List of 17 Popular Wilderness Survival Guides

List of 17 Popular Wilderness Survival Guides

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Title: Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

The ultimate resource for experiencing the backcountry! Written by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury, "Bushcraft 101" gets you ready for your next backcountry trip with advice on making the most of your time outdoors. Based on the 5Cs of Survivability--cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages--this valuable guide offers only the most important survival skills to help you craft resources from your surroundings and truly experience the beauty and thrill of the wilderness. Inside, you'll also discover detailed information on: Choosing the right items for your kit. Manufacturing needed tools and supplies. Collecting and cooking food. Protecting yourself from the elements. With Canterbury's guidance, you'll not only prepare yourself for any climate and situation, you'll also learn how to use the art of bushcraft to reconnect with nature in ways you've never imagined.
Author(s): Dave Canterbury
ISBN 13: 9781440579776
Pages: 256
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Title: The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Man Skills

Following the success of The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook (more than 150,000 copies sold!), this ruggedly handsome hardcover collection brings together new and classic advice from Worst-Case experts to help readers master the manly artsfrom wrestling an alligator to calming a crying child to extinguishing backyardbarbeque fireswith all the contents fully searchable on an accompanying CD.
Author(s): Joshua Piven
ISBN 13: 9780811874830
Pages: 512
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Title: Dummies' Guide to Survival: Tactics, Mindset and Tips

The most comprehensive, yet easy to understand short book that provides the essential information you need for survivingin the outdoors! Are you planning an outdoors trip but feel unsecure and unsure of your abilities? Do you love adventuring in the wilderness but fear that you might not survive? Are you a regular hiker and camper but want to brush up on the essentials? Do you simply have an interest in survival and would like to learn some handy techniques that one day might save your life? Then this book is for you! I am Alex Pitt, adventurer, climber, survivor, nomad, traveler and writer. I am here to give you the basics of outdoor survival in the most easy-to-read and understand way. Even if you have never hiked or explored the great outdoors, this book will be your introduction. I wish I had a guide as detailed as this one when I first started my outdoor adventures. After reading this book you will be able to find sustenance in creatures that you would not normally eat, create a fire without using any match, search for water in a barren environment and a lot more! I will teach you: the basics of surviving outdoors how to keep yourself safe and feel more confident when exploring the vast wilderness how to be always prepared even for the worst situations how to adapt This handy manual features: Preparing yourself mentally for survival and how to act when in danger. Detailed instructions on how to start a fire using several different methods – even using ice. Finding and preparing water from various sources – even in a barren environment. Providing food for yourself by gathering nuts and fruits and hunting using simple traps that I will teach you how to make. Navigating in the wild – with and without map and compass; tips and tricks such as using the sun, clouds, moon and even your wristwatch.
Author(s): Alex Pitt
ISBN 13: 9781533573926
Pages: 32
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Title: The Ultimate Mans Survival Guide

Clearly written and packed with real-life anecdotes, "The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide" teaches the skills, attitudes, and philosophies men need to take on any of life's ultimate challenges.
Author(s): Frank Miniter
ISBN 13: 9781596985704
Pages: 256
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Title: Wilderness Navigation: Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter & Gps (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics)

The best-selling text on wilderness navigation has been updated and organized to make it easier to learn this vital skill. The official textbook for thousands of navigation courses throughout the world.
Author(s): Bob Burns
ISBN 13: 9781594859458
Pages: 190
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Title: SEAL Survival Guide

A former Navy SEAL provides step-by-step instructions in preparing oneself to survive any disaster, from earthquakes and shipwrecks to terrorist attacks, viral pandemics, and nuclear attack.
Author(s): Cade Courtley
ISBN 13: 9781451690293
Pages: 344
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Title: SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition

The ultimate guide to surviving anywhere, now updated with more than 100 pages of additional material Revised to reflect the latest in survival knowledge and technology, and covering new topics such as urban survival and terrorism, the ...
Author(s): John Lofty Wiseman
ISBN 13: 9780062378071
Pages: 672
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Title: Be Expert with Map & Compass

The classic map and compass navigation guide-revised for the age of GPS. GPS devices are great, but they can break, get lost, or easily be hampered by weather conditions, making basic map and compass skills essential for anyone who spends time outdoors. This popular, easy-to-use orienteering handbook has been helping people find their way for more than fifty years. Now updated to include information on GPS as well as current Web sites, references, sources, and photographs, it remains the book of choice for professional outdoorsmen, novice orienteers, and outdoor organizations as well as teachers, scout leaders, recreational hikers, hunters, and others around the world. Coverage includes understanding map symbols; traveling by map alone, by compass alone, or by map and compass together; finding bearings; sketching maps; and traveling in the wilderness. Explains basic map and compass skills clearly. Fully updated edition, including information on GPS. Includes up-to-date Web site addresses, references, and sources. Features a fresh, rugged design. Ideal book for beginners. If you're looking to feel more comfortable in the wilderness, this updated guide is an indispensable reference.
Author(s): Bjorn Kjellstrom
ISBN 13: 9780470407653
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Title: The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs

This is the ultimate resource on what the land, sun, moon, stars, plants, animals, and clouds can reveal if you only know how to look!"
Author(s): Tristan Gooley
ISBN 13: 9781615192410
Pages: 448
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Title: How to Survive the End of the World as We Know it

The ultimate guide to total preparedness and self-reliance, this work, written by one of the best-known survival experts, contains everything people need to know in order to prepare and protect themselves.
Author(s): James Wesley Rawles
ISBN 13: 9780452295834
Pages: 316
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Title: The Preppers Water Survival Guide

This guide cover all of these factors and more with straight-forward, easy-to-follow plans. This book covers everything people should know about water after a disaster, whether they are a notice or expert at prepping.
Author(s): Daisy Luther
ISBN 13: 9781612434483
Pages: 224
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Title: Survival: A Beginners Prepping Guide to Survive a Disaster in the Wilderness

If you have ever been interested in learning how to survive and test your mettle in the wild, then this eBook is for you. Learn how to master yourself and the environment around you by gaining new and crucial survival skills. Take your own in life in your own hands by discovering how to find food and water in the wild, make fires and shelter. This eBook even covers topics such as navigation in the wild and a basic overview of wound treatment and first aid. So if a disaster ever occurs you will be ready for it with the essential skills this eBook teaches you along with a survival kit that you will learn to prepare. Furthermore this book also explores and investigates the human aspect of being a prepper – a person who looks ahead and stares disaster right in the face. Gain insight into the survival mindset which allows you to overcome life and death adversity. Learn how to manage your emotions, deal with your own problems and the importance of interpersonal skills. Also learn about the different types of disaster and how they are classified.
Author(s): Scott Colter
ISBN 13: 9781517179649
Pages: 28
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Title: The Ultimate Hikers Gear Guide

An experienced long-distance backpacker shares advice on proper hiking equipment, covering clothing, footwear, shelters, and cooking systems, and outlines sample gear kits for different types of terrain.
Author(s): Andrew Skurka
ISBN 13: 9781426209208
Pages: 223
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Title: The Ultimate Survival Manual (Outdoor Life): Urban Adventure - Wilderness Survival - Disaster Preparedness

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. The people who survive are those who know what to do . . . they have their earthquake kits packed, their travel essentials saved, their family prepared, and their cars gassed up and ready to go. Everyone wants to believe that they are that person—the one who would prevail whether they found themselves facing a tornado, an angry bear, or a revolution in a third-world country. Filled with clear, concise instructions, helpful diagrams, essential checklists, and inspirational first-person stories, this book is a fascinating armchair read that might just save the reader’s life. Sprinkled throughout are real-life “extreme survival” stories of amazing feats (“I Punched a Tiger in the Face!”) that inform and entertain. Even if the most terrifying thing you’ve ever survived is a traffic jam on the 205, this book is a must-read.

This book will feature disaster survival scenarios in a number of international situations.

Sample TOC:

Urban Survival

1. Situational Awareness Basics

2. What They Did Right: 9/11 Survival Stories, America’s Heroes

3. Street Smarts: Stay Safe in the Big City

4. It Happened to Me: I Fought Off a Madman

5. Hand-to-Hand Combat Techniques

6. Assault Prevention Essentials

7. By the Numbers: Don’t be a Crime Statistic

8. What They Did Wrong: Bad-News Bar Fight

9. Disarm a Gunman

10. Burglarproof Your Home

11. Keep Your Family Safe

12. Gear Essentials: Home Safety 101

13. What to Bring on the Road—Any Road

14. Basic Car Safety

15. Checklist : Travel Smart Anywhere

16. Third World Smarts, First World Streets

17. It Happened to Me: Caught in a Armed Insurrection

18. Threat Level Index: When Do You Leave?

19. Emergency Auto Repairs MacGyver Would Envy

20. Worst Case Scenario: When Civilization Falls

Disaster Survival

1. Wild Weather: What to Watch For

2. Terrifying Twisters: Survive a Tornado

3. By the Numbers: How Safe is Your City from Extreme Weather

4. When the Floodwaters Are Rising

5. Sandbag Essentials

6. It Happened to Me: Swept Away in a Raging River

7. Hurricaine! When to Evacuate

8. What They Did Wrong: Katrina Disasters

9. Fire Watch: Dealing with Urban Fires

10. When the Woods Burn

11. Wall of Water: Ride Out a Tsunami

12. It Happened to Me: Surviving the Indonesian Tsunami

13. What They Did Right: Fukushima Survival Stories

14. Make It through a Blizzard

15. Checklist: Ensure Winter Survival

16. When the Big One Hits: Earthquake Survival

17. Threat Level Index: Stay or Go After a Quake?

18. Handling Looters

19. Gear Essentials: Your Ultimate Go bag

20. Worst Case Scenario: Nuclear Meltdown

Wilderness Survival

1. Make It Through a Night in the Woods

2. Signal Rescuers the Right Way

3. What they Did Wrong: The Kim Family Tragedy

4. Basic Tracking Skills

5. By the Numbers: The Most Dangers Places on Earth

6. Survive an Avalanche

7. When Animals Attack

8. It Happened to Me: The Soldier Who Punched a Tiger in the Face

9. Build a Fire Anywhere

10. Ice Storm Survival

11. Threat Level index: Assess Bad Weather

12. Find and Eat Wild Plants Safely

13. Make It in the Jungle

14. What They Did Right: The Teenage Girl Who Survived the Amazon

15. Make a Basic Animal Snare

16. Skin and Cook Your Catch

17. Gear Essentials: Wilderness Survival Kit

18. Get Out of Quicksand

19. First Aid on the Fly

20. Worst Case Scenario: Stranded and Alone for Weeks

Author(s): Rich Johnson
ISBN 13: 9781616282189
Pages: 256
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Title: Survival Basics: Harvest Wild Meat Simple Traps and Snares: (Ultimate Survival Guide, Survival Food) (Wilderness Survival Guide, Survival Craft)

Learning to survive outdoors is an important skill. You may find yourself stranded in the woods after a natural disaster, or lost after a hiking, fishing or camping excursion. Do you have what it takes to survive? Because you can survive for weeks without eating, many students tend to focus on other survival techniques such as building a shelter or purifying water. Although these are vitally important, going without food can have an adverse affect on your mental health and overall well-being. Consequently, it is important to know how to find, catch and cook wild animals to maintain your strength and energy. With this book, you will learn all of the basics of finding, catching and preparing food in emergency situations. That is without the use of modern hunting tools like guns and fishing poles. Some topics covered will include: Where to Look for Food Safe and Unsafe Animals for Eating Setting Small Game Snares Bird Catching Catching Reptiles and Snakes Primitive Fishing Making Weapons for Hunting Cooking Methods Including Drying and Smoking Meats Food Storage Preparation can mean the difference between surviving or not surviving in the wilderness. This book will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence you’ll need to keep from starving while you wait for someone to come and rescue you.
Author(s): Mark Neely
ISBN 13: 9781533521163
Pages: 32
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Title: The Boys Book of Survival

A handbook provides guidance on surviving many kinds of dangers, from a shark attack to a huge pimple, and discusses how to make a compass using the sun, predict rain, and light a fire.
Author(s): Guy Campbell
ISBN 13: 9780545085366
Pages: 125
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Title: Survival Hacks

Being prepared can make the difference when it comes to your survival in an emergency. And Survival Hacks makes it a whole lot easier.
Author(s): Creek Stewart
ISBN 13: 9781440593345
Pages: 256
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