Biographies on Pope John Paul II

Biographies on Pope John Paul II

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Title: Gift and Mystery: On the Fiftieth Anniversary of My Priestly Ordination

"In Gift and Mystery we read 'For every priest, in every age, the greatest task is each day to discover his own priestly "today" in the "today" of Christ.' John Paul II understands that the event of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ in world history continues daily in a special way in the priestly brotherhood of those who have been chosen to follow in his footsteps--and indeed in every man and woman, all called through the gift of faith to a life of holiness. In concluding Gift and Mystery, the pope writes to his brother priests, 'Learn to see in your priesthood the Gospel treasure for which it is worth giving up everything.' Surely in the life of this pope we see an extraordinary example of someone who has treasured the gift of his priestly ministry for more than fifty years."
- From the foreword of Carl A. Anderson, Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus
Author(s): Pope John Paul II
ISBN 13: 9780385493710
Pages: 144
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Title: The End and the Beginning: Pope John Paul II--The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, the Legacy

“As March gave way to April in the spring of 2005 and the world kept vigil outside the apostolic palace in Rome, the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, then drawing to a poignant end, was already being described as one of the most consequential in two millennia of Christian history.”
With these words, world-renowned author and NBC Vatican analyst George Weigel begins his long-awaited sequel to the international bestseller Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II. More than ten years in the making, The End and the Beginning: Pope John Paul II—The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, the Legacy tells the dramatic story of the Pope’s battle with communism in light of new and recently disclosed information and brings to a close Weigel’s landmark portrait of a man who not only left an indelible mark on the Catholic Church, but also changed the course of world history.
When he was elected pope in the fall of 1978, few people had ever heard of the charismatic Karol Wojty—a. But in a very short time he would ignite a revolution of conscience in his native Poland that would ultimately lead to the collapse of European communism and death of the Soviet Union. What even fewer people knew was that the KGB, the Polish Secret Police, and the East German Stasi had been waging a dangerous, decades-long war against Wojty—a and the Vatican itself. Weigel, with unprecedented access to many Soviet-era documents, chronicles John Paul’s struggle against the dark forces of communism.
Moreover, Weigel recounts the tumultuous last years of John Paul’s life as he dealt with a crippling illness as well as the “new world disorder” and revelations about corruption within the Catholic Church. Weigel’s thought-provoking biography of John Paul II concludes with a probing and passionate assessment of a man who lived his life as a witness to hope in service to the Christian ideals he embraced.
Author(s): George Weigel
ISBN 13: 9780385524803
Pages: 608
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Title: City of Saints

"In this ... illustrated spiritual travelogue, New York Times bestselling author George Weigel leads readers through the historic streets of Krakaow, Poland, introducing one of the world's great cities through the life of one of the most ... Pope John Paul II, was a man whose life was the expression of a richly textured and multidimensional soul. The many layers of that soul took on their first, mature form in Kraków.” – George Weigel In this beautifully illustrated spiritual travelogue, New York Times bestselling author George Weigel leads readers through the historic streets of Kraków, Poland, introducing one of the world’s great cities through the life of one of the most influential Catholic leaders of all time. With stunning photographs by Stephen Weigel and notes on the city’s remarkable fabric by Carrie Gress, City of Saints offers an in-depth look at a man and a city that made an indelible impression on the life and thought of the Catholic Church and the 21st century world.
Author(s): George Weigel;Carrie Gress;Stephen Weigel
ISBN 13: 9780553418903
Pages: 336
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Title: Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II

The Definitive Biography of Pope John Paul II

Witness to Hope is the authoritative biography of one of the singular figures — some might argue the singular figure — of our time. With unprecedented cooperation from John Paul II and the people who knew and worked with him throughout his life, George Weigel offers a groundbreaking portrait of the Pope as a man, a thinker, and a leader whose religious convictions defined a new approach to world politics — and changed the course of history. As even his critics concede, John Paul II occupied a unique place on the world stage and put down intellectual markers that no one could ignore or avoid as humanity entered a new millennium fraught with possibility and danger.

The Pope was a man of prodigious energy who played a crucial yet insufficiently explored role in some of the most momentous events of our time, including the collapse of European communism, the quest for peace in the Middle East, and the democratic transformation of Latin America. This updated edition of Witness to Hope explains how this "man from a far country" did all of that, and much more — and what both his accomplishments and the unfinished business of his pontificate mean for the future of the Church and the world.

Author(s): George Weigel
ISBN 13: 9780060732035
Pages: 1056
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Title: Pope John Paul II: The Biography

Pope John Paul II is one of the pivotal figures of this century, the spiritual head of more than one billion believers and a world statesman of immense stature and influence. Yet, at the age of seventy-six and in the eighteenth year of his papacy, he remains a mystery -- theologically, politically, and personally. Now, through unprecedented access to both the Pope himself and those close to him, veteran New York Times correspondent and award-winning author Tad Szulc delivers the definitive biography of John Paul II. This strikingly intimate portrait highlights the Polishness that shapes the Pope's mysticism and pragmatism, while providing a behind-the-scenes look at the significant events of his public and private life, including:

The inside story of the negotiations involving John Paul II, Soviet President Gorbachev, and General Jaruzelski of Poland that led to Poland's and Eastern Europe's transition from communism to democracy

John Paul II's secret diplomacy, which resulted in the establishment of relations between the Holy See and Israel

The never-before-told story of how the Polish communist regime helped to "make" Karol Wojtyla an archbishop, the key step on his road to the papacy.

Fascinating and thought-provoking, this biography of Pope John Paul II is vital reading not only for Roman Catholics, but for anyone interested in one of the most important figures of our time.

The acclaimed, definitive biography of one of the most influential figures of our time is now in paperback! This intimate portrait of the Pope sheds light on how his history--and very Polishness--has shaped both his pragmatism and mysticism. Szulc also reveals many aspects of his life that have never before come to light.

Author(s): Tad Szulc
ISBN 13: 9781416588863
Pages: 656
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Title: John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father

From New York Times bestselling author Peggy Noonan comes "a beautifully written testimony about . . . the most historically recognized pope" (Library Journal)

With such accla imed books as When Character Was King, Peggy Noonan has become one of our most eloquent and respected commentators. Now she offers a stirring portrait of a spiritual and intellectual giant who personally confronted all of the worst tragedies of his age. Drawing on scholarship, interviews with prominent Catholics, and her own experience, Noonan traces the extraordinary life and struggles of Pope John Paul II with characteristic insight and probity-and explores how much we can learn from his leadership, diplomacy, humility, and holiness. Passionate and often deeply personal, John Paul the Great is as exceptional as the man it celebrates.

Author(s): Peggy Noonan
ISBN 13: 9780143037941
Pages: 256
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Title: John Paul II: A Life of Grace

Every person s life is guided and has a unique design...facts and events are meant to help us know where our true path lies. from Chapter Eight The facts of Pope John Paul II s life are well known, but the mystery of his unique journey has not always been as clear. The pope himself once said: In God s plan, nothing happens by chance and his life bears that out. His narrow escapes from death, starting in boyhood, seem miraculous. The premature death of his mother, father and beloved older brother, his life under the Nazis in occupied Poland, and his years in an underground seminary all helped shape his life choices. Later, the Cardinal of Cracow refused to give him permission to join a contemplative religious order, a decision that now seems providential. ( In the future, the Cardinal said, he will be needed by the whole Church. ) John Paul II is a pope of milestones, a poet, mystic, philosopher and theoretician. John Paul II: A Life of Grace brings these elements of his personality and many events of his life into focus as part of the mysterious action of God in helping this great man discover and accept his destiny.
Author(s): Renzo Allegri
ISBN 13: 9780867166576
Pages: 202
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