Marvels of Engineering Mechanical, Civil and General Innovations

Marvels of Engineering Mechanical, Civil and General Innovations

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Title: Builders Marvels of Engineering

Author(s): National Geographic Society
ISBN 13: 9780870448362
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Title: Building the Transcontinental Railroad

"Explores various perspectives on the process of building the transcontinental railroad. The reader's choices reveal the historical details"--
Author(s): Steven Otfinoski
ISBN 13: 9781491404065
Pages: 112
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Title: The Ultimate Book of Cross-Sections

Every page of this book reveals the inner workings of a different vehicle or machine. The Ultimate Book of Cross-Sections explores the world of technical details in a way that children love. The informative text is coupled with meticulously detailed, full-color cross-sectional illustrations to provide answers to the many questions children ask about how things work.Full color.

Offering a look not just under the hood, but everywhere inside cars-and trains, tanks, rescue vehicles and more-The Ultimate Book of Cross-Sections offers abundant visual detail and many small blocks of explanatory text: it's as if 10 of the Look Inside Cross-sections books have been placed end to end. Kids will be able to impress their friends with terms like "Matra 55 rocket pods," "refueling probe" and "aileron," to cite some of the parts of the Harrier plane. With almost the heft of a small engine, this book offers enough detail to mesmerize the mechanically inclined.

Author(s): John C. Miles, Nancy Jones, Nigel Ritchie
ISBN 13: 9780789411952
Pages: 304
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Title: 1800 Mechanical Movements

Originally published in 1899, this is the unabridged republication of the 16th enlarged edition: Mechanical movements, powers, and devices. New York: Norman W. Henley Pub., 1921.
Author(s): Gardner Dexter Hiscox
ISBN 13: 9780486457437
Pages: 409
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Title: Engineering: An Illustrated History from Ancient Craft to Modern Technology (100 Ponderables)

From ancient aqueducts to soaring skyscrapers, explore engineering milestones over the centuries. Combining engaging text with captivating images and helpful diagrams, renowned science writer Tom Jackson guides readers through the history of Engineering in the 7th installment of the groundbreaking PonderablesTM series. Engineering is all around us. From our bridges, tunnels and skyscrapers, to our cars, computers and smartphones, engineering shapes our world and influences just about everything we see and do. And it s been that way for longer than you might think. From the crudely knapped hand axes of our human ancestor Homo Habilis to the mind-blowing ways in which modern engineering has improved our quality of daily life and expanded the scope of our civilization, the story of engineering is the story of humankind itself. In a series of 100 enlightening articles, this book tells that incredible story by exploring the biggest names, grandest achievements and greatest inventions of the engineering world from prehistory all the way up to present day. Carefully curated, beautifully illustrated and addictively fun, this volume is your ultimate guide to the dreamers, thinkers, tinkerers and builders that make our world. Organized in chronological order Engineering takes readers on a journey through time, encountering milestone achievements in the fields of engineering at each stop along the way: In 1698 Thomas Savery builds The Miner s Friend; or, An Engine to Raise Water by Fire. It is a water pump that uses steam power. Although incredibly inefficient it is the first functioning steam engine. In 1783, Joseph-Michael and Jacques-Ăˆtienne Montgolfier build the first flying ma-chine capable of carrying human passengers. It is a 30-feet wide hot air balloon, powered by an open fire and made of paper! In 1855 Henry Bessemer designs a new system for making steel, a strong alloy of iron and carbon. Before this invention it took 12 hours to make 1.5 tons of wrought iron. Bessemer s converter could produce 15 tons of much stronger steel in just 20 minutes. The first communication satellite is Echo 1, a metallic balloon launched into the upper atmosphere by NASA in 1960. In 2007 3.3 billion cubic feet (94 million cubic m) of sand and rock are laid down along the coast of Dubai to make Palm Jumeirah, the world s largest artificial ocean island. In 2016 Solar Impulse flies more than half way around the world powered only by electricity generated by solar panels on its wings.. An indispensable volume for students and anyone interested in the marvels of engineering, this book includes: 100 chronological articles telling the story of engineering from prehistory to the present day. Authoritative text, exciting imagery, and helpful diagrams accompanying each of the steps along the way. Biographies of great engineers, such as Archimedes, Tesla, and Watt, showing the inspirations that lay behind their goals. A guide to each field of engineering and the materials they employ, offering insight into achievements in the fields, their limits and what might come next. An easy-to-follow graphical representation of engineering milestones A 24-page removable foldout concertina with a 12-page timeline history of engineering.
Author(s): Tom Jackson;Tom Jackson
ISBN 13: 9780985323097
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Title: Trapped Under the Sea

Documents the disastrous 1990s mission during which two members of a five-man diving team were killed while completing construction on a ten-mile tunnel at the end of Boston's Deer Island waste treatment plant.
Author(s): Neil Swidey
ISBN 13: 9780307886736
Pages: 418
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Title: Builders Marvels of Engineering

This fascinating book chronicles some of the world's greatest engineering wonders from ancient times to the present -- the longest bridges, the highest dams, the tallest buildings, the grandest cathedrals. Learn how ancient Romans built a highway network that rivals the U.S. interstate system. Explore the world's most ambitious man-made landmarks from the Great Pyramids and St. Peter's Basilica to the Golden Gate Bridge and the English "Chunnel." Six chapters describe engineering feats, highlight the technological break-throughs, and introduce the builders who made them possible. The Builders celebrates how humankind harnessed nature's power, overcame its challenges, and constructed monuments to our society.

A dazzling tour of some of the tallest buildings, longest bridges, and highest dams throughout the world, this magnificent volume explores canals and tunnels, castles and cathedrals, temples and sports arenas from ancient times to the present. Over 400 full-color photos, period engravings, drawings, and diagrams.

Author(s): National Geographic Society
ISBN 13: 9780792273516
Pages: 288
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Title: Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections

Author(s): Stephen; Platt, Richard Biesty
ISBN 13: 9780679853305
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Title: Stuff Matters

What makes elastic stretchy? Why does a paper clip bend? Why does any material look and behave the way it does? These are the sorts of questions that Mark Miodownik is constantly asking himself.
Author(s): Mark Miodownik
ISBN 13: 9780544483941
Pages: 272
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Title: Incredible Engineering

Author(s): Josh Ezekiel
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Title: Stephen Biesty's Incredible Everything

New from the award-winning, bestselling team that created Incredible Cross-Sections. Over 1,000 intricate drawings show how almost everything is manufactured, built, extracted or crafted from chocolates on a conveyor belt to the sway of a suspension bridge. Includes a giant poster-quality gatefold. Full color.

Cut-away illustrations and explanatory captions explain how such diverse objects as chocolate bars and cathedrals, false teeth and tanks are made.

Author(s): Stephen Biesty, Richard Platt
ISBN 13: 9780789420497
Pages: 32
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Title: Engineering in History

Broad, nontechnical survey offers fascinating coverage of history's major technological advances: food-producing revolution, appearance of urban society, birth of Greek science, revolution in power, steam and the Industrial Revolution, electricity and the beginnings of applied science, and the age of automatic control. 181 illustrations. "Excellent." — Isis.
Author(s): Richard Kirby
ISBN 13: 9780486264127
Pages: 544
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Title: 507 Mechanical Movements

A detailed index provides easy reference to specific mechanisms. Inventors, tinkerers, and anyone with an interest in the history of invention and technology will find this volume a treasury of information and inspiration.
Author(s): Henry T. Brown
ISBN 13: 9780486443607
Pages: 122
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