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Books on Game Theory

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Title: Game Theory and the Humanities

Author(s): Brams, Steven J.
ISBN 13: 9780262518253
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Title: Twenty Lectures on Algorithmic Game Theory

This book grew out of the author's Stanford University course on algorithmic game theory, and aims to give students and other newcomers a quick and accessible introduction to many of the most important concepts in the field.
Author(s): Tim Roughgarden
ISBN 13: 9781316624791
Pages: 250
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Title: Game Theory: An Introduction

An exciting new edition of the popular introduction to game theory and its applications

The thoroughly expanded Second Edition presents a unique, hands-on approach to game theory. While most books on the subject are too abstract or too basic for mathematicians, Game Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition offers a blend of theory and applications, allowing readers to use theory and software to create and analyze real-world decision-making models.

With a rigorous, yet accessible, treatment of mathematics, the book focuses on results that can be used to determine optimal game strategies. Game Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition demonstrates how to use modern software, such as Maple™, Mathematica®, and Gambit, to create, analyze, and implement effective decision-making models. Coverage includes the main aspects of game theory including the fundamentals of two-person zero-sum games, cooperative games, and population games as well as a large number of examples from various fields, such as economics, transportation, warfare, asset distribution, political science, and biology. The Second Edition features:

• A new chapter on extensive games, which greatly expands the implementation of available models

• New sections on correlated equilibria and exact formulas for three-player cooperative games

• Many updated topics including threats in bargaining games and evolutionary stable strategies

• Solutions and methods used to solve all odd-numbered problems

• A companion website containing the related Maple and Mathematica data sets and code

A trusted and proven guide for students of mathematics and economics, Game Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition is also an excellent resource for researchers and practitioners in economics, finance, engineering, operations research, statistics, and computer science.

Author(s): E. N. Barron
ISBN 13: 9781118216934
Pages: 574
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Title: The Joy of Game Theory

This book is a selection of the best articles from Game Theory Tuesdays, a column from the blog Mind Your Decisions.
Author(s): Presh Talwalkar
ISBN 13: 9781500497446
Pages: 154
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Title: Games and Information: An Introduction to Game Theory

Written in a crisp and approachable style, Games and Information uses simple modeling techniques and straightforward explanations to provide students with an understanding of game theory and information economics.
  • Written for introductory courses seeking a little rigor.
  • The 4th edition brings the material fully up-to-date and includes new end-of-chapter problems and classroom projects, as well as a math appendix.
  • Accompanied by a comprehensive website featuring solutions to problems and teaching notes.
Author(s): Eric Rasmusen
ISBN 13: 9781405136662
Pages: 560
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Title: Games of Strategy

Engaging and highly readable,Games of Strategyis a clear and comprehensive introduction to the study of game theory.

The third edition uses resonant, real-world examples to simplify complex theoretical ideas, helping students see the value of strategic thinking in a variety of situations.

Author(s): Susan Skeath
ISBN 13: 9780393931129
Pages: 794
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Title: The Game Theory

If you've ever wondered about the ups and downs of playing hard-to-get; how to give gifts that will actually be appreciated; or why your partner isn't willing to hang up the phone first, this is the book for you.
Author(s): Uri Bram
ISBN 13: 9781484884072
Pages: 72
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Title: A Course in Game Theory

A Course in Game Theory presents the main ideas of game theory at a level suitable for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, emphasizing the theory's foundations and interpretations of its basic concepts. The authors provide precise definitions and full proofs of results, sacrificing generalities and limiting the scope of the material in order to do so. The text is organized in four parts: strategic games, extensive games with perfect information, extensive games with imperfect information, and coalitional games. It includes over 100 exercises.

Author(s): Martin J. Osborne
ISBN 13: 9780262650403
Pages: 368
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Title: Game Theory for Political Scientists

Game theory is the mathematical analysis of strategic interaction. In the fifty years since the appearance of von Neumann and Morgenstern's classic Theory of Games and Economic Behavior (Princeton, 1944), game theory has been widely applied to problems in economics. Until recently, however, its usefulness in political science has been underappreciated, in part because of the technical difficulty of the methods developed by economists. James Morrow's book is the first to provide a standard text adapting contemporary game theory to political analysis. It uses a minimum of mathematics to teach the essentials of game theory and contains problems and their solutions suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in all branches of political science.

Morrow begins with classical utility and game theory and ends with current research on repeated games and games of incomplete information. The book focuses on noncooperative game theory and its application to international relations, political economy, and American and comparative politics. Special attention is given to models of four topics: bargaining, legislative voting rules, voting in mass elections, and deterrence. An appendix reviews relevant mathematical techniques. Brief bibliographic essays at the end of each chapter suggest further readings, graded according to difficulty. This rigorous but accessible introduction to game theory will be of use not only to political scientists but also to psychologists, sociologists, and others in the social sciences.

Author(s): James D. Morrow
ISBN 13: 9780691034300
Pages: 646
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Title: Playing for Real: A Text on Game Theory

Author(s): Ken Binmore
ISBN 13: 9780195300574
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Title: The Compleat Strategyst: Being a Primer on the Theory of Games of Strategy

This entertaining text is essential for anyone interested in game theory. Only a basic understanding of arithmetic is needed to grasp the necessary aspects of strategy games for two, three, four, and more players that feature two or more sets of inimical interests and a limitless array of zero-sum payoffs.
Author(s): John D. Williams
ISBN 13: 9780486251011
Pages: 268
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Title: Essentials of Game Theory: A Concise, Multidisciplinary Introduction

Author(s): Leyton-Brown, Kevin , Shoham, Yoav
ISBN 13: 9781598295931
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Title: Game Theory

Game Theory has served as a standard text for game theory courses since the publication of the First Edition in 1968. The Third Edition updates several recently developed subfields. It adds fresh chapters on subjects such as games with incomplete information and spatial games. Owen has expanded "Two-Person General-Sum Games" into two chapters, the second becoming "Two-Person Cooperative Games." There are new sections in the chapters "Two-Person Cooperative Games" and "Indices of Power," and there is new information throughout the book on noncooperative games. Game Theory remains the only book to cover all salient aspects of this field that, having displaced Keynesian economics, is making inroads throughout the social sciences.
Key Features
* Explores the work of 1994 Nobel Prize Winners
* Full expansion of cooperative game theory sections
* Covers games with incomplete information
Spatial games section features many illustrations
* Updated bibliography

Audience: Graduate level and more advanced readers in economics, mathematics, operations research, and statistics. Also of international interest, especially in Europe, Israel, and Japan. The book has been translated into German, Japanese, Russian, Polish, and Romanian.

Author(s): Guillermo Owen
ISBN 13: 9781781905074
Pages: 500
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Title: Game Theory: Decisions, Interaction and Evolution

Author(s): James Webb
ISBN 13: 9781846284236
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Title: An Introduction to Game Theory

Game-theoretic reasoning pervades economic theory and is used widely in other social and behavioral sciences. An Introduction to Game Theory, by Martin J. Osborne, presents the main principles of game theory and shows how they can be used to understand economic, social, political, and biological phenomena. The book introduces in an accessible manner the main ideas behind the theory rather than their mathematical expression. All concepts are defined precisely, and logical reasoning is used throughout. The book requires an understanding of basic mathematics but assumes no specific knowledge of economics, political science, or other social or behavioral sciences.
Coverage includes the fundamental concepts of strategic games, extensive games with perfect information, and coalitional games; the more advanced subjects of Bayesian games and extensive games with imperfect information; and the topics of repeated games, bargaining theory, evolutionary equilibrium, rationalizability, and maxminimization. The book offers a wide variety of illustrations from the social and behavioral sciences and more than 280 exercises. Each topic features examples that highlight theoretical points and illustrations that demonstrate how the theory may be used. Explaining the key concepts of game theory as simply as possible while maintaining complete precision, An Introduction to Game Theory is ideal for undergraduate and introductory graduate courses in game theory.
Author(s): Martin J. Osborne
ISBN 13: 9780195128956
Pages: 560
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Title: Games of Strategy

Author(s): Avinash K. Dixit
ISBN 13: 9780393124446
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Title: Algorithmic Game Theory

Author(s): Noam Nisan
ISBN 13: 9780521872829
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Title: Games and Decisions: Introduction and Critical Survey

"The best book available for non-mathematicians." — Contemporary Psychology. Superb nontechnical introduction to game theory and related disciplines, primarily as applied to the social sciences. Clear, comprehensive coverage of utility theory, 2-person zero-sum games, 2-person non-zero-sum games, n-person games, individual and group decision-making, much more. Appendixes. Bibliography. Graphs and figures.
Author(s): R. Duncan Luce
ISBN 13: 9780486659435
Pages: 509
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Title: Game Theory

The objective of the third edition of Game Theory: A Nontechnical Introduction to the Analysis of Strategy is to introduce the ideas of game theory in a way that is approachable, intuitive, and interdisciplinary.
Author(s): Roger A. McCain
ISBN 13: 9789814578875
Pages: 590
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Title: Game Theory

In this book, we start off by giving the basics of what game theory is. Then, we further take it to help you make use of game theory for basic decision making. We will also share with you the different types of information games.
Author(s): Donald Buphet Sir
ISBN 13: 9781512259827
Pages: 38
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Title: Game Theory and Strategy ( New Mathematical Library Series, #36): By Philip D. Straffin

This book pays careful attention to applications of game theory in a wide variety of disciplines. The applications are treated in considerable depth. The book assumes only high school algebra, yet gently builds to mathematical thinking of some sophistication. Game Theory and Strategy might serve as an introduction to both axiomatic mathematical thinking and the fundamental process of mathematical modelling. It gives insight into both the nature of pure mathematics, and the way in which mathematics can be applied to real problems.

Author(s): Philip D. Straffin
ISBN 13: 9780883856376
Pages: 200
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Title: Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict

Eminently suited to classroom use as well as individual study, Roger Myerson's introductory text provides a clear and thorough examination of the models, solution concepts, results, and methodological principles of noncooperative and cooperative game theory. Myerson introduces, clarifies, and synthesizes the extraordinary advances made in the subject over the past fifteen years, presents an overview of decision theory, and comprehensively reviews the development of the fundamental models: games in extensive form and strategic form, and Bayesian games with incomplete information.

Game Theory will be useful for students at the graduate level in economics, political science, operations research, and applied mathematics. Everyone who uses game theory in research will find this book essential.

Author(s): Roger B. Myerson
ISBN 13: 9780674341166
Pages: 600
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