Noteworthy Porsche Books

Noteworthy Porsche Books

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Title: My Porsche Book

Moreover, photos taken by other owners of the 356 are shown as well. This comprehensive illustrated book about the Porsche 356 also deals with the story of photographer and visionary, Rene Staud.
Author(s): René Staud
ISBN 13: 9783667101242
Pages: 240
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Title: Porsche (Little Books)

The Little Book of Porsche, written by Philip Raby, motoring journalist, tells the story of one of the world's most exciting cars, from the days of Ferdinand Porsche right up to the present day. We take a look at the chronological story of the car, with fascinating detail about its conception and birth. Also included are Top Trumps style specifications for 40 models.
Author(s): Philip Raby
ISBN 13: 9781782812548
Pages: 128
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Title: The Porsche 924 Carrera

The book features interviews with many of those involved with the car at the time together with race stories, statistics, and a unique exposé of component failures during racing.
Author(s): Roy Smith
ISBN 13: 9781845846459
Pages: 320
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Title: The Book of the Porsche 356

Author(s): Long, Brian , Araki, Baron Sadaakira
ISBN 13: 9781845840358
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Title: Porsche

For more than 60 years, Porsche has been a legend in the automobile industry.
Author(s): Peter Ruch
ISBN 13: 9788854408388
Pages: 272
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Title: Porsche: The Road from Zuffenhausen

A lavishly illustrated history of the most recognized sports-car maker in the world–Porsche–a story that began more than a century ago

Porsche: The Road from Zuffenhausen is the first book in more than twenty-five years to chronicle in such meticulous detail the early years of the renowned automobile company. Perfect for the more than 500,000 Porsche owners and the millions of Porsche enthusiasts, Porsche is a lively narrative of the cars and the people who created them. In the opening chapters, the reader will find the true heart of Porsche and its dedication to design and engineering, and then move on to the pre—World War II development of the first Porsche prototypes, as well as the development of the Volkswagen by Professor Ferdinand Porsche in the late 1930s. The story of the company’s early postwar years in Austria is a tale of commitment to an idea, an idea that resulted in the first 356 model and in a very short time established Porsche as one of Germany’s leading car makers.

Here is the entire history not only of the 356 but also of the development of competition versions, and of the evolution of the 550 RSK and the legendary 904 Carrera GTS. The story of the 911 occupies half the book, as this model has survived for nearly four decades–the longest production of any single postwar automobile design.

The narrative is brilliantly complemented by wonderful historical documents and photographs from the factory archives, provided through the cooperation of Porsche AG and the Porsche family, as well as original color photography by the author.

Author(s): Dennis Adler
ISBN 13: 9780375502163
Pages: 348
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Title: Porsche Drive

After his last book Escapes, Stefan Bogner returns to the Alps again with this illustrated book.
Author(s): Stefan Bogner Jan Baedeker
ISBN 13: 9783667102898
Pages: 400
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Title: Porsche 911 Red Book 3rd Edition

Take hold of the ultimate reference resource on one of the world's most loved and respected sports cars.
Author(s): Patrick Paternie Peter Bodensteiner
ISBN 13: 9780760347607
Pages: 208
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Title: Porsche 911 SC (Essential Companion)

This book about the Porsche 911SC is the second of a planned six covering a range of Porsche models. This book carries on the tradition established with the author‘s first Porsche 911 book (Robert Bentley) which covered the 964 series. Contains absolutely everything a 911SC owner needs to know. Every model and version is included. Engines, transmissions, suspension and how to improve the performance are covered as well as the fixes for common problems. This book really is the essential companion for the 911SC owner or would-be owner. No need to ask questions online anymore, the answers are all here.
Author(s): Adrian Streather
ISBN 13: 9781845849559
Pages: 432
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Title: Porsche 928: The Essential Buyer's Guide

A small investment in this book could save you a fortune. With the aid of this book's step-by-step expert guidance, you'll discover all you need to know about the 928 you want to buy. A unique point system will help you to place the car's value in relation to condition. This is an important investment-don't buy a car without this book's help.

Author(s): David Hemmings
ISBN 13: 9781904788706
Pages: 64
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Title: Porsche 924

Author(s): Hodgkins, Steve
ISBN 13: 9781845844097
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