Popular Biographies of Charles Darwin

Popular Biographies of Charles Darwin

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Title: Darwin: A Life of Genius

Kindle MatchBook - Buy the print version and get the Kindle book free! In 1831, a young man set off from England to collect specimens and see the world. When he finally returned five years later, he brought with him the germ of a theory so explosive that he feared to tell it even to his wife: that species were not static things created by the hand of God, but were shaped by natural selection into ever more complex forms. In this compact, highly readable new biography, Alexander Kennedy explores how Charles Darwin evolved alongside his theories, from a diffident failed clergyman to one of the great thinkers of human history. Kennedy insightfully probes Darwin’s childhood and young adulthood for the roots of his genius, and shows us how this genius finally flowered into the theory of natural selection, the basis of all modern biology. Darwin: A Life of Evolution demonstrates how Darwin’s ideas not only changed his own life and world, but still continue to shape the science—and the controversies—of our own lives today... "A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” - Charles Darwin Buy Now to Discover: Readable, layperson’s explanations of Darwin’s most important theories. An exploration of Darwin’s lesser-known scientific work, including his studies of coral reefs, volcanoes, earthworms, and barnacles. The unsolved mystery of Darwin’s decades-long illness. The surprising influence of Darwin’s wife and children on his theories. An examination of whether Darwin or Alfred Russel Wallace deserves the real credit for the theory of natural selection. The sad fate of Robert FitzRoy, the captain of the Beagle expedition. Darwin’s role in the rise of modern fundamentalist Christianity.
Author(s): Alexander Kennedy
ISBN 13: 9781535252850
Pages: 100
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Title: Charles Darwin: Voyaging

Few lives of great men offer so much interest—and so many mysteries—as the life of Charles Darwin, the greatest figure of nineteenth-century science, whose ideas are still inspiring discoveries and controversies more than a hundred years after his death. Yet only now, with the publication of Voyaging, the first of two volumes that will constitute the definitive biography, do we have a truly vivid and comprehensive picture of Darwin as man and as scientist. Drawing upon much new material, supported by an unmatched acquaintance with both the intellectual setting and the voluminous sources, Janet Browne has at last been able to unravel the central enigma of Darwin's career: how did this amiable young gentleman, born into a prosperous provincial English family, grow into a thinker capable of challenging the most basic principles of religion and science? The dramatic story of Voyaging takes us from agonizing personal challenges to the exhilaration of discovery; we see a young, inquisitive Darwin gradually mature, shaping, refining, and finally setting forth the ideas that would at last fall upon the world like a thunderclap in The Origin of Species.

Author(s): E. Janet Browne
ISBN 13: 9780691026060
Pages: 632
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Title: The Autobiography of Charles Darwin 1809-1882: With Original Omissions Restored

The only complete edition.

Charles Darwin's Autobiography was first published in 1887, five years after his death. It was a bowdlerized edition: Darwin's family, attempting to protect his posthumous reputation, had deleted all the passages they considered too personal or controversial. The present complete edition did not appear until 1959, one hundred years after the publication of The Origin of Species. Upon its appearance, Loren Eiseley wrote:

"No man can pretend to know Darwin who does not know his autobiography. Here, for the first time since his death, it is presented complete and unexpurgated, as it exists in the family archives. It will prove invaluable to biographers and cast new light on the personality of one of the world's greatest scientists. Nora Barlow, Darwin's granddaughter, has proved herself a superb editor. Her own annotations make fascinating reading."

The daring and restless mind, the integrity and simplicity of Darwin's character are revealed in this direct and personal account of his life—his family, his education, his explorations of the natural world, his religion and philosophy. The editor has provided page and line references to the more important restored passages, and previously unpublished notes and letters on family matters and on the controversy between Samuel Butler appear in an appendix.

Author(s): Charles Darwin
ISBN 13: 9780393310696
Pages: 253
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Title: Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist

"Unquestionably the finest [biography] ever written about Darwin. . . . Darwin has now become, and properly, the quintessentially socially embedded scientist. Desmond and Moore are brilliant in their pursuit of this truly unifying theme."—Stephen Jay Gould

Hailed as the definitive biography, this monumental work explains the character and paradoxes of Charles Darwin and opens up the full panorama of Victorian science, theology, and mores. The authors bring to life Darwin's reckless student days in Cambridge, his epic five-year voyage on the Beagle, and his grueling struggle to develop his theory of evolution.

Adrian Desmond and James Moore's gripping narrative reveals the great personal cost to Darwin of pursuing inflammatory truths—telling the whole story of how he came to his epoch-making conclusions.

In lively and accessible style, the authors tell how Darwin came to his world-changing conclusions and how he kept his thoughts secret for twenty years. Hailed as the definitive biography, this book explains Darwin's paradox and offers a window on Victorian science, theology, and mores. Contains a wealth of new information and 90 photographs.

Author(s): Adrian Desmond
ISBN 13: 9780393311501
Pages: 886
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Title: A Naturalists Voyage Round the World

Charles Darwin records his impressions of the flora, fauna, geology, people, and societies he encounters during the five year voyage of the Beagle.
Author(s): Charles Darwin
ISBN 13: 9781626365605
Pages: 544
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Title: Charles Darwin

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic, timeless works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.
Author(s): Grant Allen
ISBN 13: 9781500981518
Pages: 72
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Title: On the Origin of Species

On the Origin of Species, published on 24 November 1859, is a work of scientific literature by Charles Darwin which is considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology.
Author(s): Charles Darwin Alex Struik
ISBN 13: 9781479270736
Pages: 694
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Title: Charles Darwin: The Power of Place, Vol. 2

Author(s): E. Janet Browne
ISBN 13: 9780691114392
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Title: The Voyage of the Beagle

Author(s): Charles Darwin
ISBN 13: 9781619492813
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Title: Charles Darwin: The Man and his Influence

There can be no doubt of Charles Darwin's major role in the development of modern science and thought. Darwin has become an almost mythical figure in the emergence of modern culture; yet he was by no means the first person to publish evolutionary ideas and his theory of natural selection was not generally accepted by his contemporaries. The publication of the Origin of Species excited much debate and controversy, at once challenging the very foundations of Christian belief, and yet appearing to underpin the Victorian concept of progress and the ability of science to explore areas hitherto obscured by religious dogma. Today Darwin's achievements still evoke powerful and contradictory responses. Peter Bowler's study of Darwin's life and influence combines biography and cultural history. He sets out to disentangle the complex motivations that have led people to their various evaluations of Darwin the scientist and Darwin theory. He shows how Darwin's contemporaries were unable to appreciate precisely those aspects of his thinking we consider of importance today. Darwin was a product of his time, but he also transcended it by creating an idea capable of being exploited by twentieth-century scientists and intellectuals who had very different values from his own.
Author(s): Bowler, Peter J. Bowler, Peter J.
ISBN 13: 9780521566681
Pages: 264
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Title: The Autobiography of Charles Darwin

For I should soon have got over my disgust; and the practice would have been invaluable for all my future work. This has been an irremediable evil, as well as my incapacity to draw. I also attended regularly the clinical wards in the hospital. Some of the cases distressed me a good deal, and I still have vivid pictures before me of some of them; but I was not so foolish as to allow this to lessen my attendance. I cannot understand why this part of my medical course did not interest me in a greater degree; for during the summer before coming to Edinburgh I began attending some of the poor people, chiefly children and women in Shrewsbury: I wrote down as full an account as I could of the case with all the symptoms, and read them aloud to my father, who suggested further inquiries and advised me what medicines to give, which I made up myself. At one time I had at least a dozen patients, and I felt a keen interest in the work.
Author(s): Charles Darwin
ISBN 13: 9781537408200
Pages: 56
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Title: The Dark Side of Charles Darwin: A Critical Analysis of an Icon of Science

Unveils the man behind one of the greatest deceptions in history! Extensively documented and powerfully compelling, these letters and records reveal a disturbing and unpleasant course in trying to prove his pre-existing conclusions.

Author(s): Bergman, Jerry
ISBN 13: 9780890516058
Pages: 256
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