Biographies of James I of England

Biographies of James I of England

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Title: James I

Few kings have been more savagely caricatured or grossly misunderstood than England s first Stuart.
Author(s): John Matusiak
ISBN 13: 9780750955621
Pages: 352
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Title: Majestie: The King Behind the King James Bible

Written with a touch of the irreverent, Majestie is a shared biography: that of the first Stuart King of England (James I) and the Bible that goes by his name. It is part tabloid, part history lesson, part speculation; but it's all James.

A biography of James Stuart is a study in paradox, one that entertains as much as it informs. James I waddles through history, sidewise and crablike. Intellectually astute, he can dazzle and charm with the polish of his rhetoric one minute, and speak with the vulgarity of a tavern bawd the next. James is an amusing mix of bombast and majesty, of sparkle and grime, of smut and brilliance, of visionary headship and foolishness. And only he, this all-too-human king, our flawed James, could have given us the great book he did.

Early in his reign, James fashioned himself as the "new Solomon," the pacifist prince entering the "the land of promise," that is, the England inherited from his cousin Elizabeth. But the milk and honey he expected was a mirage. Still, in many respects he flirts with greatness. He is the first king of a united, or "Great Britain." For all his foibles, all his bungling, James possesses an evolved sense of majesty, a type of faith in majesty itself, and wants nothing more than for his new Bible to reflect this majesty, to gild and elevate the reign, to be the great medicine that might heal the realm.

Colorful, witty, imperfect, sensuous, bawdy, intelligent, England has had no king like him, nor any book like the one he bequeathed us, before or since.

Author(s): David Teems
ISBN 13: 9781595552204
Pages: 320
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Title: King James

Pauline Croft's clear and concise study provides a narrative of the reign of King James VI and I in his dominions of England, Ireland, and Scotland, together with an authoritative analysis of his remarkable, though flawed, achievements. Croft emphasizes the inter-relationships between domestic and foreign policy, religious tensions at home and abroad, finance and parliamentary politics, while also discussing the king's writings, his personal life, and his approach to the problems posed by multiple monarchy. King James is the first account of the monarch to place him in the context of all his kingdoms.
Author(s): Pauline Croft
ISBN 13: 9780333613955
Pages: 208
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Title: Gods Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible

Author(s): Adam Nicolson
ISBN 13: 9780060185169
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Title: After Elizabeth

Author(s): Leanda de Lisle
ISBN 13: 9780345450456
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Title: King James & letters of homoerotic desire

Author(s): David M. Bergeron
ISBN 13: 9780877456698
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