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Title: BMW: Jubilee Edition

For 100 years, BMW's blue and white propeller logo has been associated with top-technology, sophisticated design, comfort and reliability. BMW cars give you wings, not so surprisingly, as the company was established in March 1916 as an aircraft engine manufacturer. Its reputation of constant innovation and timeless elegance has conquered generations of drivers around the globe. In this jubilee edition, car photographer Rainer W. Schlegelmich pays tribute to the tradition of excellency that made BMW's brand stand out among the world's great carmakers. All car models, presented in chronological order, are beautifully photographed and described, from the early and legendary models such as the pre-war 328, the 507 from the 1950s, or the M1 of the 1970s through to the brand-new releases and prototypes. This book invites for a fascinating tour of BMW's unique car style. It will ravish car collectors and BMW fans alike. Includes the following new models: BMW i3 (I01) BMW i8 (I12) BMW 2 Active Tourer (F45) BMW 3 GT (F34) BMW 4 Gran Coupé (F36) BMW X4 (F26) BMW X5M (F85) BMW X6M (F86)
Author(s): Hartmut Lehbrink
ISBN 13: 9783848008834
Pages: 440

Title: Driven: Inside BMW, the Most Admired Car Company in the World

Driven not only tells the story of BMW, but also the story of one of the most powerful families in Europe. Excepting the occasional speed bump, BMW has seen more than four decades of steady growth and success. BMW is arguably the most admired carmaker in the world. It's financial performance is the envy of its competitors, and BMW products inspire near-fanatical loyalty. While many carmakers struggle with falling sales, profits and market share, demand for BMWs continues to grow, frequently outpacing production. Now, David Kiley-Detroit Bureau Chief at USA Today and author of Getting the Bugs Out, which covered Volkswagen's demise and rebirth, goes inside the fabled German automaker to see how it does what it does so well. With unprecedented access to BMW executives, Kiley goes behind the walls of BMW's famed "Four Cylinders" headquarters in Munich at a time when the company is in its most aggressive, and some say riskiest, expansion in its history and when some of the company's new products, like the 7 Series sedan and Z4 roadster, are for the first time drawing as many barbs from critics as bouquets. Kiley covers intimate details of the boardroom drama surrounding the company's nearly disastrous acquisition and subsequent sale of the British Rover Group and its expansion into selling MINI and Rolls Royce cars. Besides being a world-class carmaker, BMW is also considered one of the smartest consumer marketing companies and Kiley explores the extraordinary value and management of the BMW brand mystique. He also takes a revealing look at the mysterious and ultra-private Quandt family of Bad Homburg Germany, which owns a controlling stake in BMW: Johanna and Susanne Quandt, two of the wealthiest women in Europe and Stefan Quandt, one of the wealthiest bachelors on the continent.
Author(s): David Kiley
ISBN 13: 9780471269205
Pages: 310
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Title: Bmw Enthusiast's Companion: Owner Insights on Driving, Performance and Service

No matter what BMW you drive or desire, this book will serve as a valuable maintenance guide, performance handbook & technical reference source, to help you understand & care for your BMW. For more than 25 years, informed BMW owners have relied on Roundel, the magazine of the BMW Car Club of America, to make their "Ultimate Driving Machines" more ultimate. Now a selection of articles on driving, performance, service and tech tips have been collected in a single book.
Author(s): Bmw Car Club of America
ISBN 13: 9780837603216
Pages: 328
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Title: The Ultimate History of BMW

Through the most expressive medium of all - the cars themselves - The Ultimate History of BMW tells the story of one of the most remarkable turnarounds of the century, from the iconic 2002tii of the 1960s through the mighty M3 of the 1990s ...
Author(s): Parragon Incorporated;Andrew Noakes
ISBN 13: 9781405453165
Pages: 192

Title: BMW M3: The Complete Story

BMW M3 - The Complete Story looks in detail at the first four generations of the M3. For all fans of the BMW M3, this book provides essential background. It is packed with facts and details that make the M3 legend come alive.
Author(s): James Taylor
ISBN 13: 9781847977724
Pages: 192

Title: The Complete Book of BMW

The Complete Book of BMW is a master work. The word 'definitive' is a bold claim but this book should be viewed in this light. The Complete Book of BMW is a master work. The word 'definitive' is a bold claim but this book should be viewed in this light. It is the most comprehensive survey of BMW Group models from the 501 right up to this year's 1 and 6 Series published in the English language.
Author(s): Tony Lewin
ISBN 13: 9780760319512
Pages: 384

Title: 101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3

This book is dedicated to the legion of BMW 3-series owners who adore their cars and enjoy restoring, modifying, and maintaining them to perfection; its format allows more of these enthusiasts to get out into the garage and work on their ...
Author(s): Wayne R. Dempsey
ISBN 13: 9780760326954
Pages: 272
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Title: BMW M5: The Complete Story

BMW's M5 was a simple concept: a production 5 Series saloon re-developed for high performance by the Motorsport division. The M5 was the car that really initiated the legend of the M-cars from BMW.
Author(s): James Taylor
ISBN 13: 9781785000454
Pages: 176

Title: 90 Years BMW Motorrad

Now commemorating its 90th anniversary, BMW Motorrad is a legend among motorcycles. This volume not only celebrates this event as a classic retrospective but also connects the past and the present through impressive stories and images. Exceptional photography showcases the most popular machines alongside some enticing rarities. Over time, we witness how the brand has incorporated leading technology into some of the most remarkable designs ever produced. Constantly at the forefront, it consistently creates designs that endure as legends. So whether taking a trip across a continent or just zipping to the other side of town, you can be sure a ride on a BMW will be a ride to remember. This book captures that sensation in all its variety and uniqueness.
Author(s): Jurgen Gassebner
ISBN 13: 9783832797140
Pages: 304

Title: The BMW Century: The Ultimate Performance Machines

Established in 1916, BMW is one of the auto and motorcycle industry's oldest and most-respected car and motorcycle manufacturers. Over the past century, the company went through myriad developments. The BMW Century chronicles this remarkable transportation company through images of the cars and motorcycles it manufactured, from the 1923 R32 motorcycle to sleek electric cars of today. This handsome volume is filled with images, history, and in-depth looks at the incredible machines BMW created year after year.
Author(s): Tony Lewin
ISBN 13: 9780760350171
Pages: 240
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Title: The BMW Book (English, Chinese and German Edition)

Its perfect synthesis of technology and design has made BMW one of the most influential brands in the world. This compelling illustrated volume gives the readers privileged insight into the unique development of this brand: fascinating motorcycles and automobiles, spectacular motor sports, impressive architecture, as well as visions for cars of the future.
Author(s): teNeues
ISBN 13: 9783832796167
Pages: 304

Title: BMW Art Cars

Ever since its invention, artists have been examining the automobile, and the BMW Art Cars have played a central role here.
Author(s): Thomas Girst
ISBN 13: 9783775733458
Pages: 192

Title: OAL-BB 50: 50 Years of BMW Alpina Automobiles (English and German Edition)

OAL-BB 50 is a luxurious celebration of 50 years of BMW Alpina automobiles. The book presents the entire Alpina world - the brand's philosophies and its milestones. Included are historic archival photographs as well as current photographs, all accompanied by a presentation of future prospects.
Author(s): Paolo Tumminelli
ISBN 13: 9783667103123
Pages: 464


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