Books on Contract, Law, and How to Draft Them

Books on Contract, Law, and How to Draft Them

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Title: Drafting Contracts

Features: More exercises throughout the book, incorporating More precedents for use in exercises Exercises designed to teach students how to read and analyze a contract progressively more difficult and sophisticated New, multi-draft ...
Author(s): Tina L. Stark
ISBN 13: 9780735594777
Pages: 567
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Title: Rules of Contract Law 2014-2015 Statutory Supplement

Rules of Contract Law, 2015-2016 Statutory Supplement
Author(s): Knapp
ISBN 13: 9781454840596
Pages: 339
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Title: Contracts, Fourth Edition, Textbook Treatise Series, Paperback

This eagerly awaited revision of a prestigious student treatise helps professors demystify the intricacies of contract law. Long respected for its clarity and accessibility, Contracts, in its completely updated Fourth Edition, continues to illuminate doctrine and practice.

The textbook builds on its well-known strengths:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all of the topics that figure prominently in most contracts courses.
  • Intuitive, insightful approach for first-year law students...
  • Clear explanations of the rules, illustrated with noteworthy examples.
  • Incorporation of many recent cases into examples.
  • Clear prose and incisive analysis
  • Reflection of the expertise of the author, who has also written a successful practitioner treatise.
  • Suitability for use alongside any casebook.

The Fourth Edition keeps pace with developments in the field, providing:

  • Detailed comparisons of the contract rules of 2003, revised Article 2 (2003), with previous Article 2.
  • Citations to revised Articles 1 and 9.
  • Citations to dozens of new cases, including those applying CISG (Vienna Sales Convention) and reference to current decisions in such areas as employment agreements, enforceability of arbitration clauses, anti-nuptial contracts, liquidated damages, pre-contractual liability, and electronic contracting.
  • Citations to new law journal articles and updated citations to other secondary sources.

Learning contract law will be less daunting when the Fourth Edition of E. Allan Farnsworth's Contracts is available for extra assistance.

Author(s): E. Allan Farnsworth
ISBN 13: 9780735545403
Pages: 769
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Title: Negotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate

Lawyers use the term "boilerplate" to refer to the provisions at a contract's end-choice of law, notice, arbitration, assignments, etc. Costly problems arise when drafters ignore the subtleties of these provisions. This remarkable book gives you new insights into language you've seen countless times. Written by expert practitioners and incorporating the latest case law, the book covers over 20 provisions. For each provision, it explains the law and parses the provision in detail, including variations. You'll never look at a contract the same way again.
Author(s): Tina Stark
ISBN 13: 9781588521057
Pages: 350
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Title: Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts

Author(s): Marvin A. Chirelstein
ISBN 13: 9781609303303
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Title: Contract Law, Selected Source Materials Annotated

Students will better understand the selectionâe(tm)s point, purpose, and content; and teachers will have less need to explain an assigned selectionâe(tm)s context. This volume can be used with any contracts casebook.
Author(s): Steven Burton Melvin Eisenberg
ISBN 13: 9781634607483
Pages: 277
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Title: Understanding Contracts

This Understanding treatise is designed for first-year law students enrolled in Contracts. The text explains common law principles of contract law using cases and examples that students commonly encounter in this first-year course. It draws illustrations from the Restatement (Second) of Contracts, and from Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code as it has been adopted in all fifty states. This edition includes expanded material on the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods, and the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts, appropriate to a basic course in Contracts, and on modern statutes regarding electronic contracting. Understanding Contracts was written with the understanding that Contracts will be one of the most challenging courses first-year law students will take. It explains how key concepts apply in several recurring basic fact patterns. It then builds on those fact patterns to explain how the law is more difficult to apply in business transactions with more complex facts. A key feature of Understanding Contracts, that is not found in other similar books, is its conscious incorporation of basic explanations of the common business practices to which the law of contracts applies. The feature helps students, many of whom have not had any background in the business world, understand contract law in the business settings in which it frequently applies. The book also provides detailed topic headings that students can use to develop their own comprehensive course outline.
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Ferriell
ISBN 13: 9780769898087
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Title: Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) - as of January 1, 2016

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) contains the uniform policies and procedures for acquisitions by executive agencies of the federal government. The FAR is issued and maintained by the Department of Defense, the General Services Administration, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The January 2016 CCH Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) reproduces the FAR and all amendments to the regulations issued prior to January 1, 2016, along with an easy-to-use topical index. Sources of the amended text are listed in brackets along with the date of issuance and the effective date for all sections changed since the initial text of FAR appeared in the Federal Register of September 19, 1983. The January 2016 edition of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) has been updated to include the latest Federal Acquisition Circulars, final rules, interim rules, and corrections made since July 1, 2015. In addition, it has been updated to include current coverage of: Use of Simplified Acquisition Procedures for Commercial Items Prohibition on Contracting with Inverted Domestic Corporations Justification for Urgent Noncompetitive Awards Exceeding One Year Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool Inflation Adjustment of Aquisition-Related Thresholds And much more!
Author(s): Wolters Kluwer
ISBN 13: 9781454874003
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Title: Basic Wills Trusts & Estates for Paralegals, Sixth Edition (Aspen College)

This quick, simple, and straightforward introduction to all of the basics of wills, trusts, and estates law was specifically designed for paralegal students. Continuing examples describing four different families provide an accessible structure and helpful point of reference for students learning the intricacies of estate planning.
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Helewitz
ISBN 13: 9781454831358
Pages: 512
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Title: Contracts in a Nutshell

Author(s): Claude D. Rohwer
ISBN 13: 9780314925640
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Title: Basic Contract Law for Paralegals

Author(s): Jeffrey A. Helewitz
ISBN 13: 9781454855552
Pages: 468
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Title: Selections for Contracts

This statutory supplement contains the major statutes, forms, and other materials affecting contract law.
Author(s): E. Farnsworth Carol Sanger Larry Garvin Neil Cohen Richard Brooks
ISBN 13: 9781634594653
Pages: 496
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Title: Emanuel Law Outlines Contracts

Created by Steven Emanuel, these course outlines have been relied on by generations of law students. Each title includes both capsule and detailed versions of the critical issues and key topics you must know to master the course.
Author(s): books#volumes totalItems: 1 items: [ { kind: books#volume id: uUNujgEACAAJ etag: 6P7s0Kl6ytQ selfLink: volumeInfo: { title: Emanuel Law Outlines Contracts indu
ISBN 13: 9781454870142
Pages: ooks#volumes"
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Title: A Short and Happy Guide to Contracts

Author(s): Epstein, David
ISBN 13: 9780314277930
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Title: Evidence

Author(s): Emanuel, Steven L.
ISBN 13: 9781454824893
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Title: Formation of Government Contracts, Fourth Edition

The book is focused entirely on the formation of a contract and#8211; from the earliest planning until contract award. For our purposes, the award of a contract begins the process of contract administration, a separate process. As with previous editions, the goal is to make the reader aware of the statutes, regulations and decisions that establish the complex rule structure that is followed in the process of entering into government contracts.
Author(s): CCH Incorporated
ISBN 13: 9780808024446
Pages: 1830
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Title: Working With Contracts: What Law School Doesn't Teach You

The second edition of Charles Fox's bestselling paperback guide, Working with Contracts: What Law School Doesn't Teach You, updates the original edition published in 2002.The perfect resource for new associates, law school students, business people, or anyone who frequently deals with complex contracts, the Second Edition expands existing material on contract covenants and remedies for breach of a covenant; due diligence conditions; organization of the agreement; credit-related provisions; acquisition-related provisions; the integration clause; and indemnification. Other miscellaneous revisions are found in every chapter of the Second Edition. In addition, the glossary and the index have been thoroughly revised. In its updated form, Working with Contracts remains the most useful and practical guide for anyone dealing with sophisticated agreements.

Author(s): Charles Fox
ISBN 13: 9781402410604
Pages: 330
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Title: Acing Contracts

This study aid features an innovative method of content organization. It uses a checklist format to lead students through questions they need to ask to fully evaluate the legal problem they are trying to solve. It also synthesizes the material in a way that most students are unable to do on their own, and assembles the different issues, presenting a clear guide to procedural analysis that students can draw upon when writing their exams. Other study aids provide sample problems, but none offer the systematic approach to problem solving found in this book.

Author(s): Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus
ISBN 13: 9780314171719
Pages: 389
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Title: Gilbert Law Summaries Contracts

Author(s): Melvin A. Eisenberg
ISBN 13: 9780159007761
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Title: The Tech Contracts Handbook

This is a distinctly user-friendly reference manual and training guide on software licenses and other IT agreements, along with cloud computing issues.
Author(s): David W. Tollen
ISBN 13: 9781634251785
Pages: 275
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Title: Emanuel Crunchtime: Contracts

Author(s): Emanuel, Steven
ISBN 13: 9781454809180
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