List of Books on German Composer Ludwig van Beethoven

List of Books on German Composer Ludwig van Beethoven

Books in list (18)

Title: Beethoven and His World

Author(s): Bard Music Festival
ISBN 13: 9780691070735
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Title: Beethoven: The Man and the Artist As Revealed in His Own Words

Author(s): Friedrich Kerst, Henry E. Krehbiel
ISBN 13: 9780486212616
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Title: The Ninth: Beethoven and the World in 1824

“All men become brothers . . .
Be embraced, ye millions!”
The Ninth Symphony, a symbol of freedom and joy, was Beethoven’s mightiest attempt to help humanity find its way from darkness to light, from chaos to peace. Yet the work was born in a repressive era, with terrified Bourbons, Hapsburgs, and Romanovs using every means at their disposal to squelch populist rumblings in the wake of the French Revolution and Napoleon’s wars. Ironically, the premiere of this hymn to universal brotherhood took place in Vienna, the capital of a nation that Metternich was turning into the first modern police state.

The Ninth’s unveiling, on May 7, 1824, was the most significant artistic event of the year, and the work remains one of the most precedent-shattering and influential compositions in the history of music—a reference point and inspiration that resonates even today. But in The Ninth, eminent music historian Harvey Sachs demonstrates that Beethoven was not alone in his discontent with the state of the world. Lord Byron died in 1824 during an attempt to free Greece from the domination of the Ottoman empire; Delacroix painted a masterpiece in support of that same cause; Pushkin, suffering at the hands of an autocratic czar, began to draft his anti-authoritarian play Boris Godunov; and Stendhal and Heine wrote works that mocked conventional ways of thinking.

The Ninth Symphony was so unorthodox that it amazed and confused listeners at its premiere—described by Sachs in vibrant detail—yet it became a standard for subsequent generations of creative artists, and its composer came to embody the Romantic cult of genius. In this unconventional, provocative new book, Beethoven’s masterwork becomes a prism through which we may view the politics, aesthetics, and overall climate of the era.

Part biography, part history, part memoir, The Ninth brilliantly explores the intricacies of Beethoven’s last symphony—how it brought forth the power of the individual while celebrating the collective spirit of humanity.

Author(s): Harvey Sachs
ISBN 13: 9780812969078
Pages: 240
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Title: Beethoven

Available for the first time in English, this biography, published in Prague only a few months after the composer's death, provides a contemporary view of the man and musician. Eminent Beethoven scholar Barry Cooper puts this curious work into perspective, clarifying inaccuracies in the original 19th-century text. HARDCOVER.

Author(s): Johann Aloys Schlosser
ISBN 13: 9781574670066
Pages: 200
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Title: Beethoven

PRAISE FOR JAN SWAFFORD CHARLES IVES: A Life in Music A sensitive, specific, gracefully worded, and remarkably clearheaded book that is both an engrossing biography . . . and a detailed examination of the work [Ives] left behind.
Author(s): Jan Swafford
ISBN 13: 9780618054749
Pages: 1077
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Title: The Life of Beethoven

Author(s): David Wyn Jones
ISBN 13: 9780521568784
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Title: Beethoven

Drawing on the latest research as well as using source material, a leading authority on the life and works of Ludwig van Beethoven reveals the man behind the legend, painting a complete portrait of the greatest composer who ever lived. 20 ...
Author(s): John Suchet
ISBN 13: 9780802122797
Pages: 416
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Title: Beethoven: Impressions by His Contemporaries

This compilation contains the most interesting, evocative, and amusing sections of letters, diaries, memoirs, etc., describing Beethoven's accomplishments as well as his strange personality. Traits and characteristics of the great composer are described by his contemporaries, including musical giants Rossini, Weber, and Liszt, and poets Goethe and Grillparzer, as well as other acquaintances. 16 portraits of Beethoven are included.
Author(s): Oscar G. Sonneck
ISBN 13: 9780486217703
Pages: 272
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Title: Beethoven

Author(s): Maynard Solomon
ISBN 13: 9780028722405
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Title: Beethoven As I Knew Him

Wonderfully intimate biography by Beethoven's pupil, secretary, and factotum. Extensively annotated by Beethoven scholar Donald MacArdle, it not only offers Schindler's personal view of the composer's music, personality, deafness, irascible behavior, and more — but incorporates 100 years of subsequent research. Revised 3rd edition. Editor's Notes. Introduction. Includes 7 illustrations.
Author(s): Anton F. Schindler, Donald W. Macardle
ISBN 13: 9780486292328
Pages: 560
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Title: Beethoven's Hair

Author(s): Russell Martin
ISBN 13: 9780767903516
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Title: Ludwig Van Beethoven

The author/illustrator for the highly successful Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists series lends his creative talents to another fun, informative series, this one featuring world famous composers. Venezia's clever mix of full-color photos, his own tongue-in-cheek cartoonlike illustrations, and factual biographical information presents each composer as they really were, along with the forces that inspired their world-renowned music.

Venezia uses full-color photos, his own tongue-in-cheek cartoons, and factual information to present the tumultuous life and music of Beethoven.

Briefly recounts the life of a composer who wrote beautiful sonatas and symphonies despite tragic personal problems.

Author(s): Mike Venezia
ISBN 13: 9780516200699
Pages: 32
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Title: Beethoven: The Universal Composer (Eminent Lives Series)

Author(s): Edmund Morris
ISBN 13: 9780060759759
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Title: Beethoven's Letters

Features 457 of Beethoven's most candid letters dealing with such topics as his deafness, his declining health, other composers and their influence, and his own work. Includes 15 illustrations.
Author(s): Ludwig van Beethoven
ISBN 13: 9780486227696
Pages: 410
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Title: Beethoven's Letters 1790-1826 Volume 2

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827), the protagonist of freedom for music, disentangled music from the control of the ruling class. In publishing his music and writing for the rising classes, Beethoven claimed freedom and expressed the emotions of the new rulers, the artists. The Eroica, Fidelio, and the piano works express the emotions of the new rulers — the intense love, the need for companionship of people, the forces that conspired to defeat the artist, and the strength and superiority of the artist in overcoming the weaknesses. The letters of Beethoven are the principal nonmusical expression of his personality in its relationship with the world of his time. In what he called the "dry letters of the alphabet," Beethoven depicted his fears, his loves, and his friendly relations: his fears of deafness and of corrupted texts by pirating printers; his loves, Bettina Brentano and Giulietta Guicciardi; and his friendly relations with Baron Zmeskall, Frau Nannette Streicher, and the music publishers Steiner and Company. He praises the poetry of Goethe and Schiller but condemns Goethe for his obeisance toward royalty. He solicits help during his perpetual trouble with his health and with his servants. He castigates publishers, sets prices for his works, and calculates letters of dedication. He expresses his love for his nephew, Carl, but documents the trouble that Carl was causing him by taking up his precious time. And although Beethoven liked to decorate the letters with musical openings and closings and an occasional song to the receiver, he increasingly signed his letters, "In haste."
Author(s): Ludwig Van Beethoven
ISBN 13: 9781537113708
Pages: 230
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