Christian Books by Kevin Dedmon

Christian Books by Kevin Dedmon

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Title: Spiritual Java

Selecting 40 invigorating excerpts from their exciting and popular books, Pastor Bill Johnson and his Bethel Church associates have created an excellent blend of rich, generous, fortifying spiritual inspiration.


Take a deep whiff of what Bill, his wife Beni, and their friends Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, Kevin Dedmon, and Banning Liebscher have brewed specially for you.


Step 1: Select an espresso-size chapter.

Step 2: Sit back and relax in Godís presence.

Step 3: Learn to listen to His voice.

Step 4: Follow His directions.


God will take you into supernatural new territory, and your explorations will not end until you are fully walking in His perfect plan for your life.


Each time you enjoy a few more sips, you will be warmed and energized to step out into your world with renewed Kingdom effectiveness. May each sip of every chapter be spiritual java for your soul.

Author(s): Johnson, Bill , Johnson, Beni , Vallotton, Kris
ISBN 13: 9780768432855
Pages: 256
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Title: Unlocking Heaven: Keys to Living Naturally Supernatural

Author(s): Dedmon, Kevin
ISBN 13: 9780768427509
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Title: The Risk Factor

Author(s): Dedmon, Kevin/ Dedmon,
ISBN 13: 9780768440928
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