14 Books on Consumer Law

14 Books on Consumer Law

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Title: Arrest-Proof Yourself

Author(s): Dale C. Carson
ISBN 13: 9781613748046
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Title: Consumer Law & Protection: A Practical Approach for Paralegals and the Public

Author(s): Neal R. Bevans
ISBN 13: 9781594608377
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Title: The Fine Print

Author(s): David Cay Johnston
ISBN 13: 9781591846536
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Title: Food Law in the United States

Covering a broad expanse of topics including commerce, food safety, marketing, nutrition, and emerging food-systems issues such as local food, sustainability, security, urban agriculture, and equity, this book is an essential reference for ...
Author(s): Michael T. Roberts
ISBN 13: 9781107545762
Pages: 468
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Title: Selected Consumer Statutes (Selected Statutes)

This statutory supplement is for use with the casebook and is the most up-to-date collection of statutes, regulations, and other consumer law materials available for use in a consumer protection course or for practicing attorneys.
Author(s): Dee Pridgen;Jeff Sovern;Christopher Peterson
ISBN 13: 9781628105520
Pages: 1244
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Title: Consumer Protection Law in a Nutshell

Federal and state law dealing with consumer transactions is covered, including caselaw and statutes. The volume begins with an overview of public (both FTC and CFPB) and private enforcement actions to regulate the marketplace.
Author(s): Dee Pridgen Gene Marsh
ISBN 13: 9781634604710
Pages: ooks#volumes"
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Title: Consumer Transactions (University Casebook Series)

This new edition provides extensive and systematic coverage of federal and state law governing consumer transactions. The book introduces students to the case law applying the common law, statutes, and regulations to automobile sales and finance, home mortgages, predatory lending, and other transactions. To enhance the studentsí mastery of statutory analysis, it makes extensive use of problems. The law has changed significantly since publication of the prior edition, including enactment of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act (Credit CARD Act) and the Dodd-Frank Act. The Sixth Edition of Consumer Transactions provides extensive coverage of this and other legislation, as well as recent developments in all the other areas of consumer law.
Author(s): Michael Greenfield
ISBN 13: 9781609302955
Pages: 1435
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Title: How to Sue a Telemarketer

Author(s): Ostrow, Stephen I. , Kramer, Ozmo , Vaccaro, Gaspar
ISBN 13: 9780615338170
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Title: Street Law A Course in Practical Law

Author(s): Edward L. O'Brien
ISBN 13: 9780538426954
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Title: Consumer Protection Law

This book seeks to introduce the reader to the substantive law of consumer protection in the United Kingdom, with the emphasis being on the place of United Kingdom law within an evolving European legal system and also on the need to draw upon comparative experience. The book seeks to place consumer protection not only in its purely black-letter context but also to draw upon wider readings to show that consumer protection law is a complex area of law which reflects and shapes the individual citizen's position within the modern economy.
Author(s): Geraint G. Howells
ISBN 13: 9780754623380
Pages: 704
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