Books on Tracing Family Genealogy

Books on Tracing Family Genealogy

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Title: The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy. 3rd Edition. Paperback Version

Author(s): Val D. Greenwood
ISBN 13: 9780806319735
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Title: The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

The book features: Colorful diagrams and expert definitions that explain key DNA terms and concepts such as haplogroups and DNA inheritance patterns Detailed guides to each of the major kinds of DNA tests and which tests can solve which ...
Author(s): Blaine T. Bettinger
ISBN 13: 9781440345326
Pages: 240
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Title: Scottish Genealogy

Author(s): Durie, Bruce
ISBN 13: 9780752463728
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Title: Genealogy Standards

This new edition of the official manual from the Board of Certification for Genealogists provides a standard by which all genealogists can pattern their work.
Author(s): Ancestry. Com
ISBN 13: 9781630260187
Pages: 100
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Title: The Genogram Journey: Reconnecting with Your Family

The godmother of genograms revises her revelatory work that explores how to reconnect with your past and invent a new future.

This notable work poignantly explains how a tool of family history—gathering the genogram, or a basic family tree—can help us to better understand and mend family relationships and dynamics. Here, fully updated for the first time, Monica McGoldrick's book elaborates on the ways in which genograms can reveal a family's history of estrangement, alliance, divorce, or suicide, exposing intergenerational patterns that prove more than coincidental. Weaving together photographs and genograms of famous families—including the Kennedys, the Freuds, and the Fondas—she sheds light on a range of complex issues such as birth order and sibling rivalry, family myths and secrets, cultural differences, couple relationships, and the pivotal role of loss.

In this important work, readers learn to mine previously untapped information about their own family patterns, leading to a reconnection to home and a deeper sense of identity. Originally published as You Can Go Home Again.

Author(s): Monica McGoldrick
ISBN 13: 9780393706277
Pages: 384
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Title: German Genealogy Guide

Author(s): James Beidler
ISBN 13: 9781440330650
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Title: Finding Your German Ancestry: A Beginner's Guide

Finding Your German Ancestors is a brief but thorough introduction to German research. It presents the most up-to-date sources and resources for successful German research. Many German archives are accessible via the Internet, and Finding Your German Ancestors is the first reference work to include these vital contacts. And because identifying documents is key to German research, it contains sample illustrations of typical German documents, as well as contact sample information for major repositories of German records. With its straightforward approach and easy-to-read style, this book is sure to become a standard reference work for beginning German researchers.

Author(s): Kevan M. Hansen
ISBN 13: 9780916489830
Pages: 96
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Title: The Family Tree Problem Solver: Tried and True Tactics for Tracing Elusive Ancestors

Has your family history research hit a brick wall? Marsha Hoffman Rising's best-selling book The Family Tree Problem Solver has the solutions to help you find the answers you seek. Inside you'll find:

Ideas on how to find vital records before civil registration

Tips for finding "missing" ancestors on censuses

Instructions for investigating collateral kin to further your pedigree

A look at advanced court records and how they can help you find answers

Work-arounds for lost or destroyed records

Techniques for correctly identifying and researching ancestors with common names

Methods for finding ancestors who lived before 1850

Case studies that show how to apply the author's advice to real-life research roadblocks

Strategies for analyzing your problem and creating a successful research plan

This revised edition also includes new information about online research techniques and a look at the role of DNA research. Plus you'll find a glossary of genealogy terms and more than a dozen templates for charts and logs to help you organize and record your research. Let The Family Tree Problem Solver help you find the answers you need today.

Author(s): Rising, Marsha Hoffman
ISBN 13: 9781440311932
Pages: 256
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Title: Unofficial Guide to FamilySearch. Org

Author(s): Dana McCullough
ISBN 13: 9781440343285
Pages: 240
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Title: Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques

Author(s): George G. Morgan
ISBN 13: 9780071816502
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Title: The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook

In essence, I know a lot more about the "process" of genealogical research and I want to put it to use. This is not to say that I have not been following proven guidelines when it comes to finding family history.
Author(s): Thomas MacEntee
ISBN 13: 9781523266968
Pages: 100
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Title: How to Use Evernote for Genealogy

In this book, you'll findEvernote tips and strategies specifically for genealogy researchers, with real-life examplesStep-by-step instructions for managing different types of genealogy information, from research notes to document images to ...
Author(s): Kerry Scott
ISBN 13: 9781440343834
Pages: 240
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