24 Books on Lean and Manufacturing Process Improvements

24 Books on Lean and Manufacturing Process Improvements

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Title: What Is Six SIGMA?

A brief introduction to Six Sigma­­ for employees

Six Sigma is today's most talked-about system for improving the quality of organizational processes. Written by bestselling author Peter Pande,What Is Six Sigma? is a concise summary of the core themes and processes of Six Sigma. Unlike almost all other books on Six Sigma, it is written for the employees of organizations rolling out Six Sigma­­not just managers. This helpful overview describes what Six Sigma is, why companies are implementing it, and how employees can make it a success in their own organizations.

Based on the bestselling The Six Sigma Way, this accessable introduction to Six Sigma answers typical employee questions, concerns, and even skepticism about this revolutionary program. Includes:

  • The six themes of Six Sigma
  • A five-step roadmap to Six Sigma implementation
  • The 10 basic tools of Six Sigma, with an entire page devoted to each
Author(s): Peter S. Pande
ISBN 13: 9780071381857
Pages: 98
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Title: What Is Design for Six SIGMA?

Author(s): Peter S. Pande, Robert P. Neuman, Roland R. Cavanagh
ISBN 13: 9780071423892
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Title: The Six SIGMA Way

Author(s): Peter Pande
ISBN 13: 9780071497329
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Title: The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles From the Father of Quality

The name W. Edwards Deming is synonymous with the most insightful views, ideas, and commentary on management and quality control. Referred to as "the high prophet of quality" by the New York Times, Deming was instrumental in the spectacular rise of Japanese industry after World War II and influenced many of the world's most innovative managers in the ensuing decades. His original ideas led directly to the creation of relationships with suppliers and a plethora of quality initiatives.

Now, with The Essential Deming, Fordham

University professor and Deming expert Joyce Orsini draws on a wealth of previously unavailable material to present the legendary thinker's most important management principles in one indispensable volume.

The book is filled with articles, papers, lectures, and notes touching on a wide range of topics, but which focus on Deming's overriding message: quality and operations are all about systems, not individual performance; the system has to be designed so that the worker can perform well.

The Essential Deming reveals Deming's unique insight about:

  • How poor management infects an entire organization
  • The critical importance of management on producing quality products and services
  • Improving management in any company
  • The effective management of people—the manager's single most important task
  • How to educate workers into critical thinkers
  • Ways to preserve statistical integrity while dealing with real-world problems

Fully authorized by the Deming estate and published in cooperation with The W. Edwards Deming Institute, The Essential Deming is the first book to distill Deming's

life's worth of thinking and writing into a single source. Orsini provides expert commentary throughout, delivering a powerful, practical guide to superior management. With

The Essential Deming, you have the rationale, insight, and best practices you need to transform your organization.

"To move from the wilderness of news into the paths of history, we must distinguish true turning points from mistaken ones. W. Edwards Deming has seen the future and it works. He is a turning point of business history made flesh." — U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT

"I engaged Dr. Deming to assist Ford in planning, developing, and implementing the plans to accomplish major improvement in the way people worked together and in the quality of our products. . . . Ford achieved major success in this effort, and I consider Ed Deming to have been a key element in our progress." — DONALD E. PETERSEN, former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company

"It can be said of very few that they changed the way the world thinks, but Dr. Deming is among them. . . . The legacy of Dr. Deming's genius, already immense, grows even larger with this new collection of his thoughts." — DONALD M. BERWICK , Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

"Toyota Motor Corporation was awarded a Deming Prize in 1965. This laid the foundations for the present growth of our company. I do believe the ideas and theories of Dr. Deming emphasizing the importance of quality control are very useful for people of all ages." — TATSURO TOYODA, Senior Advisor, Toyota Motor Corporation

"Few rival W. Edwards Deming for impact on management in the twentieth century. Indeed, Deming and Drucker, to my mind, stand apart for the breadth and depth of their vision for management as a profession that truly might help realize the possibility of people working

together at their best. . . . The publication of this expansive edition of Deming in Deming's own words is a seminal event." — PETER M. SENGE, MIT and the Society for Organizational Learning

Author(s): W. Edwards Deming
ISBN 13: 9780071790222
Pages: 352
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Title: Taiichi Ohnos Workplace Management: Special 100th Birthday Edition


Businesses worldwide are successfully implementing the Toyota Production System to speed up processes, reduce waste, improve quality, and cut costs. While there is

widespread adoption of TPS, there is still much to be learned about its fundamental principles.

This unique volume delivers a clear, concise overview of the Toyota Production System and kaizen in the very

words of the architect of both of these movements, Taiicho Ohno, published to mark what would have been his 100th

birthday. Filled with insightful new commentary from global quality visionaries, Taiichi Ohno’s Workplace Management is a classic that shows how Toyota managers

were taught to think.

Based on a series of interviews with Ohno himself, this timeless work is a tribute to his genius and to the core

values that have made, and continue to make, Toyota one of the most successful manufacturers in the world.

"Whatever name you may give our system, there are parts of it that are so far removed from generally accepted

ideas (common sense) that if you do it only half way, it can actually make things worse."

"If you are going to do TPS you must do it all the way. You also need to change the way you think. You need to change how you look at things." — Taiichi Ohno

"This book brings to us Taiichi Ohno's philosophy of workplace management—the thinking behind the Toyota Production System. I personally get a thrill down my spine to read these thoughts in Ohno’s own words." — Dr. Jeffrey Liker, Director, Japan Technology Management Program, University of Michigan, and Author, The Toyota Way

Based on a series of interviews with Taiicho Ohno, this unique volume delivers a clear, concise overview of the Toyota Production System and kaizen in the very words of the architect of both of these movements, published to mark what would have been his 100th birthday.


Fujio Cho, Chairman of Toyota Corporation

Masaaki Imai, Founder of the Kaizen Institute

Dr. Jeffrey Liker, Director, Japan Technology

Management Program, University of Michigan, and author

John Shook, Chairman and CEO of the Lean Enterprise Institute

Bob Emiliani, Professor, School of Engineering and

Technology, Connecticut State University

Jon Miller, CEO of the Kaizen Institute

Author(s): Taiichi Ohno
ISBN 13: 9780071808019
Pages: 208
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Title: Four Days with Dr. Deming: A Strategy for Modern Methods of Management

Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the legendary master of managing for quality whose techniques helped propel Japan into its postwar economic boom, delivered his management message in the form of four-day seminars. Now you can experience the wisdom of his seminars with this unique book.

Reviewed in detail by Dr. Deming himself before his recent death, Four Days with Dr. Deming compiles and summarizes the essence of his seminars in a remarkably entertaining and easy-to-absorb style. Through the voices of Dr. Deming, the authors, and a company executive, you will learn about the problems with prevailing management systems that focus on such short-term strategies as quotas and management by results. You will discover how to move beyond these counterproductive strategies to achieve true cooperation, process improvement, and long-term productivity.

The book includes Dr. Deming's most recent thinking on the System of Profound Knowledge, as well as purchasing strategies, cross-functional teams, alternatives to quotas, operational definitions, and systems of measurement. The unique one-concept-per-page visual format allows you to absorb complex material quickly, and the real-life examples make Dr. Deming's message concrete and usable.


No name elicits deeper reverence among quality management professionals than that of the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming. With a Foreword written by Deming himself, this book promises to be the ultimate tool for recreating the experience of learning the theories and methodologies of this most universally hailed quality guru.

Author(s): William J. Latzko
ISBN 13: 9780201633665
Pages: 256
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Title: Out of the Crisis

"Long-term commitment to new learning and new philosophy is required of any management that seeks transformation. The timid and the fainthearted, and the people that expect quick results, are doomed to disappointment."According to W. Edwards Deming, American companies require nothing less than a transformation of management style and of governmental relations with industry. In Out of the Crisis, originally published in 1982, Deming offers a theory of management based on his famous 14 Points for Management. Management's failure to plan for the future, he claims, brings about loss of market, which brings about loss of jobs. Management must be judged not only by the quarterly dividend, but by innovative plans to stay in business, protect investment,ensure future dividends, and provide more jobs through improved product and service. In simple,direct language, he explains the principles of management transformation and how to apply them.previously published by MIT-CAES

Author(s): W. Edwards Deming
ISBN 13: 9780262541152
Pages: 523
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Title: New Economics For Industry, Government, Education

"... competition, we see now, is destructive. It would be better if everyone would work together as a system, with the aim for everybody to win. What we need is cooperation and transformation to a new style of management."In this book W. Edwards Deming details the system of transformation that underlies the 14 Points for Management presented in Out of the Crisis. The system of profound knowledge, as it is called, consists of four parts: appreciation for a system,knowledge about variation, theory of knowledge, and psychology. Describing prevailing management style as a prison, Deming shows how a style based on cooperation rather than competition can help people develop joy in work and learning at the same time that it brings about long-term success in the market. Indicative of Deming's philosophy is his advice to abolish performance reviews on the job and grades in school.previously published by MIT-CAES

Presents a new, transformative theory of management style, the system of Profound Knowledge. Shows how to create a product or service to achieve continual growth, innovation, and improved market position. Also explores reasons to abolish performance reviews on the job and grades in school.

Author(s): W. Edwards Deming
ISBN 13: 9780262541169
Pages: 265
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Title: Sample design in business research

Author(s): W. Edwards Deming
ISBN 13: 9780471523703
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Title: Principles of Scientific Management

Author(s): Frederick Winslow Taylor
ISBN 13: 9780486299884
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Title: Some Theory of Sampling

Author(s): William E. Deming
ISBN 13: 9780486646848
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Title: Statistical Adjustment of Data

Author(s): William E. Deming
ISBN 13: 9780486646855
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Title: Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control

Important text offers lucid explanation of how to regulate variables and maintain control over statistics in order to achieve quality control over manufactured products, crops and data. Topics include statistical control, establishing limits of variability, measurements of physical properties and constants, and specification of accuracy and precision. First inexpensive paperback edition.
Author(s): Walter A. Shewhart
ISBN 13: 9780486652320
Pages: 176
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Title: Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation

Author(s): James P. Womack,Daniel T. Jones
ISBN 13: 9780743231640
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Title: Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation

Expanded, updated, and more relevant than ever, this bestselling business classic by two internationally renowned management analysts describes a business system for the twenty-first century that supersedes the mass production system of Ford, the financial control system of Sloan, and the strategic system of Welch and GE. It is based on the Toyota (lean) model, which combines operational excellence with value-based strategies to produce steady growth through a wide range of economic conditions.

In contrast with the crash-and-burn performance of companies trumpeted by business gurus in the 1990s, the firms profiled in Lean Thinking — from tiny Lantech to midsized Wiremold to niche producer Porsche to gigantic Pratt & Whitney — have kept on keeping on, largely unnoticed, along a steady upward path through the market turbulence and crushed dreams of the early twenty-first century. Meanwhile, the leader in lean thinking — Toyota — has set its sights on leadership of the global motor vehicle industry in this decade.

Instead of constantly reinventing business models, lean thinkers go back to basics by asking what the customer really perceives as value. (It's often not at all what existing organizations and assets would suggest.) The next step is to line up value-creating activities for a specific product along a value stream while eliminating activities (usually the majority) that don't add value. Then the lean thinker creates a flow condition in which the design and the product advance smoothly and rapidly at the pull of the customer (rather than the push of the producer). Finally, as flow and pull are implemented, the lean thinker speeds up the cycle of improvement in pursuit of perfection. The first part of this book describes each of these concepts and makes them come alive with striking examples.

Lean Thinking clearly demonstrates that these simple ideas can breathe new life into any company in any industry in any country. But most managers need guidance on how to make the lean leap in their firm. Part II provides a step-by-step action plan, based on in-depth studies of more than fifty lean companies in a wide range of industries across the world.

Even those readers who believe they have embraced lean thinking will discover in Part III that another dramatic leap is possible by creating an extended lean enterprise for each of their product families that tightly links value-creating activities from raw materials to customer.

In Part IV, an epilogue to the original edition, the story of lean thinking is brought up-to-date with an enhanced action plan based on the experiences of a range of lean firms since the original publication of Lean Thinking.

Lean Thinking does not provide a new management "program" for the one-minute manager. Instead, it offers a new method of thinking, of being, and, above all, of doing for the serious long-term manager — a method that is changing the world.

Womack and Jones, the authors of The Machine That Changed the World and creators of the "lean enterprise" theory, take leanness to the next step with a focus on what the customer really wants, not what it is possible to get him to accept. This is the management book for the next business generation.

Author(s): James P. Womack
ISBN 13: 9780743249270
Pages: 400
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Title: The Machine that Changed the World

Documents the evolution and application of "lean production" principles within the automobile industry, drawing on an MIT global study of industrial competition while documenting how Toyota implemented the lean business system at all stages ...
Author(s): James P. Womack;Daniel T. Jones;Daniel Roos
ISBN 13: 9780743299794
Pages: 336
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Title: Scientific management

Author(s): Harlow S. Person
ISBN 13: 9780837157061
Pages: 207
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Title: Race

The implications that stem from the shop floor to our standard of living. The Race allows you to derive a superior system, Drum-Buffer-Rope, for generating logistical improvement. It also shows you how to focus these improvements so they are optimal and not just local. The epilogue and appendix quizzes will give the thoughtful reader insight in how to initiate and extend a process of ongoing improvement into other areas-like marketing and financial control.
Author(s): Eliyahu M. Goldratt
ISBN 13: 9780884270621
Pages: 179
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Title: It's Not Luck: Author of the Goal

Learn more about the powerful techniques first presented in the best-selling novel The Goal. In this book, Dr. Goldratt, through examples in a variety of industries, shows how to apply TOC to sales and marketing, inventory control, and production distribution. In addition, techniques in conflict resolution are introduced on both a business and personal level.
Author(s): Eliyahu M. Goldratt
ISBN 13: 9780884271154
Pages: 283
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Title: Critical Chain

Powerful yet simple techniques to solve project management’s toughest problems. This book teaches companies to drastically cut project development times resulting in early completion within budget and without compromising quality or specifications.

Project managers and your teams will benefit from Goldratt’s techniques of how to remain focused on the few critical areas and how to prevent your attention from being divided among all of the how to prevent your attention from being divided among all of the projects’ tasks and resources.

Especially useful for dealing with one of the most difficult and pressing management challenges: developing highly innovative new products.

About the Author:

One of the world’s most sought after business leaders – author and educator, Dr. Eli Goldratt. Eli Goldratt had been described by Fortune Magazine as a “guru to industry” and by Business Week as a “genius.” His charismatic, stimulating, yet sometimes unconventional style has captured the attention of audiences throughout the world. Eli is a true thinker who provokes others to think.

Eli Goldratt is the creator of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and is the author of 8 books, including the business best sellers The Goal, It’s Not Luck, and Critical Chain. Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints is used by thousands of companies, and is taught in hundreds of colleges, universities, and business schools. His books have sold over 3 million copies and have been translated into 23 languages. Goldratt’s fascinating work as an author, educator and business pioneer had resulted in the promulgation of TOC into many facets of society and has transformed management thinking throughout the world.

Author(s): Eliyahu M. Goldratt
ISBN 13: 9780884271536
Pages: 246
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Title: Theory of Constraints

Theory of Constraints walks you through the crucial stages of a continuous program: the five steps of focusing; the process of change; how to prove effect-cause-effect; and how to invent simple solutions to complex problems. Equally important, the author reveals the devastating impact that an organization's psychology can have on the process of improvements. Theory of Constraints is a crucial document to achieve manufacturing breakthroughs.
Author(s): Eliyahu M. Goldratt
ISBN 13: 9780884271666
Pages: 160
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Title: Necessary But Not Sufficient: A Theory of Constraints Business Novel

After reading the newspapers and following the sharp oscillations of the stock market, it becomes apparent that hi-tech companies are of a different breed. Never before have the chances of making a fortune been so realistic and never before have large companies been so fragile. What is really going on inside these hi-tech companies? What types of pressures and challenges are they facing? And how do they cope? Computer software providers, especially the ones that specialize in handling the data needs of organizations, are prime examples of these volatile companies. In the nineties we witnessed their growth from small businesses into multi-billion dollar giants. No wonder investors were attracted. In 1998 it was easy for such companies to raise as much money as they wanted. But now, investment funds have dried up. Why? And more importantly, is there a way to reverse the trend? This book gives the answers.
Author(s): Eliyahu M. Goldratt
ISBN 13: 9780884271703
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