Books on How to Program with Lua

Books on How to Program with Lua

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Title: Lua Game Development Cookbook

This book is for all programmers and game enthusiasts who want to stop dreaming about creating a game, and actually create one from scratch.The reader should know the basics of programming and using the Lua language.
Author(s): Mrio Kasuba Mario Ka Uba
ISBN 13: 9781849515504
Pages: 360
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Title: Programming in Lua, Third Edition

Author(s): Ierusalimschy, Roberto
ISBN 13: 9788590379850
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Title: Learning Game AI Programming with Lua

If you are a game developer or a general programmer who wishes to focus on programming systems and techniques to build your game AI without creating low-level interfaces in a game engine, then this book is for you.
Author(s): David Young
ISBN 13: 9781783281336
Pages: 352
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Title: Beginning Lua Programming

This book is for students and professionals who are intrigued by the prospect of learning and using a powerful language that provides a rich infrastructure for creating programs. No programming knowledge is necessary to benefit from this book except for the section on Lua bindings, which requires some familiarity with the C programming language. A certain comfort level with command-line operations, text editing, and directory structures is assumed.

You need surprisingly little in the way of computer resources to learn and use Lua. This book focuses on Windows and Unix-like (including Linux) systems, but any operating system that supports a command shell should be suitable. You'll need a text editor to prepare and save Lua scripts.

If you choose to extend Lua with libraries written in a programming language like C, you'll need a suitable software development kit. Many of these kits are freely available on the Internet but, unlike Lua, they can consume prodigious amounts of disk space and memory.

Author(s): Aaron Brown
ISBN 13: 9780470069172
Pages: 672
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Title: Programming in Lua

Lua is the language of choice for anyone who needs a scripting language that is simple, efficient, extensible, portable, and free.

Currently, Lua is being used in areas ranging from embedded systems to Web development and is widely spread in the game industry, where knowledge of Lua is an indisputable asset.

"Programming in Lua" is the official book about the language, giving a solid base for any programmer who wants to use Lua. Authored by Roberto Ierusalimschy, the chief architect of the language, it covers all aspects of Lua 5---from the basics to its API with C---explaining how to make good use of its features and giving numerous code examples.

"Programming in Lua" is targeted at people with some programming background, but does not assume any prior knowledge about Lua or other scripting languages.

This Second Edition updates the text to Lua 5.1 and brings substantial new material, including numerous new examples, a detailed explanation of the new module system, and two new chapters centered on multiple states and garbage collection.

Author(s): Roberto Ierusalimschy
ISBN 13: 9788590379829
Pages: 328
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Title: Beginning Lua with World of Warcraft Add-ons

If you play World of Warcraft, chances are you know what Deadly Boss Mods is: it's the most widely downloaded modification available for World of Warcraft, considered required software for many professional raid guilds, and arguably the most popular modern video game mod in history.

Paul Emmerich, the author of Deadly Boss Mods, will take you from novice to elite with his approachable, up-to-date guide to building add-ons for the most popular video game in history. Using the powerful Lua scripting language and XML, you'll learn how to build and update powerful mods that can fundamentally remake your World of Warcraft experience and introduce you to the field of professional software development.

Beginning Lua with World of Warcraft Add-ons teaches you the essentials of Lua and XML using exciting code examples that you can run and apply immediately. You'll gain competence in Lua specifics like tables and metatables and the imperative nature of Lua as a scripting language. More advanced techniques like file persistence, error handling, and script debugging are made clear as you learn everything within the familiar, exciting context of making tools that work in Azeroth.

You'll not only learn all about the World of Warcraft application programming interface and programming, and gain coding skills that will make all your online friends think you're a coding god, but also gain hands-on Lua scripting experience that could translate into an exciting job in the video game industry!

What you’ll learn

  • See how to program Lua using basic and advanced techniques applicable to WoW and video game coding.
  • Explore the unique design, modeling, and workflow constraints of video game mod makers from one of its most successful practitioners.
  • Become the coolest character on your server?with tools and scripts that will make your friends gasp.
Who this book is for

This book is for World of Warcraft players, developers, and mod makers who want to learn how to program add-ons in Lua and XML, either to learn Lua or to improve their game experience. Working coders who don't know Lua and want to learn about this exciting, popular scripting language will also benefit.

The advanced material in this book will also be useful to those with World of Warcraft addon programming experience, so prior programming experience is an advantage, but not a requirement.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Lua Basics
  3. Using the WoW API to Create a "Hello, World" Mod
  4. Working with Game Events
  5. Using XML and Frames
  6. Advanced Lua
  7. Using Advanced Lua to Extend the Texas Hold’em Poker Add-on
  8. Building a Poker Game Client with Add-on Communication
  9. Using the Combat Log to Build a Cooldown Monitor
  10. Using Libraries
  11. Working with Secure Templates
  12. Macros
  13. Tips, Tricks, and Optimization
  14. Other Uses for Lua
Author(s): Paul Emmerich
ISBN 13: 9781430223719
Pages: 512
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Title: Lua 5.2 Reference Manual

Author(s): Roberto Ierusalimschy;Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo;Waldemar Celes
ISBN 13: 9789888381227
Pages: 54
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Title: Lua Programming Gems

Author(s): De Figueiredo, Luiz Henrique , Celes, Waldemar , Ierusalimschy, Roberto
ISBN 13: 9788590379843
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