Books on History of The United States Civil War

Books on History of The United States Civil War

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Title: A Savage War

A military history of breathtaking sweep and scope, "A Savage War" reveals how the Civil War ushered in the age of modern warfare. "If you think that there is nothing new to write about the Civil War, this book will prove you wrong.
Author(s): Williamson Murray Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
ISBN 13: 9780691169408
Pages: 616
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Title: Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era

Featuring a new Afterword by the author, this new paperback edition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Battle Cry of Freedom remains without question the definitive one-volume history of the Civil War. James McPherson's fast-paced narrative fully integrates the political, social, and military events that filled the two decades from the outbreak of one war in Mexico to the ending of another at Appomattox.

Filled with fresh interpretations and information, puncturing old myths and challenging new ones, Battle Cry of Freedom will unquestionably become the standard one-volume history of the Civil War. A fast-paced narrative integrates the political, social and military events from the outbreak in Mexico to the ending at Appomattox.

Author(s): James M. McPherson
ISBN 13: 9780195168952
Pages: 952
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Title: Hardtack and Coffee or The Unwritten Story of Army Life

Hardtack and Coffee: The Unwritten Story of Army Life (1887) is a memoir by John D. Billings. Billings was a veteran of the 10th Massachusetts Volunteer Light Artillery Battery in the American Civil War. Originally published in 1888, Hard Tack and Coffee quickly became a best seller, and is now considered one of the most important books written by a Civil War veteran. "Hard Tack and Coffee" is not about battles, but rather about how the common Union soldiers of the Civil War lived in camp and on the march. What would otherwise be a mundane subject is enlivened by Billings' humorous prose.
Author(s): John D. Billings
ISBN 13: 9781537600277
Pages: 208
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Title: The Civil War, A Narrative: Fort Sumter to Perryville, Vol. 1

Twenty years ago, in 1954, novelist Shelby Foote began this monumental work with these words: "It was a Monday in Washington, January 21; Jefferson Davis rose from his seat in the Senate..."

In the third — and last — volume of this vivid history, he brings to a close the story of four years of turmoil and strife which altered American life forever. Here, told in vivid narrative and as seen from both sides, are those climactic struggles, great and small, on and off the field of battle, which finally decided the fate of this nation.

"Red River to Appomattox" opens with the beginning of the two final, major confrontations of the war: Grant against Lee in Virginia, and Sherman pressing Johnston in North Georgia. While the Virginia-Georgia fighting is in progress, Kearsarge sinks the Alabama and Forrest gains new laurels at Brice's Crossroads.

With Grant and Lee deadlocked at Petersburg, Sherman takes Atlanta — assuring Lincoln's reelection, together with the certainty that the war will be fought (not negotiated) to a finish. These events are followed by Hood's bold northward strike through middle Tennessee while Sherman sets out on his march to the sea, to be opposed at its end by the ghost of the Army of Tennessee. Hood is wrecked by Thomas in front of Nashville-the last big battle — and Savannah falls to Sherman, who presents it to Lincoln as a Christmas gift.

Meantime, Early has threatened Washington, Price has toured Missouri, Farragut has damned the torpedoes in Mobile Bay, Forrest has raided Memphis, and Cushing has single-handedly sunk the Albemarle. And Sherman heads north through the Carolinas, burning Columbia en route, while Sheridan ripsthe entrails out of the Shenandoah Valley.

Lincoln's second inaugural sets the seal on these hostilities, invoking "charity for all" on the Eve of Five Forks and the Grant-Lee race for Appomattox. Here is the dust and stench of war, a sort of Twilight of the Gods, with occasional lurid flare-ups, mass desertions, and the queasiness that accompanies the risk of being the last man to die.

Then, penultimately. Lee at Appomattox, the one really shining figure in this last act.Davis's flight south from fallen Richmond overlaps Lincoln's death from Booth's derringer, and his capture at Irwinville comes amid the surrender of the last Confederate armies, east and west of the Mississippi River. The epilogue is Lincoln in his grave: and Davis in his posthumous existence. "Lucifer in Starlight."

So ends a unique achievement — already recognized as one of the finest histories ever fashioned by an American — a narrative of over a million and a half words which recreates on a vast and brilliant canvas the events and personalities of an American epic: The Civil War

Foote's comprehensive history of the Civil War includes three compelling volumes: Fort Sumter to Perryville, Fredericksburg to Meridian, and Red River to Appomattox.

Author(s): Shelby Foote
ISBN 13: 9780394746234
Pages: 856
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Title: The War That Forged a Nation

The essays consider variously the war's causes and consequences; the morality and cost of the war in comparative context; the naval war; slavery and its abolition; and Abraham Lincoln as emancipator, political leader, and commander in chief ...
Author(s): James M. McPherson
ISBN 13: 9780199375776
Pages: 224
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Title: The Battle of Gettysburg

Author(s): Frank Aretas Haskell
ISBN 13: 9781582187228
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Title: Seizing Destiny

Author(s): Albert Conner Jr
ISBN 13: 9781611211566
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Title: The Civil War Letters of Alexander Mcneill, 2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment

More than two hundred eloquently written Civil War letters of love and life on the battlefield
Author(s): Mac Wyckoff
ISBN 13: 9781611175363
Pages: 704
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Title: Gettysburg

A masterful, single-volume history of the Civil War's greatest campaign.

Drawing on original source material, from soldiers' letters to official military records of the war, Stephen W. Sears's Gettysburg is a remarkable and dramatic account of the legendary campaign. He takes particular care in his study of the battle's leaders and offers detailed analyses of their strategies and tactics, depicting both General Meade's heroic performance in his first week of army command and General Lee's role in the agonizing failure of the Confederate army. With characteristic style and insight, Sears brings the epic tale of the battle in Pennsylvania vividly to life.

Author(s): Stephen W. Sears
ISBN 13: 9780618485383
Pages: 640
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Title: Civil War Curiosities: Strange Stories, Oddities, Events, and Coincidences

True stories of unusual happenings during the civil war.

In 1861, Wilmer McLean, distressed that a cannon ball crashed through his home during the battle of Bull Run, moved to a farm where "the sound of battle would never again reach him and his family." Almost four years later, McLean's Appomattox Court House home was used for Lee's surrender to Grant. There wasn't damage from cannon balls, but souvenir-hunting Union officers left McLean's parlor bare of furniture.

After the Confederacy was defeated, Jefferson Davis was stripped of his citizenship. He died as a man without a country. His citizenship was restored by Congress during the administration of Georgian Jimmy Carter.

Three members of the Guillet family were killed while riding the same horse, which was then given to the Ohio Ninety-eighth regiment. Three officers were killed while riding the same horse. Lieutenant Milliner, the senior officer left on the field, then jumped on the jinxed horse. He escaped death, but suffered all his life from an arm shatterred by a minie ball while he was in the saddle.

Civil War Curiosities uncovers those unusual persons, attitudes, and events that take you beyond a textbook understanding of the Civil War. A collection of fascinating anecdotes and colorful stories, this book covers a wide variety of subjects, including "newfangled" weapons that changed the nature of war, the press' outrageous inaccuracy in covering the conflict, the phenomenon of "silent battles, " and various disguises, atrocities, and mix-ups.

A collection of fascinating anecdotes and colorful stories organized by topics and not by chronology, Civil War Curiosities offers a rare glimpse into unusual and often bizarre persons, attitudes, and events that enhance our understanding of the Civil War. Illustrated throughout.

Author(s): Webb Garrison
ISBN 13: 9781558533158
Pages: 288
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Title: Picketts Charge

"Pickett s Charge" is a detailed analysis of one of the most iconic and defining events in American history. This book presents a much-needed fresh look, including the unvarnished truths and ugly realities, about the unforgettable story.
Author(s): Phillip Thomas Tucker
ISBN 13: 9781634507967
Pages: 456
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Title: Eyewitness to the Civil War

At once an informed overview for general-interest readers and a superb resource for serious buffs, this extraordinary, gloriously illustrated volume is sure to become one of the fundamental books in any Civil War library. Its features include a dramatic narrative packed with eyewitness accounts and hundreds of rare photographs, artifacts, and period illustrations. Evocative sidebars, detailed maps, and timelines add to the reference-ready quality of the text.

From John Brown's raid to Reconstruction, Eyewitness to the Civil War presents a clear, comprehensive discussion that addresses every military, political, and social aspect of this crucial period. In-depth descriptions of campaigns and battles in all theaters of war are accompanied by a thorough evaluation of the nonmilitary elements of the struggle between North and South. In their own words, commanders and common soldiers in both armies tell of life on the battlefield and behind the lines, while letters from wives, mothers, and sisters provide a portrait of the home front. More than 375 historical photographs, portraits, and artifacts—many never before published—evoke the era's flavor; and detailed maps of terrain and troop movements make it easy to follow the strategies and tactics of Union and Confederate generals as they fought through four harsh years of war. Photoessays on topics ranging from the everyday lives of soldiers to the dramatic escapades of the cavalry lend a breathtaking you-are-there feeling, and an inclusive appendix adds even more detail to what is already a magnificently meticulous history.

Author(s): Steve Hyslop
ISBN 13: 9780792262060
Pages: 416
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Title: The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 3: Red River to Appomattox


" described with such meticulous attention to action, terrain, time, and the characters of the various commanders that I understand, at last, what happened in that battle.... Mr. Foote has an acute sense of the relative importance of events and a novelist's skill in directing the reader's attention to the men and the episodes that will influence the course of the whole war, without omitting items which are of momentary interest. His organization of facts could hardly be better."—Atlantic

Foote's comprehensive history of the Civil War includes three compelling volumes: Fort Sumter to Perryville, Fredericksburg to Meridian, and Red River to Appomattox.

Author(s): Shelby Foote
ISBN 13: 9780394746227
Pages: 1120
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Title: This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War

More than 600,000 soldiers lost their lives in the American Civil War. An equivalent proportion of today's population would be six million. In This Republic of Suffering, Drew Gilpin Faust reveals the ways that death on such a scale changed not only individual lives but the life of the nation, describing how the survivors managed on a practical level and how a deeply religious culture struggled to reconcile the unprecedented carnage with its belief in a benevolent God. Throughout, the voices of soldiers and their families, of statesmen, generals, preachers, poets, surgeons, nurses, northerners and southerners come together to give us a vivid understanding of the Civil War's most fundamental and widely shared reality.

Author(s): Drew Gilpin Faust
ISBN 13: 9780375703836
Pages: 368
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Title: The Untold Civil War: Exploring the Human Side of War

Was Gettysburg a tactical success, or was the outcome determined by a far more mundane factor: access to fresh water? How did the need to spread information about the dead and wounded give rise to the U.S. Postal Service? Did President Lincoln really age so dramatically during the course of the war, or was a rare disease to blame for the shocking difference in images of him from before and during the war? From overlooked elements, such as the role of weather, health, and high emotions, to the world-changing effect of the rise of female workers, to the many "firsts" including the introduction of standard time, pre-sized clothing, canned goods, toilets, and Santa Claus, The Untold Civil War reveals new facets of a seemingly well-known slice of American history, just in time to commemorate its 150th anniversary.
Dramatically illustrated with archival images and objects and compelling contemporary photography, this book delivers a surprise on every page: from precious personal mementos to forgotten battle sites; from newly recovered glass-plate negatives that reveal long-obscured photographic details to long-lost documents; this book adds a new dimension to our understanding of the Civil War and is a must-have for anyone with an interest in American history.
Six thematic chapters—such as "Characters," "Connections," and "A War of Firsts"—present a short introductory essay followed by approximately 30 self-contained stories that detail surprising, little-known, and fresh aspects of the war. Themes both large and small will be explored and contextualized, painting a fascinating portrait of our national character and showcasing the enduring impact of the Civil War.

Author(s): James Robertson
ISBN 13: 9781426208126
Pages: 352
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Title: The Civil War

The Civil War: The Story of the War with Maps combines the colorful, detailed maps of an atlas with the vivid storytelling of the best narratives to piece together the nation-spanning jigsaw puzzle of the American Civil War.
Author(s): M. David Detweiler
ISBN 13: 9780811714495
Pages: 168
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Title: The Civil War

Infinitely readable and absorbing, Bruce Catton’s The Civil War is one of the most widely read general histories of the war available in a single volume.

Introduced by the critically acclaimed Civil War historian James M. McPherson, The Civil War vividly traces one of the most moving chapters in American history, from the early division between the North and the South to the final surrender of Confederate troops. Catton's account of battles is a must-read for anyone interested in the war that divided America, carefully weaving details about the political activities of the Union and Confederate armies and diplomatic efforts overseas.

"The text itself is everything we have come to expect....scholarly, judicious, clear and unfailingly interesting."--New York Times.

Author(s): Bruce Catton
ISBN 13: 9780618001873
Pages: 400
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Title: Historic Papers on the Causes of the Civil War

This little book is comprised of essays written by two distinguished Southern ladies: Mrs. Eugenia Dunlap Potts (1840-1912), of the Lexington, Kentucky chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (U.D.C.), and Miss Mildred Lewis Rutherford (1851-1928), noted past Historian General of the U.D.C., from 1911-1916. Subjects covered include the social structure of the antebellum South, slavery, secession, the Southern Confederacy, and a comparison of the character and political careers of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.
Author(s): Eugenia Dunlap Potts
ISBN 13: 9780692646748
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