Books on Dante Alighieri Author of the Divine Comedy

Books on Dante Alighieri Author of the Divine Comedy

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Title: Dante: The Poet, the Political Thinker, the Man

"Dante is one of the towering figures in world literature, and yet many riddles and questions about his life and work persist. In the first full-length biography of him in more than twenty years, Barbara Reynolds offers remarkable discoveries and unlocks previously hidden secrets. For instance, a fundamental enigma has tantalised readers of the Commedia for seven centuries. Who was the leader prophesied by Virgil and Beatrice to bring peace to the world? Many attempts have been made to identify him, but none has seemed conclusive - until now. As well as proposing a solution to the famous prophecies, this biography contains a new idea in every chapter." "Dr. Reynolds' research suggests: that Beatrice, Dante's great love, was not who most scholars think she was; that Dante may have smoked cannabis to reach new heights of creativity; that Dante was a talented public speaker who created a new form of poetic art, holding his audiences spellbound. But above all, Dr. Reynolds views Dante as one of the greatest radicals of all time. His aim was not to preach an interesting parable about punishments for sin and rewards for virtue. It was to use poetry to change the politics of the age, and unite Europe around the secular authority of an Emperor. To promote this idea, which dominated his writings from his exile onwards, Dante combined it with a dramatic presentation of the Christian belief in Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. Vividly told in the first person, with a colour and immediacy derived from the pop art of street narrators - now made to seem respectable by its use of classical predecessors like Virgil - this extraordinary journey through the three realms was always profoundly political in intent." Dante here comes alive as never before: irate, opinionated, settling scores - a man of mutifaceted gifts and extraordinary genius, whose role as an interpreter of world history makes him more than ever relevant to the new millennium.
Author(s): Barbara Reynolds
ISBN 13: 9781593761622
Pages: 448
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Title: Dante Alighieri: His Life and Works

One of the most frequently cited texts on the great Florentine poet's life and writings, this invaluable study is the work of an influential Dantean scholar. Its concise, accessible account covers historical background, traces the poet's private and public life, and explores the Vita Nuova, the Convivio, the Divine Comedy, and Dante's Latin works.
Author(s): Paget Toynbee
ISBN 13: 9780486443409
Pages: 368
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Title: Dante Alighieri : Divine Comedy, Divine Spirituality

In this popular presentation, Royal guides us through The Divine Comedy, a literary classic that is enjoying a renaissance as a spiritual masterpiece. In the course of exploring the human pilgrimage on Earth, Dante charts a vivid path through the canticles of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven in his legendary poem. Robert Royal presents a careful but reader-friendly approach to the poetry of the texts themselves and a biographical sketch of Dante, the man, the writer, and the spiritual lover extraordinaire.

Author(s): Christine Chapman, Robert Royal
ISBN 13: 9780824516048
Pages: 248
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Title: Dante

An insightful biography of Florence's famous son

Acclaimed biog rap her R.W.B. Lewis traces the life and complex development? emotional, artistic, philosophical-of this supreme poet-historian. Here we meet the boy who first encounters the mythic Beatrice, the lyric poet obsessed with love and death, the grand master of dramatic narrative and allegory, and his monumental search for ultimate truth in The Divine Comedy. It is in this masterpiece of self-discovery and redemption that Lewis finds Dante's own autobiography-and the sum of all his shifting passions and epiphanies.

Author(s): R. W. B. Lewis
ISBN 13: 9780143116417
Pages: 224
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