List of Books On TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

List of Books On TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

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Title: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience

This is as close as you’ll ever get to having the master presenter himself speak directly in your ear.
Author(s): Carmine Gallo
ISBN 13: 9781259835889
Pages: 272
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Title: How to Deliver a Ted Talk

Author(s): Jeremy Donovan
ISBN 13: 9780071831598
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Title: TED Talks

The book brings together his experience of over two decades as the curator of TED, in which time he has listened to over one thousand stage talks, with advice from 30 of his all-time favourite TED speakers.
Author(s): Chris Anderson
ISBN 13: 9781472228055
Pages: 224
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Title: How to Deliver a Great Ted Talk

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Author(s): Akash Karia
ISBN 13: 9781484021859
Pages: 198
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Title: How to Design TED-Worthy Presentation Slides (Black and White Edition)

However, this book was such a step above any others I've read on the art of PowerPoint presentations, I had to give it a five star review.”~ David Schwind
Author(s): Akash Karia
ISBN 13: 9781507638125
Pages: 206
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Title: TED Talks

Are you looking to give a memorable and inspiring TED Talk? TED Talks are popular for a reason -- they captivate, inspire, and take the listener on an emotional journey. Even if you're not preparing to give an actual TED talk you can use the same principals to wow your audience and give the talk of your life. In this book you'll learn exactly what piques and keeps your audience's interest by modeling the best presentations in the world! Look and sound like a pro even if you have a fear of public speaking. Do you want to give a great talk or presentation WITHOUT feeling self-conscious, appearing nervous, or worrying about people judging you? This book will teach you how to overcome your fears and deliver the talk of your life. By the way, the audience actually wants you to succeed! With the skills you learn by reading this book you won't let them down. Here is just some of what you'll learn by reading this book: The exact elements that make up a great TED Talk. How to choose your topic by discovering YOUR big idea. How to plan and layout your talk. Ways to captivate your audience. What buttons to push to really get an emotional response from the crowd. How to make your audience feel connected to you. Ways to put your own spin on any topic. The exact structure to follow for your talk. The 4 things you absolutely must include in your TED Talk. The 3 methods of delivery and which one will work best for you. What to put on your slides -- AND how to decide if you should even use slides at all! How to handle stage fright including 3 tips to calm your nerves before and during your talk. The #1 thing to avoid doing during your talk. (Do this and your audience will actually feel insulted...) And those are just the highlights!
Author(s): Jacob Andrews
ISBN 13: 9781511840538
Pages: 78
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Title: The Coaching Habit

In The Coaching Habit, coaching becomes a regular, informal part of your day so managers and their teams can wok less hard and have more impact.
Author(s): Michael Bungay-Stanier
ISBN 13: 9780978440749
Pages: 242
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Title: TED Talks: Deliver an Amazing TED Talk Following 20 Easy Storytelling Techniques

TED Talks are ideas that can be told in story form, and they are usually less than eighteen minutes long. Some TED Talks can be longer than this, but most of them are not. Therefore, you need to have an excellent storytelling skill set under your belt if you want to deliver a TED Talk that will really speak to someone. In this book, youre going to learn: How to show it rather than tell it in your TED Talk How to create a character in a story that the audience is going to relate to How to set the stage for the audience How to create the mood and atmosphere for the audience How to create the plot for your TED Talk story How to use realistic dialogue and engage the senses during a TED Talks How to use emotion with characters and evoke it in the audience And much more! TED Talks, whether they are being told in order to tell someone how to do something, or theyre an entertaining story that has a point, should be created using these tips and techniques. So scroll up today to grab a copy of this book on how to create an amazing storytelling TED Talk today!
Author(s): Carrie Dresden
ISBN 13: 9781530988587
Pages: 36
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