Best Selling Books on Social Media Marketing

Best Selling Books on Social Media Marketing

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Title: Social Media

"The goal of this book is to help you become more acquainted with the social media of your choice.
Author(s): J. Wolf
ISBN 13: 9781517036676
Pages: 148
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Title: Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

If the idea of starting a social media marketing campaign overwhelms you, the author of Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day will introduce you to the basics, demonstrate how to manage details and describe how you can track results.  Case studies, step-by-step guides, checklists, quizzes and hands-on tutorials will help you execute a social media marketing campaign in just one hour a day.  In addition, learn how to integrate social media metrics with traditional media measurements and how to leverage blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, and user-generated content sharing sites like YouTube.

Author(s): Dave Evans
ISBN 13: 9781118194492
Pages: 432
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Title: Growth Hacker Marketing

Whether you work for a tiny start-up or a Fortune 500 giant, if you’re responsible for building awareness and buzz for a product or service, this is your road map. A new generation of megabrands like Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Twitter haven’t spent a dime on traditional marketing. No press releases, no TV commercials, no billboards. Instead, they rely on a new strategy—growth hacking—to reach many more people despite modest marketing budgets. Growth hackers have thrown out the old playbook and replaced it with tools that are testable, trackable, and scalable. They believe that products and businesses should be modified repeatedly until they’re primed to generate explosive reactions.
Author(s): Ryan Holiday
ISBN 13: 9781591847380
Pages: 111
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Title: The Zen of Social Media Marketing

Author(s): Shama Hyder
ISBN 13: 9781942952060
Pages: 256
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Title: No B.s. Guide to Direct Response Social Media

This book covers how to stop being a wimp and make the switch from a passive content presence into an active conversion tool; how to become a lead magnet by setting up social media profiles that focus on the needs of ideal prospects (not ...
Author(s): Dan S. Kennedy Kim Walsh-Phillips
ISBN 13: 9781599185774
Pages: 262
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Title: Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks)

Yes, you do have to be liked by everyone!

Real friends communicate with honesty, listen closely, and aren't afraid to admit when they're wrong. If you want to succeed in social media, you have to behave the same way.

Likeable Social Media provides 18 strategies for creating an authentic “brand personality” through Facebook and other social media platform.

Dave Kerpen, a leading thought leader in social-media marketing, reveals the secrets to building a brand's popularity by being authentic, engaging, and transparent on Facebook and other social media sites. You'll learn the same methods he has used to successfully redefine the brands of a number of large companies, including including, Neutrogena, and Verizon FiOS.

Complete with serious strategies communicated with wit and humor, Likeable Social Media is the definitive source for using social media to win new customers, gather valuable feedback, and increase the bottom line.

Author(s): Dave Kerpen
ISBN 13: 9780071762342
Pages: 272
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Title: Social Media

You will discover everything you need to know about Social Media Marketing! Within this book's pages you will find the answers to these questions and more.
Author(s): James Drummond
ISBN 13: 9781535482592
Pages: 80
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Title: Facebook

Do you want to know how can Facebook help you promote your brand, products and services?FromFacebook:Master Facebook Marketing - Facebook Advertising, Small Business & Branding, you'll learn: Facebook Marketing Using Facebook Pages Paid ...
Author(s): Grant Kennedy
ISBN 13: 9781530893492
Pages: 134
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Title: Social Media Marketing

Is your competition outranking you in search engines? Are you wondering how to turn your “Likes” into leads, and convert them into cash? Are you worried about your site not getting enough visitors? I felt the same confusion when I was starting out as an Internet marketer. Fortunately, now, you won’t have to. Here’s why: In 2013, more marketers looked to social media marketing with more value. About 86% of them cited that social media is a significant part of their business, while 89% of them said that it benefits them by increasing their exposure to the market. Just think about these facts: -Facebook has 1.23 BILLION active users -Google + has 345 million active users -Every second, 2 members join LinkedIn -70% of Pinterest users are female -YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users every month -Grandparents are now the fastest growing demographic on Twitter -400 million tweets are sent each day - 53% of Twitter users recommend products in their tweets -93% of shoppers’ purchasing decisions are greatly influenced by social media -90% of consumers trust the recommendations of their peers You’d be insane not to take advantage of these opportunities!
Author(s): Terrance Howard
ISBN 13: 9781535262521
Pages: 60
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Title: Social Media Marketing

Author(s): Melissa S. Barker
ISBN 13: 9780538480871
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Title: Social Media Marketing

Author(s): Tuten, Tracy L./
ISBN 13: 9780132551793
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Title: The Art of Social Media

There are more than one hundred tips in this book. You don't need to do every one right away or even ever, so take a deep breath. But there is nothing in this book that isn't tactical and practical, because that's the kind of people we are.
Author(s): Guy Kawasaki Peg Fitzpatrick
ISBN 13: 9780241199473
Pages: 208
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