Books on the Life of Karl Marx

Books on the Life of Karl Marx

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Title: The Portable Karl Marx

Author(s): Karl Marx, Eugene Kamenka
ISBN 13: 9780140150964
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Title: Karl Marx, His Life and Environment

First published over fifty years ago, Isaiah Berlin's compelling portrait of the father of socialism has long been considered a classic of modern scholarship and the best short account written of Marx's life and thought. It provides a penetrating, lucid, and comprehensive introduction to Marx as theorist of the socialist revolution, illuminating his personality and ideas, and concentrating on those which have historically formed the central core of Marxism as a theory and practice. Berlin goes on to present an account of Marx's life as one of the most influential and incendiary social philosophers of the twentieth century and depicts the social and political atmosphere in which Marx wrote.
This edition includes a new introduction by Alan Ryan which traces the place of Berlin's Marx from its pre-World War II publication to the present, and elucidates why Berlin's portrait, in the midst of voluminous writings about Marx, remains the classic account of the personal and political side of this monumental figure.

This classic exposition has been revised in the light of the latest Marxist studies.

Author(s): Isaiah Berlin
ISBN 13: 9780195103267
Pages: 256
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Title: Karl Marx: A Life

In this stunning book, the first comprehensive biography of Marx since the end of the Cold War, Francis Wheen gives us not a socialist ogre but a fascinating, ultimately humane man, while still examining the criticisms of his detractors. A study in contradictions, Karl Marx was at once a reserved scholar, a fiery agitator, and a gregarious socialite, while his intellect and ideology were once described as "Rousseau, Voltaire, and Hegel fused into one person." He lived both at the center and on the fringes of his age, and his oratory and writing continue to change the contemporary world. In his entertaining, offbeat style, Wheen offers an eminently readable biography of one of history's most unforgettable figures. "Wheen's portrait of Marx's life is artfully shaped and makes delectable reading."—New York Times "A magnificent portrait of Marx.... Bravo!"—A. N. Wilson "[E]xpertly researched, admirably objective, eminently humane, and plenty entertaining."—Boston Book Review
Author(s): Francis Wheen
ISBN 13: 9780393321579
Pages: 431
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Title: The Life And Teaching Of Karl Marx

First published in English in 1921, this work was originally written by renowned Marxist historian Max Beer to commemorate the centenary of Marx’s birth. It is a definitive biography, full of interesting personal details and a clear and comprehensive account of Marx’s economic and historical doctrines A special feature of this unique work is the new light thrown on Marx’s attitude to the "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" and Bolshevist methods generally.
Author(s): M. Beer
ISBN 13: 9781478375937
Pages: 150
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Title: Karl Marx

All the great political revolutions of the twentieth century referred back to Marx. Reviled by some, revered by many, Marx's influence can be found in every area of the humanities and social sciences from literary criticism to globalization. In this thoroughly revised and updated new edition of his classic biography, David McLellan provides a clear and detailed account both of Marx's dramatic life and of his path-breaking thought together with a wealth of bibliographical information for further reading.
Author(s): David Mclellan
ISBN 13: 9781403997302
Pages: 512
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Title: Karl Marx: An Illustrated Biography

This classic biography of Karl Marx, complete with Gareth Stedman Jones’ poignant introduction, is unlike any other account of its subject. Focusing as much on Marx’s private life as on his public persona and work, this classic biography looks in detail at his relationship with his mother and father, wife and friends, and includes generous quotations from a wide range of correspondence in addition to virtually every photograph in existence of Marx and his closest associates.

Blumenberg examines Marx’s early writing as a schoolboy and his romantic poetry whilst a student, as well as his exchanges with close friend and collaborator Frederick Engels. In these pages are moving accounts of the privations of Marx’s poverty-stricken life in London and the tragedies which struck his family, as well as discussions of his intellectual development and political activity.

Including virtually every photograph in existence of Marx and his closest associates, and focusing as much on his private life as on his public persona and work, Werner Blumenberg’s biography provides an intimate portrait of the making of a complex intellectual the New Yorker dubbed “the next most influential thinker.”

Author(s): Werner Blumenberg
ISBN 13: 9781859842546
Pages: 188
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Title: Karl Marx: His Life and Thought

Author(s): David McLellan
ISBN 13: 9780060905859
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Title: Karl Marx

Author(s): Jonathan Sperber
ISBN 13: 9780871407375
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