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Title: Reading the Man

To most , Robert E. Lee is a beloved tragic figure of a bygone war—remembered by history as stoic and brave but without a true emotional life. Recently, however, historian Elizabeth Brown Pryor uncovered important documents that provide a stunning personal account of Lee’s military ability, his beliefs, and his time. Using dozens of previously unpublished letters as departure points, Pryor sheds new light on every aspect of this complex and contradictory general and questions our own understanding of loyalty and patriotism. This tantalizing glimpse of a legendary hero’s guarded soul will astonish and fascinate not only Civil War buffs, but anyone interested in this nation’s history.

Author(s): Elizabeth Brown Pryor
ISBN 13: 9780143113904
Pages: 688
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Title: Lee

"This abridgment…is still the best one-volume biography of Lee."
Chicago Tribune

"Lee provides an opportunity for a new generation to better understand not only the Civil War era but also the art of biography."
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"The most prominent of…Civil War offerings. Considered the definitive work on the commander of the Confederate forces."
The Pittsburgh Press

When Douglas Southall Freeman's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography R. E. Lee appeared in 1935, the critics raved. Stephen Vincent Benét summed it all up by saying, "there is a monument—and a fine one—to Robert E. Lee at Lexington. But this one, I think, will last as long." This reissue of Richard Harwell's 1961 abridgment chronicles all the major apsects and highlights of Lee's military career, and includes a new introduction by James M. McPherson, author of the bestselling Battle Cry of Freedom. Distinguised, scholarly, yet eminently readeable, Lee will fascinate not only Civil War enthusiasts but also everyone interested in this crucial period of American history.

Author(s): Freeman Douglas Southall
ISBN 13: 9780684829531
Pages: 656
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Title: The Last Years of Robert E. Lee

This book details Lee s life from Gettysburg to his death just five years after the South s surrender at Appomattox.
Author(s): Douglas Savage
ISBN 13: 9781630761691
Pages: 296
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Title: Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general who commanded the Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War. Lee had a long and successful military career that spanned over 30 years and he is considered to be one of the greatest generals in the history of the United States. Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee is a book that provides great insight into the legendary general's character.
Author(s): Robert E. Lee
ISBN 13: 9781537670270
Pages: 196
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Title: Crucible of Command

A dual biography and a fresh approach to the always compelling subject of these two iconic leaders
Author(s): William C. Davis
ISBN 13: 9780306824166
Pages: 688
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Title: Robert E. Lee: A Biography

"The best and most balanced of the Lee biographies."—New York Review of Books

The life of Robert E. Lee is a story not of defeat but of triumph—triumph in clearing his family name, triumph in marrying properly, triumph over the mighty Mississippi in his work as an engineer, and triumph over all other military men to become the towering figure who commanded the Confederate army in the American Civil War. But late in life Lee confessed that he "was always wanting something."

In this probing and personal biography, Emory Thomas reveals more than the man himself did. Robert E. Lee has been, and continues to be, a symbol and hero in the American story. But in life, Thomas writes, Lee was both more and less than his legend. Here is the man behind the legend.

Thomas's thorough examination of Lee's life reveals more than the man did himself, allowing readers to find meaning in Lee's failures and successes. Lee was actually a man of little expressed passion for whom war was a release. His sense of duty and ability to push to a conclusion helped him rise to power and survive his inevitable defeat.

Author(s): Emory M. Thomas
ISBN 13: 9780393316315
Pages: 448
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Title: Lee: The Last Years

After his surrender at Appomattox, Robert E. Lee lived only another five years - the forgotten chapter of an extraordinary life. These were his finest hours, when he did more than any other American to heal the wounds between North and South. Flood draws on new research to create an intensely human and a "wonderful, tragic, and powerful . . . story for which we have been waiting over a century" (Theodore H. White).

Draws upon research to create an intensely human, dramatic story. In five years Lee did much to heal the wounds between North and South.

Author(s): Charles Bracelen Flood
ISBN 13: 9780395929742
Pages: 338
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Title: Robert E. Lee: Young Confederate (Childhood of Famous Americans Series)

One of the most popular series ever published for young Americans, these classics of childhood have been praised alike by parents, teachers, and librarians. These lively, inspiring, believing biographies sweep today's young readers right into history.

A biography focusing on the childhood of the man who turned down the field command of the United States Army and became the leader of the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Author(s): Helen Albee Monsell
ISBN 13: 9780020420200
Pages: 192
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Title: Robert E. Lee in Texas

Robert E. Lee in Texas introduces a little known phase of the great General’s career—his service in Texas during the four turbulent years just preceding the Civil War. In this account Carl Coke Rister takes us with Lee to his lonely posts on the border, and we share with him the hazardous and often fruitless chases after bands of American Indians and Mexicans. We see through the eyes of the “Academy man” the raw life on the frontier and hear through his own words his impressions of the country and people.


Author(s): Carl Coke Rister
ISBN 13: 9780806136424
Pages: 208
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