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The Rule of Law ISBN-13 9780141034539

Title: The Rule of Law

'What's wonderful about this book is that it's not a law book; it's for everybody. It explains, clearly, simply, powerfully, to a lay audience what the rule of law means and how important it is to everybody in modern society.

Author(s): Tom Bingham

ISBN 13: 9780141034539
Pages: 213

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Letters to a Law Student ISBN-13 9781408218808

Title: Letters to a Law Student

Letters to a Law Student relays all that a prospective law student needs to know before embarking on their studies.

Author(s): Nicholas J. McBride

ISBN 13: 9781408218808
Pages: 372

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Glanville Williams ISBN-13 9780414041738

Title: Glanville Williams

This work contains all the beginner needs to know about the methodology of studying law.

Author(s): Glanville Llewelyn Williams;A. T. H. Smith

ISBN 13: 9780414041738
Pages: 273

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What about Law? ISBN-13 9781849460859

Title: What about Law?

Most young people considering a legal career have very little idea of what is involved or how universities teach law to their students. The new edition of this book, which proved very popular when first published in 2007, provides a 'taster' for the study of law. It is a short, accessible presentation of law as an academic subject, designed to help 17- and 18-year old students and others decide whether law is the right choice for them as a university subject. If they have already made the choice, the book reveals what to expect when they start their law degree. It helps answer the question 'what should I study at university?' and counters the perception that law is a dry, dull subject. What About Law? is an accessible and easy-to-read guide, showing how the study of law can be fun, intellectually stimulating, challenging, and of direct relevance to students. Using a case study approach, the book introduces prospective law students to the legal system, as well as to legal reasoning, critical thinking, and argument. What About Law? answers vital questions about why, when, and how to study law, and it should be in the library of every college and university. It is the one book that any student about to embark on the study of law should read before they commence their legal studies. The contributors all have lengthy experience in teaching law and all have also been involved, at various times, in advising prospective law students.

Author(s): Catherine Barnard;Janet OSullivan;Graham Virgo

ISBN 13: 9781849460859
Pages: 235

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Eve was Framed ISBN-13 9780099224419

Title: Eve was Framed

An impassioned expose of the blindness of British justice by a barrister and Queen's Counsel.

Author(s): Helena Kennedy

ISBN 13: 9780099224419
Pages: 285

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Bleak House ISBN-13 9781853260827

Title: Bleak House

The English equity court of the nineteenth century is satirized in Dicken's tale about the suit of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce.

Author(s): Charles Dickens

ISBN 13: 9781853260827
Pages: 723

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