Books on 7th President of the United States Andrew Jackson

Books on 7th President of the United States Andrew Jackson

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Title: American Lion

Chronicles the life and career of Andrew Jackson, a self-made man who went on to become a military hero and seventh president of the United States, analyzing Jackson's seminal role during a turbulent era in history.
Author(s): Jon Meacham
ISBN 13: 9780812973464
Pages: 483
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Title: Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times

Author(s): H. W. Brands
ISBN 13: 9780385507387
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Title: Andrew Jackson

In Lafayette Square, which fronts the White House at Washington, there is an equestrian statue of a very thin, long-headed old man whose most striking physical characteristics are the firm chin and lips and the bristling, upright hair. The piece is not a great work of art, but it gives one a strong impression of determination, if not of pugnacity. Sculptors have not the means to represent the human eye, else this impression might have been made stronger; for the old gentleman whose warlike aspect is here reproduced had a glance like a hawk's.
Author(s): William Garrott Brown
ISBN 13: 9781523796588
Pages: 72
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Title: Andrew Jackson

By "the foremost Jacksonian scholar of our time" (New York Times), the critically acclaimed and most concise biography of Andrew Jackson that takes a comprehensive look at the political, personal, and military life of the seventh president of the United States.

An excellent course supplement as well as fascinating reading for biography and history buffs. "...the best biography of Andrew Jackson available."--Library Journal.

Author(s): Robert V. Remini
ISBN 13: 9780060801328
Pages: 272
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Title: The Life and Times of Andrew Jackson

The United States of America has had many presidents that Americans agree were either great or awful, while some fall into a mediocre category of irrelevance. In many cases a national consensus has been reached on men like Abraham Lincoln and James Buchanan. But the president with the most controversial legacy might be “Old Hickory”, Andrew Jackson. In his lifetime, Jackson came to represent what middle class Americans viewed as the quintessential American. Jackson had a modest upbringing, served as a teenager during the American Revolution, became a war hero during the War of 1812, and championed populism and the common American during his presidency. He also embodied courage and manliness, famously carrying a bullet from a duel in his body for decades until his death. On the other hand, critics continue to charge that Jackson’s legacy is irreversibly stained by his stances on slavery and Native Americans. Jackson opposed the idea of secession but helped keep the antebellum slave system in place, but he is most notorious for his forcible removal of thousands of Native Americans, the best known being the Cherokees’ “Trail of Tears”. When the Supreme Court ruled that the state of Georgia could not impose laws upon the Cherokees, Jackson is popularly quoted (though apocryphally) as dismissing the decision, “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it." With Jackson as controversial today as ever before, the dueling narratives over his legacy often overshadow the man.
Author(s): Thomas E. Watson
ISBN 13: 9781502315175
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Title: The Battle of New Orleans: Andrew Jackson and America's First Military Victory

The Battle of New Orleans was the climactic battle of America's "forgotten war" of 1812. Andrew Jackson led his ragtag corps of soldiers against 8,000 disciplined invading British regulars in a battle that delivered the British a humiliating military defeat. The victory solidified America's independence and marked the beginning of Jackson's rise to national prominence. Hailed as "terrifically readable" by the Chicago Sun Times, The Battle of New Orleans is popular American history at its best, bringing to life a landmark battle that helped define the character of the United States.

Author(s): Robert V. Remini
ISBN 13: 9780141001791
Pages: 240
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Title: The Life of Andrew Jackson

Robert V. Remini's prize-winning, three-volume biography Life of Andrew Jackson won the National Book Award on its completion in 1984 and is recognized as one of the greatest lives of a U.S. President. In this meticulously crafted single-volume abridgment, Remini captures the essence of the life and career of the seventh president of the United States. As president, from 1829-1837, Jackson was a significant force in the nations's expansion, the growth of presidential power, and the transition from republicanism to democracy.

Jackson is a highly controversial figure who is undergoing historical reconsideration today. He is known as spurring the emergence of the modern American political division of Republican and Democractic parties, for the infamous Indian removal on the Trail of Tears, and for his brave victory against the British as Major General at the Battle of New Orleans.

Never an apologist, Remini portrays Jackson as a foreceful, sometimes tragic, hero—a man whose strength and flaws were larger than life, a president whose conviction provided the nation with one of the most influential, colorful, and controversial administrations in our history.

The New York Times has called Robert V. Remini "the formost Jacksonian scholar of our time." His prize-winning biography is a work that took more than 15 years to write. Now, the essence of Andrew Jackson's life and career have been expertly captured in this meticulously crafted abridgement. Illustrated.

Author(s): Robert V. Remini
ISBN 13: 9780061807886
Pages: 412
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Title: Andrew Jackson (American Presidents Series)

The towering figure who remade American politics—the champion of the ordinary citizen and the scourge of entrenched privilege

The Founding Fathers espoused a republican government, but they were distrustful of the common people, having designed a constitutional system that would temper popular passions. But as the revolutionary generation passed from the scene in the 1820s, a new movement, based on the principle of broader democracy, gathered force and united behind Andrew Jackson, the charismatic general who had defeated the British at New Orleans and who embodied the hopes of ordinary Americans. Raising his voice against the artificial inequalities fostered by birth, station, monied power, and political privilege, Jackson brought American politics into a new age.

Sean Wilentz, one of America's leading historians of the nineteenth century, recounts the fiery career of this larger-than-life figure, a man whose high ideals were matched in equal measure by his failures and moral blind spots, a man who is remembered for the accomplishments of his eight years in office and for the bitter enemies he made. It was in Jackson's time that the great conflicts of American politics—urban versus rural, federal versus state, free versus slave—crystallized, and Jackson was not shy about taking a vigorous stand. It was under Jackson that modern American politics began, and his legacy continues to inform our debates to the present day.

Author(s): Sean Wilentz
ISBN 13: 9780805069259
Pages: 224
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Title: Andrew Jackson: Symbol for an Age

Every age creates heroes to suit its needs. For young, pioneering America of the early nineteenth century, Andrew Jackson filled that need. This book shows how Jackson captured the imagination of his contemporaries and how the ideals of the period were fused in him. It is, therefore, a study of Jackson's time rather than a simple study of the man.

Separating myth from reality, John William Ward here demonstrates how Andrew Jackson came to represent the ideal of courage, foresight and ability.

Author(s): John William Ward
ISBN 13: 9780195006995
Pages: 304
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Title: Andrew Jackson and the Constitution: The Rise and Fall of Generational Regimes

Author(s): Magliocca, Gerard N.
ISBN 13: 9780700617869
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Title: Andrew Jackson vs. Henry Clay: Democracy and Development in Antebellum America

This selection of letters, essays, and speeches demonstrates how the clashing perspectives of two individuals shaped and exemplified the major issues of national politics between the War of 1812 and the territorial crisis of 1850 — the preservation of the union, federal commitments to banking, tariffs, internal improvements, and the egalitarian tone of national political culture.

Author(s): Harry L. Watson
ISBN 13: 9780312112134
Pages: 283
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