Learn to Speak German Language

Learn to Speak German Language

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Title: German Made Simple: Learn to Speak and Understand German Quickly and Easily

Learning German Has Never Been Easier! Whether you are studying the language in school, planning a trip to Germany or Austria, or trying to learn the basics of the language closest to English, German Made Simple is the perfect book for any self-learner. Void of all nonessentials and refreshingly easy to understand, German Made Simple includes:

• Basics of German grammar
• Modern German vocabulary
• German pronunciation guide
• German reading exercises
• German economic information
• Common German expressions
• Review exercises
• Complete answer key
• German-English dictionary

Author(s): Arnold Leitner
ISBN 13: 9780767918602
Pages: 309
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Title: German All-in-One For Dummies, with CD

Learn to speak German? Easy.

German All-in-One For Dummies conveniently combines titles from the German Dummies library into one handy guide that covers all of the bases of the German language. For those looking to master fluency in this popular language, this book and CD combo are an efficient and logical choice.

German All-in-One For Dummies brings together content from German For Dummies, 2nd Edition, German For Dummies Audio Set, German Phrases For Dummies, Intermediate German For Dummies, and German Essentials For Dummies. Plus, it includes a new CD that allows for even more opportunities to practice speaking the language, as well as additional content on grammar and usage to empower you to use and speak German like a native.

  • Offers instruction and practice exercises for both speaking and writing German
  • Helps you prepare to demonstrate proficiency in conversational German

If you want to improve your German, whether it's for work, travel, or enjoyment, German All-in-One For Dummies has you covered.

Author(s): Consumer Dummies
ISBN 13: 9781118491409
Pages: 720
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Title: German: Learn German In 21 DAYS! - A Practical Guide To Make German Look Easy! EVEN For Beginners (German, French, Spanish, Italian)

In this book you will find highly-informative chapters on the fundamentals of the German language to address the needs of travellers, business owners, and students who need to have a good grasp of the language in three weeks’ time or less. This book is designed for beginners and intermediate learners of German grammar and communication who prefer to learn at their own pace and convenience. It seeks to provide self-learners an excellent foundation of the language by imparting essential grammar rules, pronunciation guide, vocabulary, key phrases, and common expressions. The path to learning the German language starts with a full chapter on pronunciation and the basic facts you need to know about the language – numbers, telling time, months of the year, days of the week, telling the year and date, colors, and important phrases for everyday conversations. The succeeding chapters cover grammar topics such as word order, sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, and parts of speech. Each chapter features relevant examples, charts, tables, and vocabulary listings which were carefully and strategically chosen to enhance the learners’ comprehension and appreciation of the language as well as shorten learning time considerably.
Author(s): Henry Ray
ISBN 13: 9781519645500
Pages: 162
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Title: German in a Week!: The Ultimate German Learning Course for Beginners

German... Learn the basics in just 7 days! This book contains proven techniques and strategies to help self-learners acquire proficiency in the fundamentals of the German language in as little as one week. It is designed to provide travelers, students, job applicants, business owners, and enthusiasts with a comprehensive, engaging and excellent resource to make German language learning an enjoyable and exciting experience. The book aims to break the barriers that make learning German a difficult and frustrating experience for many students. “German Basics in a Week” is the only book you need to speak, understand and learn German in no time at all. Can hardly wait? Let’s get started!
Author(s): Language Guru
ISBN 13: 9781533409928
Pages: 118
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Title: German Grammar Drills

When it comes to learning grammar, the best way is to JUST DO IT!

For learning grammar, you'll find the most success in retaining your skills through drills, drills, and more drills. German Grammar Drills reinforces your

knowledge and enhance your ability to read, write, and speak in German. This book introduces essential grammar concepts, with practical examples to demonstrate their correct usage. You will flex your grammar muscle with the exercises included in each section.

Inside this new edition you'll find:

  • More than 200 exercises accompanied by an answer key
  • Authentic examples to show you correct grammar usage
  • New review sections that will bring you up to speed on grammar
Author(s): Ed Swick
ISBN 13: 9780071789455
Pages: 336
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Title: German: How to Speak and Write It

Author(s): Rosenberg, Joseph
ISBN 13: 9789650060350
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Title: Eyewitness German Travel Phrasebook

These pocket dictionaries give business and vacation travelers everything they need for a smooth, successful trip. Organized by subject, the traveler can quickly find the vocabulary relevant to the situation, whether transportation, hotels, meals, shopping, post offices and banks, sports, or health care, accompanied by a pronunciation guide. At the end of each phrase book is a 2,000-word mini-dictionary. Fully updated from the original editions to reflect currency changes such as the Euro and new vocabulary such as e-tickets.
Author(s): DK Publishing
ISBN 13: 9780789494887
Pages: 144
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Title: German for Dummies

The fun and easy way to learn the fascinating language of German with integrated audio clips!  

German For Dummies, Enhanced Edition  uses the renowned Berlitz approach to get you up and running with the language-and having fun too! Designed for the total beginner, this guide introduces you to basic grammar and then speedily has you making conversation. Integrated audio clips let you listen and learn as you hear pronunciations and real-life conversations. Fun and games sections ease your way into German fluency, phonetic spellings following expressions and vocabulary improve your pronunciation, and helpful boxes and sidebars cover cultural quirks and factoids.

  • Master the nuts and bolts of German grammar
  • Learn phrases that make you sound German-and know what never to say in German

Whether you're just looking for a greeting besides "Guten tag" or you want to become a foreign exchange student, this enhanced edition of German For Dummies gives you what you need to learn the language-as much as you like, as fast as you like!

Author(s): Paulina Christensen
ISBN 13: 9780470901014
Pages: 384
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Title: Speak German like a Native: A Practical Conversation Course (with MP3 Audio Files)

Do you want to speak German like a native? This book will teach you practical and useful German conversation. You will be able to find the right words in daily conversation and speak German with confidence in a wide range of real-life situations. "Speak German like a Native" is perfect if you want to: -be able to express yourself in perfect German -say the right thing at the right time -boost your conversation skills -speak German with confidence “I have found myself in many situations where this course would have come in very handy, wish I've studied this earlier!” – Brenda Penante The focus is on conversation and communication With the help of this book you will learn German with hundreds of customizable phrases used in spoken German. It does not include grammar explanations, but focuses on conversation (fluency and confidence). It is the perfect complement to self-study, traditional classroom lessons or video courses. Are you ready? Then buy this book right now and take your German conversation skills to the next level!
Author(s): Ingo Depner
ISBN 13: 9781530537532
Pages: 42
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Title: German for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Learn the Basics of German in 10 Days!

Do You Wnat to Speak German and Speak It more Easily than Ever Before? Learn The Basics of German in 10 Days! Click the "Buy" button and START NOW your journey with German. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to learn to speak the German language in less than two weeks. The German language is spoken by at least 130 million people around the world as of 2014. More than half of those people speak it as their native and language, with the rest having adopted it as a second language. My goal is to help you on having a new approach. This book lets you appreciate the beauty of the German culture as evidenced in their language. The chapters will give you appropriate examples that you will find useful once you learn to talk and converse in full German—all that, in a span of 10 days. Whatever reasons you have for desiring to learn German, choosing “German for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Learn the Basics of German in 10 Days!” offers you more than just an opportunity to learn the language; it is giving yourself a good headstart towards your goals. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn Inside: •German Basics •Pronouncing German Words •Days and Numbers •Meeting and Greeting •Family Life •Telecommunications •In the Workplace •Shopping •Dining •Sports and Leisure •Much, much more!
Author(s): Manuel De Cortes
ISBN 13: 9781512381290
Pages: 98
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Title: German: Learn German: A Guide to Learning the Basics of a New Language

Learning the Basics of the German Language, is a comprehensive phrasebook and grammar book designed to help you learn and confidently speak the German language in a week’s time and turn it into a lifelong skill. It offers a vast collection of vital German phrases and vocabulary you can use to introduce yourself, meet and greet people, book accommodations, use public transportation, shop for clothes, souvenirs, and necessities, order food in a restaurant, tell time, do banking transactions, talk about the weather, and find your way around a German-speaking country. It provides an in-depth discussion of the essential aspects of German grammar with the new and intermediate learners in mind. This book is a treasure chest of information about the German language that you won’t find elsewhere. It may not be evident at first, but a better understanding of German will ensure that you have more time exploring and enjoying the best that the country has to offer: tourist attractions, arts and entertainment activities, and the local cuisine to name a few (and German-speaking countries are often highly known for such). But what if you are due to travel anytime soon? Is it still possible to master at least the basics of the German language if you’re given only a few days to do so? Fortunately, it is possible, and this book will help you do just that. It provides hundreds of helpful phrases and expressions you can use in your day-to-day interactions with native German speakers as well as a comprehensive discussion of grammar to help you speak the language with confidence. This book features not only basic German grammar rules but also easy-to-understand guides on how the language can best be used in situations including but not limited to the following: Greeting other people and introducing yourself, specifically the proper way of doing so Getting around and exploring (e.g. asking for directions, telling the time) Ordering food at restaurants Shopping And more!
Author(s): Jenna Swan
ISBN 13: 9781533221728
Pages: 132
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