for the first time, or listening to records on the phonograph, or viewing the very first motion pictures. From his friendship with Henry Ford, to his work for the American navy during World War I, Thomas Edison was the original American hero, lighting all of history with his extraordinary inventions.
Author(s): Michael W. Simmons
ISBN 13: 9781536832327
Pages: 244
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Title: Merchant of Power: Sam Insull, Thomas Edison, and the Creation of the Modern Metropolis

"At the height of his career Samuel Insull was one of the richest men in the world, a celebrity businessman who commanded a commercial empire and wielded enormous influence in political and financial circles. Yet he died deeply in debt and almost universally despised by the American public, and today his name has nearly been forgotten. The Merchant of Power recounts the life of this extraordinary man, following him from his impoverished childhood to a job as Thomas Edison's secretary, and on to his pivotal role in the creation of General Electric and his invention of the power grid that sustains major cities even today." Drawing on unprecedented access to Samuel Insull's archives and his private correspondence with Edison, author John Wasik recreates Insull's world, establishing him as one of the larger-than-life figures who made real the American century. He also describes Insull's growing ambitions, and the excessive business practices that attracted the attention of Franklin Roosevelt and ultimately toppled his empire. Eerily reminiscent of the corporate scandals of today, this timely book depicts a man ahead of his time while remaining a cautionary tale of the abuse of corporate power.
Author(s): John F. Wasik
ISBN 13: 9780230609525
Pages: 288
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Title: Edison A Biography

Regarded as the classic standard biography on Thomas Edison. It is the only biography written in the last 40 years to be recommended by the official voice of the caretakers of the Edison Laboratory National Monument in New Jersey which houses all of Edison's original records, sketches, notes, correspondence and memoranda. Depicts Edison as a pivotal figure in America's economic and industrial revolution success and at the same time as a human being, including his exploitative and, at times, crude qualities.

Described as biographical writing of the highest order, Matthew Josephson's biography of the "Wizard of Menlo Park" is as valid today as it was at its initial publication 30 years ago. Scholars at the Edison Papers describe it as the single best account of Edison available, and this edition features a new introduction by the Editor of the Papers.

Author(s): Matthew Josephson
ISBN 13: 9780471548065
Pages: 528
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Title: Thomas A. Edison: Young Inventor (Childhood of Famous Americans Series)

Author(s): Sue Guthridge
ISBN 13: 9780020418504
Pages: 192
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Title: Empires of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World

A riveting chronicle of scientific history recounts the race among three great titans of the Gilded Age--inventor Thomas Alva Edison, creator of the incandescent light bulb; eccentric genius Nikola Tesla; and George Westinghouse, a tough ...
Author(s): Jill Jonnes
ISBN 13: 9780375758843
Pages: 424
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Title: Edison : A Life of Invention

Author(s): Paul Israel
ISBN 13: 9780471362708
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Title: The Story of Thomas Alva Edison

Beginning with Thomas Edisonís childhood, when he set up his first laboratory in his basement as a 10-year-old, and following through his many jobs before he was able to support himself as an inventor, this is the true story of the man who brought the world the phonograph, motion pictures, and even the electric light bulbórevolutionary inventions that forever changed the way people live.
ďOne of the most critically acclaimed, best-selling childrenís book series ever published.ĒóThe New York Times
Margaret Cousins is also the author of the Landmark Book Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia.

A biography of the great inventor whose creations have contributed to the comfort, convenience, and entertainment of people all over the world.

Author(s): Margaret Cousins
ISBN 13: 9780394848839
Pages: 192
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Title: Thomas Edison: Inspiration and Hard Work

With only three months of formal education, Thomas Edison grew up to be one of the most successful inventors of all time. Edison's rise from humble beginnings and his unceasing struggle to overcome obstacles illustrate the spirit of America. His genius and investigative methods shaped the future and continue to influence new generations (1847-1931).
Author(s): Janet Benge, Geoff Benge
ISBN 13: 9781932096378
Pages: 208
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