Marvelous Books on Porsche

Marvelous Books on Porsche

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Title: Porsche 911: 50 Years

In Porsche 911: 50 Years, bestselling author Randy Leffingwell celebrates a half-century of one of the world's premiere sports cars, focusing on the major themes that have defined Porsche's rear-engined wonder. Randy tells the whole story--design and development, racing and competition, engineering and technology, style and culture. All the iconic 911 models are included: the original 901 prototype that set the standard; the legendary RS models that made the little Porsche a dominant force on the world's racetracks; the infamous Turbo, the car that kept the performance flame alight during the dark, dismal decade of the 1970s; the fabled 959, the model that redefined the term "sports car"; the 993, last of the original air-cooled models; and the 996, 997, and 991, the liquid-cooled cars that brought the 911 into a new millennium. Beyond telling the story of the cars, Porsche 911: 50 years also spotlights the people behind them: Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche, the son of legendary Porsche founder Ferdinand "Ferry" Porsche, who co-designed the instantly recognizable 911 shape; Peter W. Schutz, the Porsche CEO who saved the 911 from extinction; and Dr. Helmuth Bott, the engineering genius behind many of the groundbreaking technologies that have defined the 911, including fuel injection, turbocharging, and all-wheel-drive. Leffingwell also tells the story of the 911 community--the clubs and culture that surround the car. Together, all of these facets make Porsche 911: 50 Years the most essential book in any Porsche owner or fan's library.
Author(s): Randy Leffingwell
ISBN 13: 9780760344019
Pages: 256
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Title: The Complete Book of Porsche 911

In this book, you'll find the air-cooled cars of 1963 to 1998, then the water-cooled 911s of 1998 to present day. See the 911 Classic, the 964 series, 993 series, and 996 and 997 series.
Author(s): Randy Leffingwell
ISBN 13: 9780760349809
Pages: 320
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Title: Porsche Book: A Definitive Illustrated History - Lothar Boschen - Hardcover

Author(s): Lothar Boschen, Jurgen Barth
ISBN 13: 9780668045766
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Title: The Porsche Book

This oversize artifact defines the Porsche experience for all lovers of the turbo-charged legend. Both historical record and a compelling tribute, the special format allow readers to savor every detail. With ground-breaking photography, this book is a must-have for lovers of automotive memorabilia.
Author(s): Frank Orel
ISBN 13: 9783832793777
Pages: 296
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Title: Porsche 912

Apart from the Porsche 912 Coupe (1965 to 1969) this book also presents the Porsche 912 Targa (1966 to 1969).
Author(s): J├╝rgen Lewandowski
ISBN 13: 9783667103062
Pages: 175
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