Industrial Design and Manufacturing Process Books

Industrial Design and Manufacturing Process Books

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Title: Manufacturing Processes for Textile and Fashion Design Professionals

An encyclopedic guide featuring over seventy established, emerging, and innovative production techniques and over sixty materials used in textile and fashion design
Author(s): Rob Thompson Martin Thompson
ISBN 13: 9780500517413
Pages: 544
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Title: The Process Improvement Handbook

Author(s): Tristan Boutros
ISBN 13: 9780071817660
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Title: The Industrial Design Reference & Specification Book

Originally published under the title: Process, materials, and measurements, in 2006.
Author(s): Dan Cuffaro;Isaac Zaksenberg
ISBN 13: 9781592538478
Pages: 272
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Title: Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Product Design

There are many ways in which a product can be manufactured but most designers know only a handful of techniques. Informative and incredibly easy to use, this bestselling book discusses more than a hundred production methods in detail. Making It appeals not only to product designers but also to interior, furniture, and graphic designers who need access to a range of production methods, as well as to all students of design. This expanded edition includes nine new processes and an all-new section of over 40 finishing techniques.
Author(s): Lefteri, Chris
ISBN 13: 9781856697491
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Title: Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals

An encyclopaedic guide to production techniques and materials for product and industrial designers, engineers, and architects.

Today's product designers are presented with a myriad of choices when creating their work and preparing it for manufacture. They have to be knowledgeable about a vast repertoire of processes, ranging from what used to be known as traditional "crafts" to the latest technology, to enable their designs to be manufactured effectively and efficiently. Information on the internet about such processes is often unreliable, and search engines do not usefully organize material for designers.

This fundamental new resource explores innovative production techniques and materials that are having an impact on the design industry worldwide. Organized into four easily referenced parts—Forming, Cutting, Joining, and Finishing—over seventy manufacturing processes are explained in depth with full technical descriptions; analyses of the typical applications, design opportunities, and considerations each process offers; and information on cost, speed, and environmental impact. The accompanying step-by-step case studies look at a product or component being manufactured at a leading international supplier.

A directory of more than fifty materials includes a detailed technical profile, images of typical applications and finishes, and an overview of each material's design characteristics. With some 1,200 color photographs and technical illustrations, specially commissioned for this book, this is the definitive reference for product designers, 3D designers, engineers, and architects who need a convenient, highly accessible, and practical reference.

Author(s): Rob Thompson
ISBN 13: 9780500513750
Pages: 528
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Title: Industrial Design: Materials and Manufacturing Guide

Author(s): Jim Lesko
ISBN 13: 9780470055380
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Title: Prototyping and Low-Volume Production

Author(s): Thompson, Rob
ISBN 13: 9780500289181
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Title: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with the Unified Process

A growing segment of the market have begun teaching Systems Analysis and Design using an object-oriented approach. This new approach has been widely recognized as the future of the analysis and design market by students and instructors. Building on the well renowned Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World, Third Edition by John Satzinger, Robert Jackson and Stephen Burd, the authors have recreated this object-oriented text for anyone looking for this new approach. All texts are accompanied by a free 120-day trial version of Microsoft Project 2003 to give students a hands-on experience with this new software.

Author(s): John W. Satzinger
ISBN 13: 9780619216436
Pages: 608
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Title: Monetizing Innovation

This book will also explain the following 4 common red flags: Feature Shocks – Product concepts overloaded with features and functions, the result of trying to serve too many customers and customer needs because the core customer and need ...
Author(s): Madhavan Ramanujam;Georg Tacke
ISBN 13: 9781119240860
Pages: 256
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Title: Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Third Edition (Manufacturing Engineering and Ma...

Author(s): Geoffrey Boothroyd, Peter Dewhur...
ISBN 13: 9781420089271
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Title: Materials for Design

This new book provides much-needed information on the raw materials, and the 'low-down' on what these materials can be used for.
Author(s): Chris Lefteri
ISBN 13: 9781780673448
Pages: 256
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Title: Industrial Automation

Author(s): Frank Lamb
ISBN 13: 9780071816458
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